Getroud Met Rugby Teasers for July 2021: Fafa's band performs for the first time

Getroud Met Rugby Teasers for July 2021: Fafa's band performs for the first time

Getroud Met Rugby teasers for July 2021 are officially here, and as the fifth season winds up, so much is bound to happen. The season reveals the unexpected, and your favourite Getroud Met Rugby cast members work relentlessly to bring their enemies down. How will their mutual friends handle the tension? Will they pick sides? Check out the details in these snippets for more.

As the Getroud Met Rugby storyline unfolds, some of your favourite characters engage in malicious acts to bring their foes down. Some go to the extent of unveiling their enemies' secrets and vow to use the information against them. How will Jana deal with the threat that is Bibi and Maryke? Will she act before it is too late? Check out the snippets in Getroud Met Rugby teasers for July 2021 for more.

Getroud Met Rugby teasers for July 2021

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Recent Getroud Met Rugby episodes highlighted Fafa's determination to make it in music. Is his dream attainable? If so, how easy will it be for him to become famous and start earning from it? Is the risk worth taking? Check out these highlights for more insight into how his journey will be.

Episode 249 - Thursday, 1st of July 2021

Simon returns, and Fafa decides to start a rock band. Later, Freddy's soccer-playing dad shows up at the stadium.

Episode 250 - Friday, 2nd of July 2021

Candice is willing to do all it takes to release her latest episode, and Maryke worries about the competence of Fafa's rock band. Later, Nina comes to visit Amanda and Rietz.

Episode 251 - Monday, 5th of July 2021

Bibi and Maryke launch a charity project, and Candice's latest episode stirs negative comments. Elsewhere, the Stryders encounter another setback.

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Episode 252 - Tuesday, 6th of July 2021

Maryke and Bibi collude to unpack unknown details about Jana's past, and Fafa gets more motivated to make music.

Episode 253 - Wednesday, 7th of July 2021

Lulu gets caught up in Yvonne's misery, and Fafa's rock band makes Maryke angrier. Later, the Stryder community try to be positive despite their series of challenges.

Episode 254 - Thursday, 8th of July 2021

Lulu moves into Simon's house, and Bibi tries to find out more details about Jana's past. Meanwhile, Koekie joins Maryke in planning a party for Festus.

Episode 255 - Friday, 9th of July 2021

Fafa's neighbours get fed up with the noise from his house and threaten to sue him. Bibi and Maryke drag Thinus along their search, and Amanda receives shocking news.

Episode 256 - Monday, 12th of July 2021

Jana realises that Bibi and Maryke have been researching about her past, and it makes her mad. Fafa insists on rehearsing from his house, and Yvonne realises the need to make a plan about Lulu.

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Getroud met Rugby cast
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Episode 257 - Tuesday, 13th of July 2021

Maryke pesters Fafa to talk to his neighbours and sort their differences, and Simon finally meets his new housemate.

Episode 258 - Wednesday, 14th of July 2021

Simon feels uncomfortable about lying to Renate, and Thinus gets into trouble. Later, Schalk finds out troubling details about Jana's past. Will he use the information against her?

Episode 259 - Thursday, 15th of July 2021

Maryke and Jana get into a heated argument, and it causes tension between Fafa and Schalk.

Episode 260 - Friday, 16th of July 2021

Lulu interrogates Virginia and Yvonne ruthlessly, and Bart expresses his worries about Thinus' competence as a lawyer.

Episode 1 - Monday, 19th of July 2021

Candice and Yvonne each plan a baby shower for Lulu, and Schalk worries about the players. Elsewhere, Thinus and Ryno's relationship becomes more complicated.

Episode 2 - Tuesday, 20th pf July 2021

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Thinus succeeds in securing his job back at the Stryders, and an unexpected person visits Amanda.

Episode 3 - Wednesday, 21st of July 2021

Jana receives shocking news, and Festus and Koekie receive a violin. Later, the two women are puzzled to find out details about the two baby showers. Will they agree to merge their ideas and plan a grand ceremony?

Episode 4 - Thursday, 22nd of July 2021

Jana worries about running out of time as she tries to finalise the divorce, and Maryke worries about Fafa's first show! Elsewhere, it is Lulu's baby shower.

Getroud met Rugby episodes
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Episode 5 - Friday, 23rd of July 2021

Yvonne is upset about the baby shower, and Amanda feels so frustrated that she considers quitting. Fafa's rock band performs for the first time, and everyone is left in shock!

Episode 6 - Monday, 26th of July 2021

Fafa lashes out at Maryke for not supporting him, and Maggie comes bearing exciting news for Lulu. Later, Buks spots someone from his past.

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Episode 7 - Tuesday, 27th of July 2021

Festus and Koekie debate about asking Magda for money, and Nesie finds out troubling details about Buk's past. Meanwhile, the Greeff household struggles to find harmony.

Episode 8 - Wednesday, 28th of July 2021

Maggie pressures Lulu to consider a water birth, while Nessie finds more shocking details about Buk's past. Later, Koekie and Festus borrow money from a loan shark.

Getroud met Rugby storyline
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Episode 9 - Thursday, 29th of July 2021

Fafa's band welcomes a new member, and Festus and Koekie buy the violin. Meanwhile, Yvonne gets upset when she realises that Lulu is considering a waterbirth.

Episode 10 - Friday, 30th of July 2021

Koekie and Festus are bummed to find out how much their violin is worth, and Fafa and Bibi perform together. Later, Lienkie finds out shocking details about Blitz and Vanessa's history. What will he do with the information?

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Fafa gets over everyone's doubts and decides to start a rock band. However, the people around him second-guess his idea, and Maryke worsens it when she fails to support him. His idea to conduct his house rehearsals lands him in trouble as his neighbours threaten to sue him. However, he does not stop. Instead, he performs before an audience, and his determination earns him fans and the morale to go on. Later, he lands another chance to perform alongside Bibi. Is this going to be his break?


Lulu gets caught in Yvonne's web; hence, Yvonne realises the need to concoct a new plan for dealing with her. Later, she gets caught up in another dilemma as Candice and Yvonne plan her baby shower. When Maggie comes to see her, she persuades her to have a waterbirth. Will Lulu give in? Why is Maggie so confident about the waterbirth?

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Getroud Met Rugby teasers for July 2021 are a testament to how much drama awaits you in the oncoming episodes. As you wait to find out what Lulu's decision will be and whether Fafa will give up on his dream, you ought to tune in to kykNET every Monday to Friday at 18h00. You will get hooked on the show!

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Stiletto Vendetta teasers for July 2021 highlight Merve's dilemma about her relationship with Tunc. She does everything within her power to ensure that Tunc never returns to the estate. She also does the unthinkable to unveil the identity of Serhan's lover. Is it as easy as she thinks?

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