5 Audio renderer error solutions: Simple steps to clear the problem

5 Audio renderer error solutions: Simple steps to clear the problem

Picture this: humans are flying to Mars for the first time and broadcasting it live from YouTube. You press play and up pops the audio renderer error. We know the frustration can be out of this world. Have no fear! In this article, we guide you through 5 audio renderer error solutions.

Audio renderer error
5 Audio renderer error solutions: Simple steps to clear the problem and more! Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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Sometimes errors can be fixed by simply restarting your computer or plugging in your audio cable again or into another source. These, however, are temporary solutions. When you want to watch a video, you want to watch it with sound! We will help fix this sound issue you may have.

5 Audio renderer error solutions

Do you keep getting an error that says "Audio renderer error Please restart your computer"? when trying to watch YouTube in Windows 10? Follow the instructions and restart your computer. After that, clean the cache in your browser. If that does not solve the problem, your sound devices may have a software issue. Do not worry! These solutions will help.

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1. Audio renderer error Windows 10

Unplug and reconnect the sound device. Do you have a playback device attached to your computer, such as headphones? If this is the case, disconnect it and try watching a video. You can plug the device back in if the issue does not appear. That alone may be enough to solve the problem.

Audio renderer error
Ever wondered why you keep getting the audio renderer error on YouTube? Read the article for solutions! Photo: @YouTube (modified by author)
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The YouTube audio renderer error can also be caused by having multiple external playback devices connected to your computer at the same time. Keep the default playback device attached and unplug the other devices.

2. What does audio renderer error mean on YouTube?

The audio renderer issues are unusual sound errors that users encounter on YouTube. When you try to watch YouTube videos, the sound fails to render on browsers due to a lack of proper integration between the Windows sound drivers and the ASIO driver frequencies. Let us fix it!

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The Steelseries audio renderer error and the Pro Tools audio renderer error, along with other mixing tools, might take control of the drivers, preventing your browser from using them. If you have the same programmes running in the background, completely closing them before watching YouTube may help.

3. How to fix the audio renderer error without restarting

Another effective workaround for the audio renderer error in Windows 10 is to disable and enable the default playback device on your PC.

  1. Access your device manager by right clicking on Start;
  2. Open up Audio inputs and outputs;
  3. Disable your default audio device by right clicking;
  4. Select Yes to confirm;
  5. Enable the device again.

If multiple devices are available, select the volume icon in the system tray to determine your default playback device. If that did not work for you, further down are more solutions to assist you with your Windows 10 sound errors.

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Audio renderer error solutions
Why do I keep getting audio renderer errors? Photo: @unsplash.com, Aleksander Shatov (modified by author)
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4. Why do I keep getting audio renderer error?

If the YouTube audio renderer error persists, it is time to use the Windows 10 audio troubleshooter. It can detect and assist you in resolving underlying issues.

  1. Click on the Start menu and type 'troubleshoot settings.' Then, select Open;
  2. Select Additional troubleshoot;
  3. Click Playing Audio and then Run troubleshooter;
  4. Follow any on-screen instructions and suggestions.

If that does not work, the audio renderer error can be due to a faulty driver on your computer. It would be best if you try to delete the driver in this case. Uninstalling it also forces Windows to reinstall it, which may resolve some driver issues. Keep reading for more info.

5. How do I fix the audio renderer error on Youtube?

The audio renderer error only in Chrome can be because of an out-of-date web browser. Although browsers like Chrome and Firefox are meant to update themselves, it is always a good idea to double check. In your browser, open the settings menu, point to Help, and then select About. The update browser button should be in the drop-down menu.

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How do I reinstall audio drivers?

If none of the above solutions worked for you, there are more steps to take. Let us try to reinstall and update your drivers. You may be asking: exactly how do I update the sound driver on my computer?

  1. Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager;
  2. Expand Audio inputs and outputs;
  3. On your default output device, right-click and choose Update driver;
  4. Select the 'Search automatically for drivers' option to apply the latest driver updates, if available.

What is audio renderer?

Due to a lack of interactions between Windows sound drivers and ASIO Drivers, issues occur when browsing videos. Bugs in the drives are another source of such obstacles. There is no need to search for further help. In this article, we show you the simple steps on how to fix audio renderer errors.

More useful tips and tricks

Try switching browsers! That usually solves a handful of problems. An out-of-date system also results in several technical faults. Try updating your Windows operating system. Your browser uses hardware acceleration to speed things up. The functionality has been known to cause problems. Disable hardware acceleration to see if the fault is resolved.

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Audio renderer error
Audio renderer errors and solutions. Simple steps to fix the issue! Photo: @jexo (modified by author)
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In Layman's terms, the audio driver and settings are the cause for the audio renderer error on YouTube. Hopefully, the previously mentioned troubleshooting steps were helpful in permanently resolving the audio issues. If you have any additional solutions that have worked for you, share them in the comments area below.

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