Elif 2 teasers for July 2021: The climax has only begun

Elif 2 teasers for July 2021: The climax has only begun

Necdet helps Arzu get out of jail. Kenan discovers Melek and Mehil are related by blood. He does not fall for Arzu's emotional manipulation in court, unlike everyone else. Necdet later argues with Kenan over a piece of land. Will Arzu get out of prison? Find out from Elif 2 teasers for July 2021.

Elif 2 teasers
Elif 2 teasers for July 2021. Photo: @SCTV (modified by author)
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Melek is tired of keeping secrets. Necdet abducts Elif to stop her from revealing the truth. Furthermore, he destroys Melek's home when she tries to get Elif back. Will Melek bow down to Necdet's blackmail?

July 2021 Elif 2 teasers

Elif season 2 started on a high note and has maintained the pace. It is exciting to watch evil characters go through hell when dark secrets come into the limelight. Below is more information about what will happen next month.

Thursday, 1st July 2021

Episode 24 (207)

Selim and Zeynep return to their campus. Meanwhile, Arzu gets upset when she finds out who visited the farm.

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Friday, 2nd July 2021

Episode 25 (208)

Arzu loses her money. Sultan later reacts to Arzu's vengeance, and the enraged Kiraz talks about Melek endlessly. Meanwhile, Melek receives an alarming phone call.

Monday, 5th July 2021

Episode 26 (209)

Kenan learns about Melek and Mehil's blood ties when Melek rushes to meet Melih. Veysel visits Zeynep and insults everyone.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021

Episode 27 (210)

Tugce receives shocking news, Melih is recovering steadily, and Arzu is having a hard time in prison. Veysel is losing his mind because he is under pressure of repaying his debt.

Elif 2 teasers
Elif 2 teasers for July 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Episode 28 (211)

Aliye warns Necdet to stop meddling in her family's affairs. The police might release Arzu soon. Meanwhile, Kenan and Melek tell Melih startling truths about their parents.

Thursday, 8th July 2021

Episode 29 (212)

Melek is considering telling the Emiroglu family her secrets. Elsewhere, someone gives Gonca a romantic surprise, and Arzu's father helps her to get out of prison.

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Friday, 9th July 2021

Episode 30 (213)

Necdet kidnaps Elif to stop Melek from telling the truth. Melek wants to set herself free from secrets. Later, a surprise package excited Arzu.

Monday, 12th July 2021

Episode 31 (214)

Necdet destroys Melek's house when she tries to get Elif back, and Murat wins Feride's trust.

Tuesday, 13th July 2021

Episode 32 (215)

Selim investigates why Melek is behaving strangely, and someone tells Arzu what to do in the upcoming divorce court hearing.

Wednesday, 14th July 2021

Episode 33 (216)

Everyone in the court but Kenan falls for Arzu's emotional manipulation. Melek feels sad for not attending the girls' first day at school.

Elif 2 teasers
Elif 2 teasers for July 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thursday, 15th July 2021

Episode 34 (217)

Melek helps Murat find a job for Feride. Meanwhile, Selim and Ipek are disappointed in Aliye for hiding secrets from them. Necdet later vows to get back at Feyyazz.

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Friday, 16th July 2021

Episode 35 (218)

Necdet hires Erkut to do something essential for him. Selim buys Veysel's silence by getting him out of trouble. Will Veysel tell Zeynep what Selim is hiding from her? Arzu receives uplifting news.

Monday, 19th July 2021

Episode 36 (219)

Necdet helps Arzu get out of jail, and Melek protects herself and her daughter by requesting her to play along.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021

Episode 37 (220)

Tugce starts liking Melek and Gonca struggles to meet Necdet's challenging demands. Pelin visits the Emiroglu family without informing them.

Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Episode 38 (221)

Zeynep's family celebrates her positive transformation while things worsen for Veysel. Gonca bites more than she can chew when she uses her new position to intimidate Arzu.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021

Episode 39 (222)

Necdet's cunning idea to free Arzu from prison succeeds. Surprisingly, the Emiroglu family gives her a cold welcome.

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Elif 2 teasers
Elif 2 teasers for July 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 23rd July 2021

Episode 40 (223)

Necdet has a secret plan for Arzu and Tugce. Meanwhile, Arzu is gradually settling into the family house. She bumps into the real culprit in Melek's restaurant. Will they make amends?

Monday, 26th July 2021

Episode 41 (224)

Selim and Zeynep are unaware that Arzu and Tugce returned home. Aliye worries about Selim's reaction. Veysel discovers Melih's beneficiary later.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Episode 42 (225)

Selim is infuriated with Arzu for moving back into the house. Will Necdet's plan work?

Wednesday, 28th July 2021

Episode 43 (226)

Veysel turns a deaf ear to Murat's complaints about their living conditions. Arzu threatens Zeynep. Will the confrontation force the young couple to move out of the house?

Thursday, 29th July 2021

Episode 44 (227)

Veysel gets angry when Tulay pressures him to find a new place. Melih pleads with Kenan to make peace with Selim by telling him the truth.

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Friday, 30th July 2021

Episode 45 (228)

Kenan and Necdet fight over a piece of land. Kenan and Melih learn more about the land, and Arzu is tired of people being cold towards her.

Elif 2 teasers
Elif 2 teasers for July 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Necdet and Azru's father finally get her out of jail. Selim's anger boils to the brim when he finds Arzu home. Most of the family members are also uncomfortable with her return. Will they throw her out?


Things are getting worse for Veysel. He ignores Murat's complaints about their living condition. Tulay demands he finds a new place. Where will he get enough money to move to a new home when he is heavily indebted to some people?

Have Elif 2 teasers for July 2021 quenched your curiosity about the upcoming episodes? Tune in on eExtra every weekday at 18h25. You would not want to miss an episode because the climax has just started.

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