African creativity: Man explores banana stems' various novel uses

African creativity: Man explores banana stems' various novel uses

An African citizen on a recent trip to Rwanda has shown his optimistic outlook for the scope of creativity in Africa. On a recent trip to Rwanda, Nigerian, Yakubu Jimoh John revealed the many uses of banana stem which he believes can be put to good use in many areas of the country as well as create wealth.

Jimoh shared photos from the skill acquisition centre, where some creatives had used the stem of banana to do the seemingly unbelievable. He revealed; not only can they be used for very comfortable, rafia-type chairs they can also be used as sanitary towels.

John attended the training in which people were taught how to convert certain "waste" material into useful items in the household and offices. His passion for such initiative was expressed in his post, where he boldly claimed, Africa will be great again.

In his post, which was shared on Facebook, he said: "Today in My Training Flag Off in Nyanza, Rwanda While waiting for others that are due to be trained together with us, I was taking a look at different things at the centre, the place used to be a Government Centres For Different Skill( Skills Acquisition Centre). As I was looking around, I saw this chair and Stool made in Rwanda with Banana parts.

"I was actually amazed, and surprised, I haven't seen or heard people make Something out of banana Stem, rather than chop it off after cutting the main thing to eat, I actually love people who are creative, here in Nigeria people just cut it off.

Earlier in my post I wrote something, "Turning a Waste Products into a Real Wealth in Nigeria". This thing really serves as a good chair for homes, It is being sold at a reasonable price in Rwanda Markets here.

I learnt that in Rwanda here, You make something of something, I don't see them, Harvest Cassava and don't use the leave,use the stick not to dry, Chop off sugar cane and leave it to rotten or many other things.

I wants to implore our governments to do something in creating various opportunities you can do.

In the centre being a Government owned, there is actually a need to attach pictures of past training held there. I saw there how you make pads for women with banana. Kudos to Rwanda Government. Africa Will Be Great."

Clearly, Yakubu shares a deep passion for Nigeria and hopes that little things such as turning waste to wealth can further help develop the country.


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