DiepCity Teasers for July 2021: Fistos leaves Diepsloot

DiepCity Teasers for July 2021: Fistos leaves Diepsloot

Fistos is caught red-handed by Sne as he tries to leave with the money. He later departs from Diepsloot, and Sne struggles to explain his whereabouts to people. Is he out of her life for good? Discover more from the following DiepCity teasers.

DiepCity Teasers
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Herbert and Nox go their separate ways but on a bitter note. Later, Herbert admits to thinking about her but is reluctant to visit her. For how long will they stay apart?

DiepCity Teasers for July 2021

Mzansi Magic’s DiepCity is quickly becoming a household favourite for Mzansi soapie lovers. What is coming up in July? Here are the teasers.

DiepCity Teasers
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1st July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 64)

Soja believes that she and Nox are meant to be partners no matter what happens. Bonga makes attempts to gain power and ensure Lungile lives an honest life.

2nd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 65)

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Herbert and Nox go their separate ways but on a sour note. The girls make plans to conduct a heist they have never attempted before.

5th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 66)

The residents of Diepsloot are happy to associate with Nox and her girls. Elsewhere, Mgedeza wants to go on an early retirement but not before he deals with Godfather.

6th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 67)

The connection between Lerato and the new ma keeps getting stronger. It is Bonga’s first day at work, but Ringo’s final while Lungi risks losing her true friend if she fails to change her character.

7th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 68)

Gama is doing everything in his power to ensure Lerato accepts him. Meanwhile, Lungile is slowly unravelling but has no control over the situation.

8th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 69)

Sne’s life is a mess because of domestic abuse, while Mgedeza is not sure when Maureen is going to tackle her sibling problems.

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9th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 70)

Lerato finds herself falling for Gama. Elsewhere, Lungile does not want her family to see her report card.

DiepCity Teasers
DiepCity on Mzansi Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

12th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 71)

Nox has doubts regarding Lungi’s report card narrative. Mgedeza starts to worry after being requested by Godfather to look for the individuals who have been stealing his valuables.

13th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 72)

Nox is determined to ensure Lungile has a better life so that she does not have a hard life like her's and her parents'. Meanwhile, Herbert discloses his recent dreams about Nox but does not want to visit her.

14th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 73)

Nox promises Sibusio that she is changed and will not get on the wrong side of the law again. Elsewhere, Lerato is excited when Mgedeza blesses her and Smangaliso.

15th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 74)

The girls are not sure if Mgedeza has knowledge of the money and wonder what they will do with it.

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16th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 75)

Mgedeza has no satisfaction regarding Smangaliso and finds it hard to get over his glasses. Meanwhile, Smangaliso is being pressured by Godfather to find information.

DiepCity Teasers
DiepCity on Mzansi Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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19th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 76)

Nox wants to finish repaying the mashonisa debt. Fistos goes to the general dealer, but his arrival in Diepsloot shocks Khelina and Herbet.

20th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 77)

Charleston persuades Fistos to straighten his relationship with society while Mgedeza fails to turn for a planned link-up with Godfather.

21st July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 78)

Lerato overhears Godfather and Smangaliso talking about Mgedeza. Elsewhere, Fistos has become over-enthusiastic towards Sne.

22nd July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 79)

Fistos unsuccessfully makes attempts to leave with the cash as Sne gets him red-handed. Smangaliso gains the courage to tell Mgedeza what he had to say.

23rd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 80)

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DiepCity Teasers
DiepCity on Mzansi Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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26th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 81)

A fear-stricken Sne wakes up early but only to think about the situation. Elsewhere, Charleston wakes up full of excitement, but a quiet Asanda shuts down his vibe.

27th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 82)

Khelina meets Sne and lets her know that she heard about Fistos. Elsewhere, Lerato’s services are suddenly required at Mgedezas as she claims about assisting Mauree around the house.

28th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 83)

Maureen goes into her beautifully decorated shebeen, where Mgedeza is waiting for her arrival. Meanwhile, the girls start making plans towards owing a better workshop.

29th July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 84)

Mgedeza has a hard time trying to hide his relationship with Zola from Mauree. Will she eventually find out? Elsewhere, Sne does not disclose the whole truth to Makazi regarding the whereabouts of Fistos.

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30th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 85)

Danger wants to know Smangaliso’s plans as he starts acting friendly towards him. Sne does not know how she will disclose to Makazi about Fistos' departure from Diepsloot.

DiepCity Teasers
DiepCity on Mzansi Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to DiepCity characters?

Nox and her girls become the new sweethearts of Diepsloot as they plan to pull off a heist they have never attempted before. They also struggle to make things work in their individual lives. Here is what happens to some of the show's characters in DiepCity July episodes.


She parts ways with Herbert on a bitter note. She is also determined to ensure Lungile has a better life than her's and her parents'. Later, she promises Sibusiso to stay on the right side of the law. Can she live up to her promise?


He wants to retire early but not before dealing with the Godfather. Later, the Godfather asks him to find the person stealing from him. The Godfather also sends Smangaliso to investigate him. Who will have his way?

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Mzansi Magic has a great line-up of entertainment this July, as revealed by the above DiepCity teasers. Is Sne’s abusive marriage to Fistos finally over? The show airs on the channel from Mondays to Fridays at 8.30 p.m. Do not miss out on the exciting drama!

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