Mbuyiseni Ndlozi: 'Whites are scared of an equal society'

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi: 'Whites are scared of an equal society'

- Ndlozi says the EFF are fighting a historical argument and plan to win

- They are proud of the involvement that they have had, especially their victory in 206 municipal elections

- He says that there was nothing lost between the EFF and the ANC

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the EFF's spokesperson, says that white people are scared of an equal society and that's why they are opposed to it.

In his interview with HuffPost regarding matters surrounding the party, its policies and its future, an EFF oldtimer, Ndlozi, gave comment stating that EFF is not running a "genocide project" but rather a "freedom and equality" project".

Aside from the widely known issue of land, Ndlozi explains that one of the party's major policies is based around the following:

- It will not abolish private ownership should it form a government one day;

- That white South Africans have "a historic duty" in this country; and

- The ANC is beyond saving.

Ndlozi is a 32 year old man and has his doctorate in political sociology from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is seen as one of the top players in the EFF. The party has rigid views and takes outrageous action on things they believe in.

He pointed out the party's policies around land expropriation and say they aim at "winning a historical argument".

"A lot of people say we are going to end property rights, that's not true, it's alarmism and they say that we are going to end private property, that's also not true...We are talking about a correction of a historical injustice. In 24 years, we gave a market exchange a chance and it didn't work. It didn't work because a lot of white people hold onto their land and also where restitution has taken place, it has been corrupt.”

"There is a historic duty for white people to realise that nobody punished them for apartheid, nobody is even calling for punishment, people are calling for equality. Let land ownership reflect the demographics.”

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"If we do land expropriation for equal distribution, the majority of black people are going to own the land. Maybe what white people are really scared of is equality. A situation where black people don't need them.”

"They are scared of a truly equal society...It means people begin to look at them as human. That fear must be characterized in its truest forms, it is based on the hatred of black people and the violence associated with it – the denial of true equality. We are not in a genocide project, we never were, we are in a freedom, equality project.”

Briefly.co.za learnt that he believes that there is no tie to the ANC and that their bridges were burnt long ago.

"It could be naïve to think that the reigns of kleptocracy are over because Zuma is no longer a president. Zuma was always not going to be a president forever. But he was obviously the epitome of an otherwise compromised political party that is on its knees when it comes to the abuse of public resources, patronage and nepotism, such that there is no other way of doing politics among them.”

"The reason we left the ANC is because we don't think it can be saved from that (corruption)...The ANC is literally Sodom and Gomorrah when it comes to corruption, it is beyond saving."

Ndlozi and the EFF hold their heads high in terms of their involvement with municipal election in 2016. He highlights the victory that the EFF had in having more councils "hung" (municipalities where there is no clear majority).

"We hanged more municipalities than it has ever been seen in the history of local government democratic elections in South Africa...That is an indication of the capacity to organize at a national level as well as at a local level. We dedicated 2017 as the year of building the branch and the target was precisely the coastal provinces...We will begin to see a lot of growth translated into votes in 2019 national government elections.”

"Who needed to be taught a lesson above the other? The ANC. It seems taking municipalities from them humbled them...We never misled anybody. You ought not to be surprised that we would be doing the same thing.”

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