The Good Son teasers for July 2021: Will Pankhuri win over Vedant's heart?

The Good Son teasers for July 2021: Will Pankhuri win over Vedant's heart?

The Bollywood series The Good Son has captured the hearts of many viewers. The show gets better with every episode. It is hard not to sympathize with The Good Son characters! The teasers show us that Vedant grapples with acceptance, especially after being adopted by an affluent family. He still faces a myriad of problems despite ending up privileged. Get a glimpse of what to expect in the much anticipated The Good Son July teasers.

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In The Good Son July episodes, Vedant is accused of causing harm to his patients. His relationship with Purva grows, but Pankhuri is not happy and is determined to become a daughter-in-law for the powerful Tripathi family. In this article, we find out what the unpredictable show has in store!

The Good Son teasers for July 2021

The Good Son joins the long list of Zee World's most loved Indian serials. If you are yet to start following the show, you are missing out on one of the most entertaining and creatively written storylines. Read the following teasers to know what to expect in the coming episodes.

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The Good Son teasers
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1st July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 21)

They try to set a trap for Chaukas, but their plans start going awry from the start. Elsewhere, Vedant has an accidental meeting with Dr Agarwal and discovers that he is working together with Chaukar.

2nd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 22)

News of the arrest of Vedant makes Urmila suffer a stroke. Purva goes to see Vedant at the police station and is not willing to leave for Delhi until she is sure that Vedant's troubles are gone.

5th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 23)

Purva manages to record all Dr Rashmi's conversations. She later lets DSP Soham and Vedant listen to what he was saying.

6th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 24)

Purva's latest actions stun everyone. They see her emerging out of the kitchen with a tray full of food, something they did not expect from her.

7th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 25)

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Pankhuri is not happy with the way Purva and Vedant's relationship is improving. Her envy drives her to cause problems for them as she asks Vedant to take everyone in the family to watch a film.

8th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 26)

Purva tries to make Vedant think clearly by sobering him up. The lovebirds later have an intimate moment in the washroom.

9th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 27)

Pankhru contacts Vedant to make him aware of a problem he faces at the medical facility. A patient's husband has filed a case against him. How will he get out of trouble this time?

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12th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 28)

Ramesh goes through the medical facility's monthly account statements but does not like what she discovers. Later, she scolds Vedant for having an extravagant expenditure.

13th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 29)

She pretends to be in too much agony while talking to Purva. Later, when Sanju comes to the medical facility, Purva gets angry and takes him to the police station.

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14th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 30)

Pankuri discovers that she forgot her drugs at the Sanjeevni household. So she decides to steal her way into the mansion in the middle of the night.

15th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 31)

Pankhuri finally expresses her love for him. But does he feel the same way about him? Is she ready to accept rejection?

16th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 32)

Purva makes it clear that she has no intention of linking up with any boys.

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19th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 33)

Pankhuri makes Purva aware that she is in love. She further informs her of her intention to become the Tripathis' daughter-in-law.

20th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 34)

A disagreement leads to a heated argument between Purva and Prattek.

21st July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 35)

Sanju has been dreaming of girls for a long time, and now he has them. What will he do with them?

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22nd July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 36)

Granny finds herself at the medical facility. Will things turn out okay?

23rd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 37)

Abuse has become the norm as households are ruined by gender-based violence.

The Good Son teasers
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26th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 38)

Vedant is blamed for placing patients under hypnosis. When will his problems come to an end?

27th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 39)

Vedant works hard to make sure that his sure his patients are out of danger.

28th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 40)

Sanju gets into a fight with some of his acquaintances.

29th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 41)

Pankhuri assists Vedant in finding a way to hide from his kin. Meanwhile, Ramesh understands that Vedant is the one who will take care of the daily expenses before things get back on track.

30th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 42)

Vedant makes Urmila eat something as the family looks on. Later, when Purva reaches home, she blames Vedant for trying to end Urmila's life.

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The Good Son teasers
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What happens to The Good Son characters?

Since The Good Son's premiere on the 3rd of June 2021, the show has been portraying Vedant as the good son who struggles to be accepted by his adoptive family, the Tripathis. Discover what happens to some of the characters in the upcoming The Good Son July episodes.


Vedant's troubles just keep multiplying. A patient's husband files a case against him, and he is later accused of hypnotizing patients. Ramesh later reprimands him for spending extravagantly. How will he get everything on track?


In The Good Son July episodes, Purva's love for Vedant is evident. She cancels her planned trip to Delhi until he is out of trouble. Their tightening bond makes Pankhuri jealous, and she tries to create a rift between them.

The Good Son teasers above reveal a show that is worth watching this July. How will Vedant figure out the solutions to his problems? Discover how the drama unfolds on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

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