Gomora 2 Teasers for July 2021: How will Gladys handle her dilemma?

Gomora 2 Teasers for July 2021: How will Gladys handle her dilemma?

Gomora 2 teasers for July 2021 are here, and the drama seems to have gotten out of hand. The boldness and confidence that some of the Gomora 2 cast members depict are out of the world. Some make choices that might have dire consequences, while others suffer the effects of the decisions of those closest to them. Is the narrative going to change for those affected? How about reading on for more details?

Gomora 2 storyline
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Gomora 2 storyline takes us through a series of ups and downs in Gomora town. Some of the residents get involved in heinous crimes that threaten the neighbourhood's security. Others ruin their marriages while chasing the wind, and in the course of it, endanger the lives of their loved ones. Finally, the most difficult secrets come out, calling for more difficult decisions to be made. Check out the details of Gomora 2 July 2021 teasers for more details on how the drama will unfold.

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Gomora 2 teasers for July 2021

Recent Gomora 2 episodes have given hints of how tables are turning for Gladys. Melusi gets into what looks like a cosy friendship with Thathi, which puts him at crossroads about his marriage. Will Gladys work hard enough to salvage her marriage? If not, will her pregnancy be their unifying factor?

Episode 49 - Thursday, 1st of July 2021

Don receives a job offer, and Langa's family and friends celebrate him.

Episode 50 - Friday, 2nd of July 2021

Sibongile starts getting used to life in Gomora, and Don decides to go back to Bongani.

Episode 51 - Monday, 5th of July 2021

At the Shisanyama, Bongani asserts his authority over Don, and Miss Madikizela introduces Sibongile to the rest of the class. Elsewhere, the funeral ends in tears and frustration.

Episode 52 - Tuesday, 6th of July 2021

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A father tries to change his life, although it changes for the worst. Meanwhile, Melusi and Thathi convince themselves that the kiss was a mistake and that it will never happen again.

Gomora 2 July 2021 teasers
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Episode 53 - Wednesday, 7th of July 2021

Sibongile gets into Zoliswa's way, although Tshiamo shows up to support Zoliswa. Later, Thathi offers to take Melusi out for drinks, but he declines, and Gladys leaves the Wellness treat.

Episode 54 - Thursday, 8th of July 2021

Thathi and Melusi hit an impasse. Elsewhere, Sibongile and Don's friendship seems to grow, although they are faced with resistance in navigating their different worlds.

Episode 55 - Friday, 9th of July 2021

The truth about Teddy's academics comes out, and he is frustrated by his secret coming to light. Meanwhile, Melusi gives in to his desires without bearing in mind that they will have dire consequences on him in the future.

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Episode 56 - Monday, 12th of July 2021

The build-up of untold secrets causes tension in the Dlamini household, and an unfortunate thing happens at the Shisanyama, causing the staff members to be severely punished.

Episode 57 - Tuesday, 13th of July 2021

Zodwa investigates what Don stole from Bongani, and Gladys finds it difficult to open up to Melusi about her secret. Meanwhile, Melusi and Thathi's bond grows stronger.

Episode 58 - Wednesday, 14th of July 2021

The Molefes bid one of their one goodbyes, and Don decides enough is enough. Later, Melusi issues Gladys an ultimatum.

Episode 59 - Thursday, 15th of July 2021

Tshiamo alleges that Sibongile used her to get Thathi, and Don receives a job offer from London, which changes the trajectory of his life. Later, Gladys does something that puts her marriage at risk.

Episode 60 - Friday, 16th of July 2021

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Sibongile does something that she regrets, and an old secret threatens to get in the way of Gladys and Melusi's marriage. Later, Don realises the need to make a life-changing decision to ease his financial situation.

Episode 61 - Monday, 19th of July 2021

Melusi finds out Gladys' secret, and it makes him upset. Therefore, he heeds to Miss Hlungwani's advice. Later, Sibongile gets the rare opportunity to sneak Thathi's necklace back into the Molefe mansion.

Gomora 2 cast
Gomora 2 Teasers for July 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Episode 62 - Tuesday, 20th of July 2021

Don gets nervous when he remembers that the hijacking is in less than 24 hours. Gladys' choice puts her marriage in jeopardy. Later, Sibongile attempts to blackmail Tshiamo and later opens up to Teddy about her weaknesses.

Episode 63 - Wednesday, 21st of July 2021

Don gets dragged into the hijacking when plans change, and they risk getting caught. Gladys' plan fails to bear the planned results, so things reach crisis between her and Melusi. Meanwhile, Thathi comes up with a new plan to get over her boredom.

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Episode 64 - Thursday, 22nd of July 2021

Don goes from being conflicted to being the hero of the day, and the situation in the Dlamini worsens.

Episode 65 - Friday, 23rd of July 2021

A job fails to go according to plan; hence, Don finds himself in trouble. Thathi gives in to her temptation as Melusi struggles to come to terms with Gladys' decision.

Episode 66 - Monday, 26th of July 2021

Thathi and Melusi agree to spend the afternoon together at the B&B. The police promise to get to the bottom of the hijacking in Gomora. Meanwhile, Gladys finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place concerning her marriage. She struggles to make up her mind as time runs out on her.

Episode 67 - Tuesday, 27th of July 2021

Thathi hands Langa's clothes over to the needy kids, and London's decision leaves Don burning with anger. Later, Gladys' announcement leaves Melusi puzzled.

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Episode 68 - Wednesday, 28th of July 2021

Teddy impresses Miss Hllungwani when he showcases his confidence and readiness for the big test. Later, Don tries to convince his friends to try out a new hijacking plan, and Gladys finally comes across evidence about Melusi's affair.

Gomora 2 episodes
Gomora 2 Teasers for July 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Episode 69 - Thursday, 29th of July 2021

Teddy impresses the family when he convinces them that he is ready for the test, and Don and London are careful not to step into the new territory. Meanwhile, Thathi crosses the line, and Melusi pulls away from Gladys' pregnancy decision.

Episode 70 - Friday, 30th of July 2021

London pressures Don to abandon his family for hijacking, and Teddy gets nervous about the test. Elsewhere, Melusi chooses Thathu over Gladys, and later, Gladys and her unborn baby find themselves in a life-threatening situation.


Melusi and Thathi share a kiss, and despite their decision to not go beyond being friends, they fail to uphold their boundaries. Instead, they go out on dates, and their relationship kicks off at a supersonic speed. Melusi gets torn between sticking to his marriage and going after Thathi. When Gladys opens up about a controversial matter, he opts to end their marriage. However, his decision puts Gladys' life in danger. Will he turn back?

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Don gives in to London's pressure about his 'job offer', although it risks his safety and how his life will turn out. He seems so nervous during his first hijacking mission, although he gathers the courage and eventually saves the day. Later, he gets so caught in the wave of the hijacking experience and organises another one, unaware that the security officers are vigilant. Later, London pressures him to abandon his family and focus on the hijacking. How will things turn out for him?

Gomora 2 teasers for July 2021 are a paradox. However, if you would like to unpack it, you might want to tune in to Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. You will love the experience!

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