Man praised for his 'truthful' message: “Where there are less blacks, there is less crime”

Man praised for his 'truthful' message: “Where there are less blacks, there is less crime”

- A man named Sam Morifi is fed up with the racial situation in the country, and he is not alone

- Taking to Facebook, he shared a message, which had to take a lot of courage on his part

- According to Morifi, black people are blind to the real problem and he prays God would open their eyes so that they could see the truth

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Taking to social media, Morifi shared his views on Mzansi 4 Change- M4C’s Facebook page. “Dear God, help black South Africans see the truth”, he started off his message.

It appears Morifi his done with white people being blamed for everything wrong in the country, adding that he felt the majority of criminals were black, not white.

“Where there are less blacks, there is less crime”, he added, after apologising to those he might offend with his message.

The concerned black citizen continued by pointing out a community in the Western Cape, where the majority of residents happen to be white.

“The South African government call it discrimination, I beg to differ”, he said.

According to Morifi, white people only want to feel safe. He added he could understand whites acting suspicious, taking into consideration the crime rates among the majorities.

“I had racial run-ins with white people in some areas but never once have they laid a hand on me or tried to take my belongings. They would rather become suspicious of me and say some stuff because of my skin color and that’s how far it will go.”, his message read.

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Morifi used the amount of black people in prison as an example, saying population size could not be blamed for it.

He then added even churches closed their doors early because of the fear of crime. Morifi said looking at the racial situation in the country, which is widely encouraged by the government, he would emigrate as soon as he has enough money to do so.

And, looking at the reactions his message received, Morifi is not the only South African that feels this way. But, other call on him to stay in South Africa and fight for a better country, where all people are truly united.

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