Uzalo Teasers for July 2021: Who is Pastor Gwala's love interest?

Uzalo Teasers for July 2021: Who is Pastor Gwala's love interest?

Uzalo Teasers for June are here, and they are more exciting than ever. Things take unexpected turns, and there are some unanticipated love connections. Will Pastor Gwala find love? Discover more in these Uzalo teasers in July 2021.

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Njeza and his crew are about to face the wrath of angry community members, but a knight in shining armour saves them. Njeza agrees to clear up his act. Do you believe that he will look for a legitimate job? Find answers in these Uzalo teasers for July 2021.

Uzalo Teasers for July 2021

Sibonelo has his hand in another business, but will it be a success? Pastor Gwala has a new love interest. However, it appears that the church members are against them. Will he listen to his congregation or follow his heart? Here are the teasers.

Uzalo Teasers July 2021
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Thursday, 1st July 2021 - Episode 84

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Sibonelo and Nkunzi come back home as free people while Pastor Gwala is on board with MaMlambo's appointment. Elsewhere, Njeza loses a member of his team.

Friday, 2nd July 2021 - Episode 85

Nosipho is displeased with the police and goes to take care of Nkunzi by herself. Meanwhile, a dream about an umbilical cord causes problems between Pastor and MaMlambo. Soon after, MaMlambo and Zekheletho take advantage of the power cuts.

Monday, 5th July 2021 - Episode 86

Pastor Gwala's unexpected shift in opinion makes everyone concerned while Nkunzi discovers the person responsible for his arrest. However, Mr Mbatha's quest to give Pastor Gwala a bad name has some unexpected consequences.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021 - Episode 87

Nkunzi makes threats against Nosipho's life; at the same time, Mr Mbatha frames Pastor Gwala. Njeza is one move away from getting a life-altering settlement.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021 - Episode 88

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Nkunzi does not murder Nosipho, but he cuts her off from his life. As Pastor Gwala struggles to avoid giving in to temptation; elsewhere, Njeza steals the main power supply line.

Thursday, 8th July 2021 - Episode 89

Nonka is worried about where Nosipho is while Mr Mbatha takes his Vala uGwala scheme up a notch. Elsewhere, MaMlambo is concerned about the homeless in KaMashu being given hope of the Soup Kitchen opening up again.

Friday, 9th July 2021 - Episode 90

The person behind the thieving of the cable is caught. Elsewhere, Mondli is ecstatic to see Nosipho, but she has some information for him, and Mr Mbatha has uncovered secrets about Pastor Gwala.

Uzalo Teasers 2021
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Monday, 12th July 2021 - Episode 91

As Nkunzi takes control of the situation by dealing with Njeza on his own, things are looking bad for Nosipho, who struggles to come to terms with her new reality. Elsewhere, Emjondolo and Hleziphi steal Njeza's cash.

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Tuesday, 13th July 2021 - Episode 92

The community wants to release their anger on Njeza and his team; a good samaritan rescues them in an unexpected turn of events. Elsewhere, a new pastor is voted in at KCC while Nosipho is having difficulty settling in the new place.

Wednesday, 14th July 2021 - Episode 93

Sibonelo decides to brew his own booze as the church women get everything set for Gwala's arrival. Meanwhile, Njeza despises the fact that he is broke because of Hleziphi and Lilly.

Thursday, 15th July 2021 - Episode 94

Pastor Gwala is invited into the pastors home, as Nosipho feels isolated and ostracized. Meanwhile, Njeza wants Lilly to get off his back.

Friday, 16th July 2021 - Episode 95

Nosipho, at her weakest point, remembers that several people owe her money, i.e. Sbu, and it is time she collects her money. Pastor Gwala and Zekheletho make an unexpected bond.

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Monday, 19th July 2021 - Episode 96

Pastor Gwala has his first-ever church service, the Abazalwane dress in their best outfits for the event. Later, Nkunzi makes an unexpected visit to the church, and Sibonelo is happy with how his craft gin turned out.

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Tuesday, 20th July 2021 - Episode 97

As things get steamy between two people, Mbatha is up to his usual mischief. Elsewhere, MaDongwe comes across an unforeseen horror, and Nosipho has an unpleasant encounter.

Wednesday, 21st July 2021 - Episode 98

Nosipho is hopeful, while Zekheletho risks heartbreak. Meanwhile, Sibonelo does something he will never come back from.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021 - Episode 99

Sibonelo released his product in large numbers as Sambulo corners Zekheletho with a question. However, Njeza finds it hard to find genuine work.

Friday, 23rd July 2021 - Episode 100

Time is ticking for Sbu, who needs to choose which side he is on while Zekheletho is having a good time dating. Elsewhere, Gwala has a meeting with the police captain while Mbuso has a task that will require the help of his family.

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Monday, 26th July 2021 - Episode 101

Pastor Gwala stuns Zekheletho with an intimate date, while Nkunzi is worried that Sibonelo is not spending time with him. Sibonelo requests that Njeza sells his alcohol.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021 - Episode 102

Things are steamy between two KwaMashu townspeople while Sibonelo and Njeza get involved in a new business enterprise. A screwdriver scuffles to find cash that he owes Ma'Thabethe.

Uzalo July episodes
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Wednesday, 28th July 2021 - Episode 103

Noka gets disturbing information about the men from the Xaba bloodline while Pastor Gwala makes a significant introduction about his life to the entire congregation. Njeza's activities finally bear fruits.

Thursday, 29th July 2021 - Episode 104

Njeza treats MaDongwe very poorly, while the church believes that Zekheletho is not the best option for the pastor. The counterfeit alcohol business is prospering.

Friday, 30th July 2021 - Episode 105

Sibonelo's business is thriving right under the nose of Nkunzi. Elsewhere, Pastor Gwala and Zekhethelo's happiness is short-lived, and Nosipho comes in contact with the head of loan sharks.

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Pastor Gwala

In the teasers above, Mr Mbatha tries trashing his name and later sets him up. Later on, he is invited to the pastors home and makes an unexpected connection with Zekheletho, so they began getting intimate, but the congregation is disapproving. Will they fight for their love?


Nkunzi threatens her life. She disappears for a while, but when she returns, her life is different. She struggles to settle into her new life and decides to collect more money. She meets up with the lord of loan sharks.

SABC1 Uzalo July episodes air on weekdays at 20h30. Will Nkunzi find out about Sibonelo's business? Why is the church against Zekheletho and the Pastor? Do not miss out on the exciting drama in Uzalo today.

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