Imbewu Teasers for June 2021: Will Thokozile succeed in her betrayal plan?

Imbewu Teasers for June 2021: Will Thokozile succeed in her betrayal plan?

Since the Imbewu television show premiered, it has become a household series most families do not wish to miss every weekday. This month's Imbewu teasers discuss how Thokozile plans to betray Zethu and leave the country with Mepho alone. Considering the warnings from Nomusa, will Poppi still go on a date with Thu Sheleni? These episodes for June have proved that the time spent watching the show can never waste, considering its fantastic entertainment stuff.

Imbewu Teasers
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Imbewu is a South African soap opera created by Duma Ndlovu. The show is about a family known as Bhengu who needed to live in the shadow of an important secret from ancient traditional practice. Produced from the stable of Televizija Kantona Sarajevo (TVSA), the first episode of this popular soapie aired on Monday, 16th of April, 2018, and to date, the show has not lost relevance. Instead, it keeps appealing and meeting the entertainment needs of its viewers.

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Imbewu Teasers for June 2021

The Imbewu soapie reflects the connection between the rural and urban lifestyles of South Africans. It also portrays the travails and disputes common to both home and corporate settings. Then, it shows the emotional tension that economic gaps between the rich and poor have created.

Episode 817 - Tuesday, 1st of June, 2021

Nomfundo informs Phunyuka that maZulu is possibly correct on the information that Thokozile can be alive.

Episode 818 - Wednesday, 2nd of June, 2021

Nkululeko tells Fikile that he does not mind risking jail by exposing the truth behind Thokozile’s fake death.

Episode 819 - Thursday, 3rd of June, 2021

Thokozile plans to betray Zethu and leave the country with Mepho alone. Thu Sheleni holds up for Poppi's significance, and he begins to trend on social media.

Episode 820 - Friday, 4th of June, 2021

Nkululeko hatches a plan with Fikile to make a fake appeal to Zethu, assuring her that he loves her. He also claims that he wishes for them to reunite as a family on a live news stream.

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Episode 821 - Monday, 7th of June, 2021

Nokuzola makes a hard attempt but does not successfully impress maNdlovu. Nevertheless, she is unwavering in her resolution to win over maNdlovu, although the latter insists that Nokuzola is neither welcomed nor accepted as a Bhengu.

Episode 822 - Tuesday, 8th of June, 2021

Nokuzola is informed that for her to continue staying at the Bhengu’s, she must be pregnant. Nkululeko has a confession to make concerning Thokozile.

Imbewu Teasers
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Episode 823 - Wednesday, 9th of June, 2021

Thu Sheleni informs Lindo that he wants to ask Poppi out. Meanwhile, Nomusa cautions Poppi on dating Thu Sheleni. Thokozile is about to run away with Mepho when the mystery man’s arrival tops her. She is unaware that Nkululeko is with him.

Episode 824 - Thursday, 10th of June, 2021

Celiwe offers Nokuzola a herbal remedy for her womb to become fertile and admonishes Nokuzola to have another baby. Thokozile terrorises everyone with a gun while fleeing in maZulu’s car with baby Mepho.

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Episode 825 - Friday, 11th of June, 2021

Nkululeko implores maNdlovu to assist him cover the fact that he is responsible for Thokozile’s faked death. Sebenzile and Phakade get closer and almost kiss.

Episode 826 - Monday, 14th of June, 2021

Lindo concedes to Thu Sheleni that he was behind the Poppi situation and that Poppi dislikes him. Because of this, he should continue pursuing her. Zakithi and Zithulele's Shongololo Oil launch records a tremendous success, and the crowd support Zakithi standing beside her brother.

Episode 827 - Tuesday, 15th of June, 2021

As kaMadonsela might likely return home in a short time, Phakade compels Sebenzile to extinguish her attraction for him. However, the chemistry between the two gets stronger.

Episode 828 - Wednesday, 16th of June, 2021

Zakithi indicts Nokuzola of dividing the family, and Lindo shares the bad news with Thu Sheleni to improve his financial muscle if he really wants to have a woman.

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Episode 829 - Thursday, 17th of June, 2021

Nokuzola visits the doctor and discovers that she is pregnant. Zithulele accepts to keep the information away from people.

Episode 830 - Friday, 18th of June, 2021

Fikile and Nkululeko have a clash after defending Zethu. Fikile also warns him of how dangerous Zethu is. Zethu answers well to her initial treatment until she finds out that Fikile has filed a restrictive mandate against her.

Episode 831 - Monday, 21st of June, 2021

Fikile declares that the condition for dropping the charges against Zethu is if Nkululeko has a baby with her.

Episode 832 - Tuesday, 22nd of June, 2021

Nokuzola feels condemned about her moment with Nkululeko. As a result, she shares with her sister the pressures that come with being a Bhengu.

Episode 833 - Wednesday, 23rd of June, 2021

Zakithi acts aggressively, which frustrates Khanyo. The church board stands against kaMadonsela from playing a significant function in the church upon her return.

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Imbewu Teasers
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Episode 834 - Thursday, 24th of June, 2021

Zethu’s unjustified suspicion and mistrust of others do not get any better as she misinterprets a discussion she eavesdrops and believes it has something to do with her. Nirupa begins to suspect where Thu Sheleni goes when he leaves for work before other people are awake.

Episode 835 - Friday, 25th of June, 2021

Zethu discerns the cry of her baby Mepho in the office even though the baby is at home. Nkululeko tittle-tattles maNdlovu on the plan to get Mepho back.

Episode 836 - Monday, 28th of June 2021

Zakithi is infuriated after discovering Zithulele and Nokuzola's search for marriage counselling from Khanyo.

Episode 837 - Tuesday, 29th of June, 2021

Zethu feels as if Nkululeko, Mepho, and herself are one joyful family again. She conceals the fact that she has been feeding baby Mepho with peanut butter when she knows that he is allergic to nuts.

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Episode 838 - Wednesday, 30th of June, 2021

On the first anniversary of Pranav’s death, Shria, who is already annoyed, is enraged after finding out that Thu Sheleni is nowhere to be found with her car.


Although Nokuzola's attempt at impressing maNdlovu does not work out, she refuses to give up on winning him over. Unfortunately, while she is at it, maNdlovu insists that Nokuzola is neither welcomed nor accepted as a Bhengu. After she finds out that she must be pregnant for her to continue staying at the Bhengu’s, what will she do? Also, will the herbal remedy Celiwe offers her to become fertile work?


Nkululeko is willing to risk jail just to expose the truth behind Thokozile’s fake death. Then, he hatches a plan with Fikile to make a fake appeal to Zethu by assuring Fikile that he loves her. At some point, he requests assistance from maNdlovu in covering him as the person responsible for Thokozile’s faked death. Will the truth be eventually revealed?

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