These Streets teasers for July 2021: Shantanu is kidnapped

These Streets teasers for July 2021: Shantanu is kidnapped

Although These Streets on Zee World is just starting, fans can tell that the show is worth following. Puchki and Shantanu’s friendship remains strong even after Shantanu is adopted. Below are These Streets teasers that show how the two best friends defy all odds to find their way to each other.

These Streets teasers
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In These Streets premiere episodes for July, Shantanu is falsely accused of stealing, and Ravindra decides to send him to a boarding school. However, Beauty tricks Nilambar into accepting to marry him. Will the union last?

These Streets teasers July 2021

Lifelong relationships are hard to break, especially if the individuals involved draw strength from each other. How will Shantanu and Puchki ensure that their childhood bond remains intact?

Yeh teri Galiyan These Streets teasers
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1st July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 22)

Puchki notices her portrait in Shantanu’s room but cannot understand why he does not seem concerned about her. Neel’s identity is discovered when Beauty removes his fake beard.

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2nd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 23)

Shantanu regrets making Pucki feel bad and opens up to Piku about it. Later, Puchki is confused after witnessing a double-faced Nivedita giving some milk to Shantanu with a lot of care. Rana leaves trails of blood on the floor as he carries a sack inside the Pari Mahal and reveals that the bag has the lifeless body of Puchki.

5th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 24)

Piku saves Shantanu from being punished by Ravindra after revealing that he did not steal. When asked by Ravindra to reveal the thug’s identity, Piku says that Bijoy is the culprit. Later, Ravindra makes it known that Shantanu will enroll in a boarding school.

6th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 25)

Moushmi is left speechless after finding out from Nivedita that Shantanu is Aridham’s son that she got out of wedlock. Elsewhere, Beauty tricks Nilambar into tying the knot with her. Nivedita is reprimanded by Ravindra for calling Shantanu an illegitimate son.

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7th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 26)

Ravindra makes it known that Neelambar will tie the knot before the lapse of 24 hours. Later, Beauty plans the abduction of Shantanu from where he lives. It is later discovered that Nivedita is behind the kidnapping, and Beauty has to tie the knot with Nilambar in exchange.

8th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 27)

The abductors want to bury Shantanu while he is still breathing. Meanwhile, Beauty and Nilambar manage to take their marriage rituals, while Puchki asks goddess Durga to show her if Shantanu’s life is in danger.

9th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 28)

Rana and Puchki work together and manage to save Shantanu. Later, Beauty is dragged out of the house and pushed down the staircase by Ravindra. An angry Beaty hurls curses and says that their future daughter-in-law will be someone from Sonagachi.

These Streets teasers
These Streets on Zee World. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to These Streets cast members?

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Since its premiere on Zee World on 2nd June 2021, These Streets is quickly becoming a fan favorite. How does the drama unfold in These Streets July episodes? Get ready to witness the following happening to some of the show’s characters.


He regrets hurting Puchki’s feelings and is later falsely accused of stealing, but Piku defends him. Ravindra then reveals that he will start learning in a boarding school. Later, he is abducted by Beauty’s men and almost buried alive, but Puchki arrives in time to save him.


She tricks Nilambar into marrying him, and they successfully do the marriage rituals. She is later chased out of the house by Ravindra, and she curses them by saying that their future daughter-in-law will come from Sonagachi.

From the above These Streets teasers for July, the new romantic drama on Zee World promises extraordinary Indian entertainment. Premiere episodes of the serial air from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m.

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