Imbewu Teasers for July 2021: Nkululeko manages to escape from Zethu’s clutches

Imbewu Teasers for July 2021: Nkululeko manages to escape from Zethu’s clutches

Ending your day does not have to be boring when several television drama series are available to watch. Imbewu soapie is a South African soap opera that keeps your attention glued to your television screen until the show ends daily. The fascinating actions of the Imbewu cast have lent credence to the uniqueness of the show. Also, the educative stuff it offers is a reason why you will never wish to miss a day's episode.

Imbewu Teasers
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Imbewu is a South African drama series created by Duma Ndlovu. It explains the connection between the rural and urban lifestyles of South Africans. The drama series further shows the peculiar struggles and conflicts to home and corporate settings and the emotional tension that the economic gaps between those who have and those who do not have created.

Imbewu Teasers for July 2021

How do you think a man will react to the revelation that his children were never his but his brother’s? Well, this is the situation Ngcolosi finds himself in. This month's teasers highlight the cost of keeping a secret for so long. It continues to portray the scenes of secrets and betrayals among the Bhengu family. Here are the highlights of what to expect.

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Episode 839 - Thursday, 1st of July, 2021

Zithulele is unhappy about Zakhiti’s recent position in the family and thinks it is not in the best interest of his role as head of Shongololo oil. Besides, Sebenzile is in a happy mood because she will be singing alongside Phakade.

Episode 840 - Friday, 2nd of July, 2021

Phakade requires the church to be clear about what he has to do for them, while Zethu’s mental health deteriorates after she drugged little Mepho.

Episode 841 - Monday, 5th of July, 2021

Zethu chooses to be with a Psychiatric home, but she has a condition attached to this. However, Zakhiti pays no mind to MaNlovu’s advice at the Bhegu home.

Episode 842 - Tuesday, 6th of July, 2021

Zethu blackmails Nkululeko to attend the expo, and Fikile is suspicious of Zethu’s hideous schemes, but Nkulukeko thinks otherwise.

Episode 843 - Wednesday, 7th of July, 2021

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Zethu drugs Nkululeko and little Mepho because she wants to have a happy family time with them.

Episode 844 - Thursday, 8th of July, 2021

Nkululeko sees an opportunity to get away from Zethu’s manipulations, and he takes little Mepho with him. On the other hand, the police are out to apprehend Zethu for abducting baby Mepho and Nkululeko.

Imbewu Teasers
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Episode 845 - Friday, 9th of July, 2021

When Thu Sheleni’s day goes off track, he and Lindo are left wondering if removing the amulet has anything to do with it. Whereas, Zithulele vows to make his mother and grandmother pay if anything terrible happens to his child.

Episode 846 - Monday, 12th of July, 2021

Fikile demands that Phunkuya provides the video footage that shows Zethu cutting through her tyres in the parking space. Elsewhere, Phunkuya notices that Zethu is missing.

Episode 847 - Tuesday, 13th of July, 2021

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Zethu decides to lay low for some time while Phunkuya worries that she might be dead.

Episode 848 - Wednesday, 14th of July, 2021

Nkululeko wants to be clear about the paternity of Nokuzola’s child, and he comes up with a plan. Also, Thu Sheleni treats the Rampersads to a luxurious lifestyle from what he made from his horse gambling.

Episode 849 - Thursday, 15th of July, 2021

Nkululeko says he will take little Mepho to see Zethu after Phunkuya suggests that he wants Zethu to see her kid. With this development, will it be a farewell meeting between mother and child?

Episode 850 - Friday, 16th of July, 2021

Nkululeko receives a desperate call from Zethu, and she vows to hurt herself.

Episode 851 - Monday, 19th of July, 2021

Zethu wants to escape, and her roommate makes a nurse unconscious in an attempt to help her accomplish her plan.

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Episode 852 - Tuesday, 20th of July, 2021

Macingwane asks Nokuzola to be wary of the secrets she is carrying around. Nevertheless, Nokuzola ensures that Zithulele does not get to know the truth about Macingwane’s information.

Episode 853 - Wednesday, 21st of July, 2021

Zethu holds Fikile and Nkululeko at gunpoints. Additionally, she orders Nkululeko to go to the rooftop with her; they fall into tragedy there.

Imbewu Teasers
Imbewu soapie for July 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 854 - Thursday, 22nd of July, 2021

When Zethu takes her life, it is a difficult pill to swallow. Meanwhile, Fikile and Nkululeko find it hard to deal with an overwhelming sense of regret.

Episode 855 - Friday, 23rd of July, 2021

Phunkuya thinks Nkululeko had something to do with Zethu’s death. However, Nokuzola is not happy about the likelihood that Zithulele is not her child’s father.

Episode 856 - Monday, 26th of July, 2021

Macingwane is not pleased with being saddled with the task of performing a ritual to help Nokuzola’s pregnancy stay strong. Nevertheless, he chooses to do it.

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Episode 857 - Tuesday, 27th of July, 2021

Mthunzi bullies Thu Sheleni because he wants him to continue gambling in his place. Besides, the police arrive at the ongoing funeral in Maluju oil and whisk away Nkand Fikile.

Episode 858 - Wednesday, 28th of July, 2021

MaNdlovu does not believe Zola and Zithulele are saying all they know, while Phunkuya wants little Mepho to be placed in her care without argument.

Episode 859 - Thursday, 29th of July, 2021

Phunkuya does not oblige to sjambok the evil spirits out of Zethu. Meanwhile, the family of Phunkuya attempts to sjambok MaNdlovu away from their home.

Episode 860 - Friday, 30th of June, 2021

Zethu is buried, while Thu Sheleni’s horse betting becomes costly. Then, Mthunzi comes looking for Thi Sheleni at the Emsamo and frightens Poppi and Lindo while at it.


Zethu is a mother, but a mentally unstable one at that. She drugs her husband and child because she wants to experience quality family time. This singular act lands her in bigger trouble, and she is remanded in a psychiatric home. Unfortunately, it looks like the mental illness is not stronger than the urge for a mother to see her child, and because of this, she wants to do anything to see her baby. Eventually, she commits suicide but not without implicating some other people in the process.

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Nkululeko is the father of baby Mepho, whose mother is mentally challenged. Although he tries to ignore all the signs that show that his baby mama (Zethu) is not psychologically ok, he had to believe this after getting drugged alongside his son. After he manages to escape from the crazy lover, he wants nothing to do with her again. In the end, he is implicated in Zethu's death, and the police apprehend him at her funeral. Will he have enough evidence to prove that he was only at the wrong place at the wrong time?

This month's Imbewu teasers have unveiled mind-boggling issues to expect. How do you react when you find yourself in between loving someone and protecting yourself from them? Join other viewers as the drama series airs every weekday on eTV at 21h30 and on eExtra at 10h15. If you miss the show, the repeat version airs on eTV every weekday at 12h30, and the omnibus airs on Saturdays at 11h20.

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