Cost Of Love Teasers for July 2021: How will Reyansh counter Sheetal's plan?

Cost Of Love Teasers for July 2021: How will Reyansh counter Sheetal's plan?

The Indian soap opera, Cost of Love is one of the latest telenovelas on screen, has a way of arousing viewers' interest to watch the show daily. The fascinating Cost of Love teasers showcases the unpredictable love life of Ahaan and Pankti. The two have to go through a lot of tests to prove their love. Most of these tests will leave you sympathizing with the two. This month's Cost of Love teasers explains how the events will unfold.

Cost Of Love Teasers
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The Cost of Love drama series tells the romance story between two aspiring musicians, Ahaan and Pankti, although their love story is not a bed of roses. Pankti has feelings for her husband’s nephew, Ahaan, and her ex-husband feels betrayed; he embarks on a mission to have her back.

The Cost of Love Indian series is without a doubt one of the best Indian soap operas. Read on to find out more about what happens in The Cost of Love on Glow TV this month. The show is guaranteed to entertain!

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Cost of Love Teasers for July 2021

If you have seen previous episodes of the Cost of Love series, waiting for new episodes of your favourite drama series may come with bouts of anxiety. These new Cost of Love teasers will help ease some of your anxieties and prepare you for the coming episodes.

Episode 191 - Thursday, 1st of July, 2021

Pankti escapes the cake shop where she was held captive. However, Pankti becomes suspicious of Reyansh when he enters the same shop; she wants to know how he got there.

Episode 192

Pankti feels that something is not right and decides to go after the individual who gets locked up in the cake shop. She questions the manager at the shop and wants the footage from the CCTV to be shown to her.

Episode 193 - Friday, 2nd of July, 2021

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Pankti is getting somewhere with her mission to catch up with the perpetrator. Unfortunately, Pankti arrives just when the manager at the cake shop appears at Reyansh’s place to receive his bribe. Reyansh attempts to get away, but Pankti gets a hold of him.

Episode 194

Pankti is anxious about knowing the identity of the miscreant that had held her captive at the shop. She even promises to pay the shop manager for useful information. However, Sheetal thinks there is something off about Reyansh, especially after she begins to see how many similarities he shares with JD.

Cost Of Love Teasers
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Episode 195 - Monday, 5th of July, 2021

Reyansh finalizes his hideous plan of disrupting the party, but what plan can that be? Will Ahaan and Pankti get caught in his trap?

Episode 196

Virat and Reyansh become allies because they have a common goal to destroy Pankti and Ahaan. However, Pankti is still hellbent on discovering the unknown individual who had kept her locked up in the shop. To do this, she invites the cafe manager to the party.

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Episode 197 - Tuesday, 6th of July, 2021

Sheetal follows her hunch about Reyansh, and it brings her to his room, where she discovers something overwhelming. She finds out that her husband, JD, is the same person as Reyansh.

Episode 198

Sheetal’s discovery shocks her immensely, and she is uncomfortable in the presence of Reyansh. Sheetal’s attitude raises Reyansh’s suspicion, and he is left wondering if Sheetal had managed to unravel his secret.

Episode 199 - Wednesday, 7th of July, 2021

Upon her discovery, Sheetal decides it is best to let Ahaan and Pankti know who Reyansh really is. Unfortunately, Reyansh seems to know what she will do, so he comes up with a plot capable of preventing his secret from getting out.

Episode 200

Sheetal gets a warning about revealing JD’s identity.

Episode 201 - Thursday, 8th of July, 2021

The whole family reels in surprise after Sheetal suddenly announces her plans to go vacationing in London. Pankti gets the feeling that Sheetal is being prevented from contacting her. To solve this, she sets out on a risky mission to meet up with Sheetal before the latter travels out of the country.

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Cost Of Love Teasers
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Episode 202

Pankti and Ahaan attend Tara’s big birthday celebration. But, unknown to the duo, they were walking into grave danger. Tara plans to murder everyone present at her party.

Episode 203 - Friday, 9th of July, 2021

JD prevents Sheetal from revealing his secret by keeping her captive in the vehicle. JD informs her about his intention to get back with Pankti against all odds.

Episode 204

Pankti is caught up in her attempts at uncovering the coded message she had received from Sheetal. But, unfortunately, she is unable to complete Ahaan’s song in due time.

Episode 205 - Monday, 12th of July, 2021

Sheetal makes the huge announcement that she is leaving for London. Pankti and Ahaan try to find her before she leaves.

Episode 206

Ahaan gets an opportunity to sing a song. He asks Pankti to write the lyrics for the song, but Pankti is still worried about Sheetal. Will this cause trouble in paradise?

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Episode 207 - Tuesday, 13th of July, 2021

Pankti becomes suspicious of Reyansh, and JD sends his men to torture Sheetal.

Episode 208

Ahaan gets Reyansh to remove his jacket, and Pankti recognizes a mark in his hand that she saw from the man in the hoodie.

What happens in The Cost of Love on Glow TV
The Indian soapie Cost of Love. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 209 - Wednesday, 14th of July, 2021

Monty asks Kaira for her hand in marriage, leaving Poorva shocked and upset at the same time. Pankti assumes that Ahaan knew about the proposal.

Episode 210

Reyansh’s plans to split Pankti and Ahaan begin to come together. Monty's proposal to Kaira leaves Ahaan and Pankti at odds with each other.

Episode 211 - Thursday, 15th of July, 2021

Poorva gets a chance to prove her innocence, but Vikram lies to Monty about Poorva.

Episode 212

Pankti is ready for the video shoot, but Ahaan is nowhere to be found. So Reyansh takes advantage of this and takes Ahaan’s place, using the opportunity to get close to Pankti by lying to her about Ahaan's whereabouts.

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Episode 213 - Friday, 16th of July, 2021

Upon learning that Reyansh had lied to her about Ahaan's whereabouts, Pankti sneaks into Reyansh’s room to find out the truth about his real identity.

Episode 214

Pankti remembers the unfortunate incidents that have happened ever since Reyansh got into their lives. Then, she gets the help of Uday to decode Sheetal’s message. JD manipulates Ahaan against Pankti, disguised as Reyansh.

Episode 215 - Monday, 19th of July, 2021

Pankti opens up to Aparna and tells her everything she knows about Reyansh. Ahaan also divulges that he thinks that Reyansh is trying to cause a rift between them.

Episode 216

Ahaan and Pankti set a trap for Reyansh to get evidence that they may use against him. Pankti invites Reyansh on a dinner date and hopes to get the truth from him with the help of a truth serum.

Cost Of Love Teasers
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Episode 217 - Tuesday, 20th of July, 2021

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While Pankti is out on a date with Reyansh, Ahaan tries to decode Sheetal's message. He manages to decode the message with a friend's help.

Reyansh gets dizzy after being drugged and falls to the ground. His mask is ripped open. Is his secret finally out?

Episode 218

Pankti sees Reyansh without his mask and discovers who he really is. But she doesn't know that JD has locked every entrance and exit in the restaurant to prevent her from escaping.

She pretends to be drunk and passes out. What is she up to?

Episode 219 - Wednesday, 21st of July, 2021

Poorva discloses to Anita how Monty broke up with her -not knowing that Anita actually helped break them up. Anita pretends to want to help her daughter.

Pankti escapes from Reyansh, but is filled with dread. Ahaan assures her that he will protect her from JD.

Episode 220

Pankti receives a call from Uday, who says that he has found out where Sheetal is.

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Episode 221 - Thursday, 22nd of July, 2021

Pankti and Ahaan get to the mill, but they cannot find Sheetal as Sinha has hidden her behind a fake wall. Will they be able to save Sheetal?

Episode 222

Anita tells Vikram that JD is alive.

Episode 223 - Friday, 23rd of July, 2021

Vikram blames Pankti for everything. He insults Pankti when she slaps him and informs him that JD is trying to kill Sheetal.

Episode 224

JD informs Pankti that she can only save Ahaan and Sheetal if she agrees to be his. Will Pankti agree?

Episode 225 - Monday, 26th of July, 2021

Vikram and Uday work together to save Ahaan and Sheetal.

Episode 226

Richa confronts Vikram about his hand in breaking up Monty and Poorva.

Cost Of Love teasers
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Episode 227- Tuesday, 27th of July, 2021

Vikram comes home to find that Richa is sick; he refuses to take her to see the doctor.

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Episode 228

Richa tells Vikram that she has problems getting pregnant, but Vikram ignores her.

Episode 229 - Wednesday, 28th of July, 2021

Ahaan and Pankti discover that the gift Pankti got for him has disappeared.

Episode 230

Vikram starts getting jealous of Ahaan.

Episode 231 - Thursday, 29th of July, 2021

The lights go out when Aparna is announcing Kaira and Monty’s wedding. Poorva enters and looks totally transformed, to the awe of everyone.

Episode 232

Ahaan makes an accusation against Vikram. Vikram tells the family that he had to save Ahaan’s image and the company.

Episode 233 - Friday, 30th of July, 2021

Anita fights with Aparna, tears up the contract, calls off the wedding, and drags her daughters out. She also points out to Pankti that Ahaan’s family will never accept her as they will never forget her past.

Episode 234

Anita challenges Ahaan to buy a house for Pankti; then, she will make Pankti marry him.

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Pankti finds herself locked up in a cafe but manages to get out of there. However, she refuses to let the event slide and decides to find out who was responsible for the evil act. Her mission leads her to the cafe manager and Sheetal. She is also in grave danger with her lover, Ahaan, at a party. Will Pankti crack the code and find out who was behind her mysterious captivity at the shop? Find out by watching the next episodes of The Cost of Love.


Sheetal in The Cost of Love is a sensitive woman and decides to follow her suspicions about Reyansh. The choice of investigating her hunch leads her to some dirty secrets about her husband. Sheetal finds out her husband also has the identity of another man. What will she do with this new information? Will JD’s threat be enough to keep her mouth shut and forget about what she knows? Find out in the next thrilling episodes of The Cost of Love.

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From the Cost of Love teasers you have read so far, you can see why you should not miss the show. How does Sheetal react to finding out that her husband wants another woman so badly he is willing to disguise himself as someone else? Make it a date with other viewers as the series, The Cost of Love, broadcasts from Mondays to Fridays on Glow TV at 20h00 and 20h30.

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