My Identity Teasers for August 2021: Avni convinces Mowgli to live with Neil

My Identity Teasers for August 2021: Avni convinces Mowgli to live with Neil

If you love watching Indian soaps, the My Identity TV series is an educational and entertaining show you will never desire to miss after the first watch. It is about a young lady, Avni, who was born out of wedlock. As a result, she is labelled illegitimate but does not accept this. In her quest to seek justice for her mother’s murder, she lands in several troubles, which will reshape her life and eventually love. The My Identity teasers for August 2021 are the concluding parts of the series’ captivating season, and you must not miss them.

My Identity Teasers
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In an unending twist of plots in the My Identity soapie, Avni meets Neil, and at that point, she dedicates herself to the life of Robin Hood. She robs the rich to take care of the poor. Ironically, the man she falls in love with was sent to uncover her thieving activities and bring her to justice. Unfortunately, Avni’s history has not left her, affecting her blossoming relationship with Neil.

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My Identity Teasers for August 2021

Avni thought she had everything under control and would be favoured by the court’s decision. But, unfortunately, this did not happen, and it leads to moments of depression and desperation. The teasers of this drama series will give you a sneak peek into what becomes of Avni and Neil’s relationship.

Episode 457 - Sunday, 1st of August, 2021

Avni is in despair after the judge favours Neil in the final verdict. While she persuades Mowgli to go and stay with Neil, Mowgli moves away from home.

Episode 458

Avni weeps in Sunehri’s presence because she misses Mowgli before Mowgli arrives at Neil’s home and does a makeover of his room with Avni’s pictures. Unfortunately, Mowgli comes down with a fever, and the situation puts Neil and his family under pressure.

My Identity Teasers
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Episode 459 - Monday, 2nd of August, 2021

Mowgli gets better after Avni and Neil attend to him, but Mitali is displeased that Neil kept Mowgli’s illness from her. Later on, Kamini prepares to test Avni with some trouble.

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Episode 460

Avni and Neil challenge Kamini over Mowgli’s kidnapping, while Kamini requests that Avni acknowledge that she deals in trafficking children. But then, if she disagrees, Mowgli may be in danger.

Episode 461 - Tuesday, 3rd of August, 2021

Neil frees Mowgli from captivity and facilitates Kamini’s arrest. More so, he does not allow Avni to submit herself to the police officers before discovering shocking information about her later.

Episode 462

Neil becomes aware of the truth, and he is remorseful about misunderstanding Avni's intentions. Nevertheless, she chooses to stay away from Neil and Mitali after they participated in a pre-wedding ceremony.

My Identity Teasers
My Identity scenes for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 463 - Wednesday, 4th of August, 2021

Season finales

Mitali demands that Neil choose to go with Mowgli and Avni because that is what he wants. So Neil goes to Avni to start a new life with her, and the three have a happy reunion as a family.

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The judge's verdict favours Neil, and he gets custody of Mowgli. When Mowgli falls sick, Neil is scared and seeks Avni's to make the boy better. He rescues the boy after Kamini abducted him and understands Avni better; he realises that he was wrong about her personality. He does not allow the police to arrest Avni, and preparations continue for his wedding with Mitali. But, will it be too late for him to follow his heart and reunite with his true love?


Avni receives the shock of her life after the judge’s verdict did not go her way. She is heartbroken because Mowgli must leave her and relocate to Neil’s place. Nevertheless, she gets the chance to see Mowgli again after the boy falls sick as she has to attend to him. But, unknown to her, a new problem was brewing; Kamini kidnaps Mowgli and wants her to say she is a child trafficker. Will Avni have to sacrifice herself for Mowgli to be safe?

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My Identity teasers for August 2021 have shown the unusual ending of the series in a captivating way. Avni and Neil realise that their son, Mowgli, needs them, and so, the lovers have to bury the hatchet and fight to save their son from a vengeful Kamini. But then, will they permanently reunite as a family after this mission, and will Neil go ahead with his plan to marry Mitali? Do not miss the final moments of the soapie.

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