Curse of the Sands Teasers for July 2021: Rana rejects Mohini's advances

Curse of the Sands Teasers for July 2021: Rana rejects Mohini's advances

The much anticipated Curse of the Sands teasers for July 2021 is finally here! The fascinating Curse of the Sands storyline is about love, wealth, family, and power. It describes how lovers are reincarnated in the furtherance of their romance in a new world. The timeless Curse of the Sands cast members lives out their roles in a suspenseful atmosphere. Join us as we unravel the July 2021 teasers!

Curse of the Sands Teasers
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The show depicts the continuous struggle between good and evil. The teasers for July 2021 episodes provide a sneak peek of the sacrifices humans make when love and power are involved. How will Siya make Rana realise that he is the reincarnated form of Ram? Let us find out!

Curse of the Sands for July 2021 teasers

Created by Prateek Sharma, the interesting Hindi supernatural romantic television series has attracted many committed viewers. How will Vanraj deal with his secret feelings for Siya? Check out the highlights of the Curse of the Sands Zee World below to get an idea of what is in store.

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Episode 53 - Thursday, 1st of July, 2021

Vanraj insults Siya because she displayed a self-centred attitude. Vanraj slaps Jhumri after she insulted Siya. Vanraj attempts to cheer up Siya, who decides to work against Mohini when she witnesses the oppression of the villagers. She also gets information about how Ram transformed into Rana.

Episode 54 - Friday, 2nd of July, 2021

Siya talks with Rana before Vanraj could hurt him, and she stabs him when he begins to inappropriately play with her. Siya demands that Vanraj permits her to transform Rana, and at the same time, she wants him to teach her something. Mohini is determined to unveil the identity of Siya, who makes Devki take the fall for Rana’s wounds.

Episode 55 - Saturday, 3rd of July, 2021

Siya enters the palace under a disguise to conquer Mohini and stop Rana from questioning her intentions. The priest and Vanraj relay to her how she could gain access to the palace, and she journeys into a forest to acquire powerful water from a well.

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Episode 56 - Sunday, 4th of July, 2021

Rana does not fall for Mohini's seductive behaviours. Mohini discovers that the magical water is now in someone’s possession. Vanraj continues to be overprotective of Siya, and Mohini loses her youthfulness, thanks to Siya’s efforts, who then disguises as a widow by the name of Kali and enters the palace after trapping Mohini.

Episode 57 - Monday, 5th of July, 2021

Rana hates how ugly Kaali looks. Rana stands up from the table even though Siya prepared and served him his best dish. Siya continues to find means to make Rana recollect his previous existence as Ram. To do this, she prepares his best dish, uses the perfume he loves best on herself, and keeps her hand bracelet on Rana’s towel.

Episode 58 - Tuesday, 6th of July, 2021

Siya decides to teach Mohini some lessons using Vivian’s corpse. When Rana finds Mohini unconscious beside the dead body of Vivian, he does not hesitate to cut off Vivian's lifeless head. Mallika is furious that Rana had murdered his son, and in an attempt to stab Mohini, he mistakenly stabs Siya.

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Curse of the Sands July 2021 teasers
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Episode 59 - Wednesday, 7th of July, 2021

Siya and Vanraj meet secretly at the palace. Rana embraces Siya and confesses how much love he has for her, and she, in turn, gets excited to hear Rana call out her name. Siya relays this pleasant news to Vanraj, but he is unhappy that he is not the reason for her excitement. Mohini is in a state of shock and displeasure when she hears Rana call out Siya's name.

Episode 60 - Thursday, 8th of July, 2021

Jhumri accuses Vanraj of bias towards her. Mohini plots against Rana, and Siya attempts to know about this. Also, Vanraj comes up with a plan to deliver Saroj Devi and the original Devki to Siya. Mohini and her supportive coven of witches, as well as Devki, suspect Kali. Rana’s behaviour dumbfounds Siya.

Episode 61 - Friday, 9th of July, 2021

Bindu and Jhumri prevent Vanraj from rendering help to Siya. Mohini gets ready to carry out the second stage of her hideous plots and shares her schemings with Siya, who gets so surprised and prays to the goddess for the futility of Mohini’s plots. Siya is determined to ensure that Mohini and Rana are not wedded.

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Episode 62 - Saturday, 10th of July, 2021

Vanraj confesses his feelings for Siya to the priest and gets a slap for his effort. Mohini’s real identity is revealed to Rana with the help of Siya. Rana becomes unconscious after witnessing the true form of Mohini. Siya is close to achieving her aim of liberating the true Devki and Saroj Devi from the captivity of Mohini. Vanraj does not agree to a wedding with Jhumri.

Episode 63 - Sunday, 11th of July, 2021

Saroj Devi's health deteriorates, and Mohini pressures DK to apologise to Kali for disturbing her. Later, Mohini refuses to help Jhumri, and when he learns that she is unmarried, she captures her.

Episode 64 - Monday, 12th of July, 2021

Siya succeeds in sneaking an unconscious Jhumri out of the mansion, and Mohini unexpectedly walks in on Kali feeding an inebriated Rana. Mohini punishes DK when she realises that Jhumri is missing. Later, Siya makes the difficult decision to cure Rana's alcoholism in secret, although she faces the challenge of Mohini enabling it.

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Episode 65 - Tuesday, 13th of July, 2021

Rana sips the alcohol that Mohini hands him and spits it on her, and later, his condition deteriorates. Elsewhere, Vanraj sneaks into Siya's room, and the priest advises Siya on the best ways to rescue Devki and Saroj Devi.

Curse of the Sands episodes
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Episode 66 - Wednesday, 14th of July, 2021

Mohini attempts to stop Rana from knowing about the existence of the basement in vain. Later, Siya succeeds in seeing Devki behind the magical barrier, although he falls unconscious after that. Meanwhile, Devki and Siya have an emotional reunion in the basement, and when DK walks in on Kali in the basement, she starts raising eyebrows. Therefore, she gathers enough evidence to turn her against Mohini, and Siya embarks on crafty measures to stop Rana from taking alcohol.

Episode 67 - Thursday, 15th of July, 2021

Kali and Rana join forces to bring Mohini and the rest of the witches down, and DK vows to get back at Kali for all the insults she endured under Mohini. When she overhears Kali talking to Devki, she tips Mohini about it.

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Episode 68 - Friday, 16th of July, 2021

Things get so heated up between Kali and DK that she reveals her identity and accuses her of not being loyal to Mohini. When Vanraj sneaks into the palace to see Siya, he stumbles upon Rana, and Rana remembers his encounter with him and the mysterious woman. DK finds reasons to prove that Kali is Siya, and Mohini is unimpressed by Rana's behaviour.

Episode 69 - Saturday, 17th of July, 2021

DK comes up with a plan to reveal Kali's identity; hence, he pours water on her hand, and Siya initiates her plan to use DK to find Devki's headless body. Kali prevents Mohini from seeing Kali's sketch, and Jhumri expresses her opinion regarding Vanraj's love interest towards Bindu.

Episode 70 - Sunday, 18th of July, 2021

Rana loses his cool and hurls insults at Mohini, forcing Mohini to summon the sand spirit to control him. Meanwhile, Vanraj tattoos Siya's name on his hands, and DK locks Siya in a coffin. While Kali gets into danger, Mohini starts reverting to her original form.

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Episode 71 - Monday, 19th of July, 2021

Rana gets flashbacks of his past as he searches for Kali in the graveyard, and when Siya regains consciousness, he spots DK next to Devki's headless body. Siya feels compelled to stab DK with a sword. Later, she helps Rana regain consciousness and lies about her reason for being at the scene.

Curse of the Sands episodes for July 2021
Curse of the Sands episodes for July 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 72 - Tuesday, 20th of July, 2021

Siya sets DK's headless body on fire to prevent her from regaining her form, and later, when she introduces Rana to Devki, Rana gets another flashback. Meanwhile, the priest blames Vanraj's behaviour on a recent curse and recommends that they may have to murder him if the need arises.

Episode 73 - Wednesday, 21st of July, 2021

Devki and Siya agree to keep track of Mohini's movements to understand her next move. However, Mohini disappoints them when she leaves her reflection in the palace and disappears, and when they learn of her whereabouts, they follow her to stop her from executing her plan.

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Episode 74 - Thursday, 22nd of July, 2021

Devki races against time to bring back an unconscious Siya into the palace before Mohini's return, and Vanraj feels betrayed by Siya; hence, he takes out his anger on Jhumri. Later, Siya and Devki worry about the dagger that Mohini obtained during Nritya Agni Tapasya.

Episode 75 - Friday, 23rd of July, 2021

Siya and Devki consult DK about the whereabouts of the royal book, claiming that it might contain Mohini's master plan. To their surprise, they are bummed to find out that Mohini plans to take Rana's humanity by feeding him human blood. Siya acts on time to stop her from doing so and is carefully and does not blow her cover.

Episode 76 - Saturday, 24th of July, 2021

Vanraj spots Siya hugging Rana, and Rana grows closer to Kali and pleads with her to rescue him from Mohini. Meanwhile, Vanraj's obsession for Siya makes him contemplate killing Rana.

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Episode 77 - Sunday, 25th of July, 2021

Kali makes Mohini change her mind about Rana, although Devki turns the other witches against Mohini. In retaliation, Mohini sends her reflection to unveil the identity of the person hell-bent on defeating her. Meanwhile, Jhumri goes on with her plan to manipulate Vanraj.

Episode 78 - Monday, 26th of July, 2021

Devki senses an unnatural presence in the vicinity; hence, she decides to investigate it and is shocked to discover Mohini. Mohini's reflection informs her about Rana being in the presence of another woman. How will she react?

Episode 79 - Tuesday, 27th of July, 2021

Rana opens up to Kali about his love for her, and they spend a romantic moment together, although Mohini storms into Mohini's room. Mohini murders Madira and later unleashes her anger on Rana, and Siya injures herself as she tries to stop her from hurting Mohini. She threatens Rana for throwing her under the bus and is puzzled when her reflection disappears.

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Curse of the Sands episodes
Curse of the Sands Teasers for July 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 80 - Wednesday, 28th of July, 2021

Rana gets flashbacks on his way to the temple alongside Kali; hence, he ends up fainting. Devki stops Mohini from seeing Kali and Rana together, and Vanraj sneaks into the temple to confess his love for Kali, and Rana overhears him. Later, Devki tips Siya about Vanraj's curse and how much of a threat he is to Rana.

Episode 81 - Thursday, 29th of July, 2021

A mysterious person traps Mohini as she looks for her reflection, and the priest stabs Vanraj, although he does not die. Instead, he turns around and kills the priest! Jhumri and Rana make it to Siya's, and Rana questions Kali about her relationship with Vanraj. Mohini makes the difficult decision to kill her reflection to prevent it from being used against her.

Episode 82 - Friday, 30th of July, 2021

Devki and Siya visit the priest's home after hearing that he is dead, and when Vanraj insults Devki, Siya slaps him. Meanwhile, Maya eavesdrops on their conversation and is shocked to find out their real identities. Later, Vanraj lies to Rana that Kali is his wife and turns him against her.

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Episode 83 - Saturday, 31st of July, 2021

Retheeli Makdi, Mohini's enemy, traps her in a web and vows to kill her, and Rana defies Siya's word and insists on rescuing Mohini. Devki tells Kali and Rana that Mohini caused the feud with Retheeli Makdi when she came up with Reth Ki Rani.


Siya is on a mission to rescue Rana from Mohini's clutches. She disguises herself as a widow and risks every attempt to accomplish her task. Later, she discovers shocking details about Vanraj and feels so bad to learn that everything is beyond her power. When Rana insists on rescuing Mohini, it irks her; hence, she reveals the truth about her identity, although Maya overhears their conversation. What will she do to conceal her tracks?


Vanraj is in love with Siya and wishes to spark a relationship with her. However, Siya is focused on another mission; hence, she does not give him the attention he wants. He becomes so persistent that it irks her. Later, the priest opens up about his curse and how much of a threat he is. When the priest attempts to kill him, he murders the priest instead.

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The exciting Curse of The Sands Teasers for July 2021 reflect how much of a rollercoaster the oncoming episodes will be. You cannot afford to miss out on the drama that is going to unfold in the show. The upcoming Curse of The Sands episodes will have you wanting more!

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