The Red Room Teasers for July 2021: Exciting new SABC3 show

The Red Room Teasers for July 2021: Exciting new SABC3 show

The Red Room is back to your screen after being taken off air in April 2021. The show makes a fresh start on SABC3 starting 2nd July after the end of The Bay. Below are The Red Room teasers for the premiere episodes.

The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room returns to SABC3 on 2nd July 2021. Photo: @officialtvsa
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The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) on SABC3 is a Turkish telenovela that revolves around the day-to-day operations of a therapy clinic. It is a real-life story experienced by the show's writer Gulseren Budayicioglu and an Istanbul physician.

The Red Room teasers for July 2021

Viewers should get ready to experience an exciting yet empathetic therapeutic journey on the new SABC3 telenovela. Here are the teasers for The Red Room premiere episodes.

The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room on SABC3. Gif:, (modified by author)
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2nd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 1)

Nur takes her mom to Dr Manolya's clinic after she tries to end her life. She does not want to cooperate but later opens up to the therapist regarding her past traumas. At the same clinic, Hakan, who is troubled with anger issues, has come to attend couple's therapy.

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5th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 2)

Mehmet's therapy session is underway, but his wife is missing. Dr Manolya is convinced that the man is paranoid and rude. Meanwhile, Meliha does not want to have any conversation with her mother as she is not ready to explore her past trauma.

6th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3)

Meliha opens up about her past trauma to the physician and reveals that she does not want to end up like her mother, who worked as a prostitute. Her mother's profession led to her dad's death, and his killers molested her sister Guler.

7th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 4)

The show gives viewers a flashback of Mehmet and Nesrin's relationship that used to be full of affection. Mehmet later becomes abusive after being overcome by envy.

8th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 5)

Mehmet became a violent man because of past traumas, which has made him take up his father's behaviour while Nesrin behaves the way her mom does. The couple later reveals their love to the physician, and Mehmet is ready to rescue the union by attending therapy sessions.

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9th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 6)

Alya arrives at the medical facility with an attitude that Dr Manolya cannot tolerate. The physician is not willing to deal with her, but she insists on attending the doctor's therapy sessions.

The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room on SABC3. Gif:, (modified by author)
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12th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 7)

Mehmet starts his therapy and opens up to the physician about how his family acted towards him. He also reveals that he became abusive because of his dad and does not believe in women due to his mom's actions.

13th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 8)

Traumas from Mehmet's childhood are yet to stop troubling him. Elsewhere, Tuna is livid when nobody reminds her about her birthday, while the doctor finds it hard to believe the revelations made by Meliha regarding her painful past.

14th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 9)

It is hard to believe that Meliha survived such a traumatic childhood, and the physician cannot help but admire her courage.

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15th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 10)

The physician talks to dejected Tuna in the Red Room while a birthday party for Tuna is going on at the cafeteria. Later, Alya seeks forgiveness from the doctor by sending a florist to give her flowers.

16th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 11)

Alya finally persuades Dr Manolya to offer her therapy sessions, but she is not ready to discuss herself. How will the therapist help the strange and wounded lady?

The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room on SABC3. Gif:, (modified by author)
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19th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 12)

Dr Manolya results in using tricks to gain Alya's attention, and she later reveals a few details regarding her mother. Later, Meliha continues to narrate her heartbreaking story about the struggles she had to endure to raise her siblings after her elder sister Guler left.

20th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 13)

Meliha gets sentimental when talking about the sacrifice made by Guler. Her sister was later killed by a man inside a brothel, but she could not mourn since she had to be courageous to ensure she survives in Istanbul with her siblings.

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21st July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 14)

Meliha reveals to the therapist the things that make her feel okay, and she is reminded about the need to make her marriage survive. When Meliha tells the physician that she finds it hard to focus on the good, Dr Manolya counts all the good she has achieved.

22nd July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 15)

Nesrin and Mehmet discover that their past traumas are killing their marriage. Meanwhile, Dr Manolya is struggling with a health condition.

23rd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 16)

Mehmet regrets the emotional destruction he has been inflicting on his wife because of his behaviour. Later, Alya opens up about her family and how she met her dad after the therapist uses tricks to make her talk.

The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room on SABC3. Gif:, (modified by author)
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26th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 17)

Alya depicts a lonely childhood without affection from her family. Her father's behaviour is also cold when he is released from prison. Later, viewers are taken through Meliha's emotional journey after the death of her sister, and her pain is still visible to this day.

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27th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 18)

Meliha reveals that she did not marry Namik because of love but for the sake of it. She raises Namik's son, Necdet, alongside the two daughters she shares with him. She is later left traumatized when her elder daughter dies.

28th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 19)

Ahmet regrets being unfaithful to his wife and divorcing her to be with another lady. Ahmet later seeks Piraye's assistance to regain the trust of his former wife, and Piraye questions him regarding his past to know why he was attracted to Sibel.

29th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 20)

Ahmet is dejected as he recalls the hurt he caused his former wife, and Piraye promises to help.

30th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 21)

Alya's emotional childhood narration reveals how she felt ugly and unwanted because of her family's behaviour and never-ending household conflicts. Later, Meliha reveals how her younger daughter died in a fire and concludes the session looking fatigued and emotionally broken.

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The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room on SABC3. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to The Red Room's characters?

The drama on SABC3's The Red Room will leave you empathetic as you listen to stories of adults whose lives are troubled by childhood traumas. The show’s fictional events are a depiction of real-life issues and a reflection of what goes on in society today. Here is a look at what happens to some of the characters in The Red Room July episodes.


She attempts suicide and her daughter Nur takes her for therapy to Dr Manolya. She resists but later opens up about her traumatic past. Her father died as a result of her mother's prostitution. Her elder sister later dies at a brothel. After marriage, her two daughters die on separate occasions, and her marriage is not in a good place.


He is abusive towards his wife Nesrin and blames his father for his behaviour. He also reveals that he does not trust women because of his mother's actions. He tells Dr Manolya that he loves Nesrin and is ready to start therapy to overcome his past traumas and make their marriage work.

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As revealed by the above The Red Room teasers, get ready to witness Dr Manolya listening to stories of emotionally broken people. Can she offer all of them fulfilling and lasting solutions? Ensure to follow the new SABC3 telenovela every Monday to Friday at 7.30 p.m. starting 2nd July 2021.

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