Orphans of a Nation teasers for July 2021: Will Norberto divorce Teresa?

Orphans of a Nation teasers for July 2021: Will Norberto divorce Teresa?

The thrilling drama series Orphans of a Nation follows the lives of a Syrian family and what they are forced to do to survive. Things get tricky when love, money and interfering family members get involved. The following Orphans of a Nation teasers for July 2021 are guaranteed to entertain!

Orphans of a Nation episodes
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Norberto and Teresa face a terrible patch in their marriage, and Norberto asks her for a divorce. Will Teresa agree to leave him? Elsewhere, Dalila fakes a terminal illness to make Laila feel sorry for her. See more drama in the Orphans of a Nation teasers for July below.

Orphans of a Nation July teasers

Elia tells Caetano that he slept with Helena, and Teresa is disappointed when Norberto drifts away from her. Rania is suspicious and believes that Miguel is cheating on her. Get the gist in the nail-biting teasers below!

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Orphans of a nation episodes
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Thursday, 1/07/21 - Episode 59

Rania is concerned after Miguel spends money recklessly. Later, Zuleika and Almidinha argue over kids while Camila spots Dalila getting out of Paul's room, and he trails behind her.

Elsewhere, Abner is unhappy because of Sara, and Esther calls Bruno. At the same time, Teresa prepares for lunch with Norberto while Cibele takes photographs with Martin.

Friday, 2/07/21 - Episode 60

Dalila and Camila meet up while Elias confides in Caetano that he slept with Helena. Teresa is disheartened when Norberto asks for a divorce while Aline reveals to Leticia that she loves Elias. Elsewhere, Sara makes it her mission to get Ali back. Finally, while Norberto vows to marry Valeria, Father Zoran formally presents Dalila to Elias' family.

Monday, 5/07/21 - Episode 61

Rania confides in Aline about Miguel while Jamil tells Laila that she does not trust Dasma. Elsewhere, Bruno wishes Martin good luck and gives him ideas on photos while Elias thinks about Helena.

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Tuesday, 6/07/21 - Episode 62

Dalila is excited to hear about her dad as Jamil discovers that Camila and Paul are betrothed. Meanwhile, Miguel succeeds in gambling while Laila is envious of Jamil and Dalila. Dalila offers to assist Missad.

Wednesday, 7/07/21 - Episode 63

Cibele does not feel sorry for Dalila and cautions Jamil while Sara is let out of the hospital and cannot remember Ali. Later on, Dalila warns that she will ruin Cibele while Rania is excited to see Dalila.

Thursday, 8/07/21 - Episode 64

Everybody is thrilled with Dalila at Elias' home. Meanwhile, Dalila gives a deceptive statement that she has a terminal illness so that Laila can empathise with her. As Almeidinha takes Zuleika to jailm Marie is happy with Bruno. Rania thinks that Miguel may be cheating.

Orphans of a nation download
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Friday, 9/07/21 - Episode 65

Rania gets annoyed because she cannot catch Miguel and Teresa is distressed because of Norberto's choice to make the divorce official, Bruno however, does not accept the conditions. Elsewhere, Abner exploits Sara's amnesia while Helena tries to have a conversation with Martin, but he makes a run for it.

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Ali confesses his love for Sara, meanwhile, Dalila donates money, and everybody is excited, and they throw a massive celebration for her.

Monday, 12/07/21 - Episode 66

Latifa and Ali brawl while Cibele doubts Dalila. Elsewhere, Miguel hands out food to the needy while Cibele and Benjamin accompany Dalila to the hotel.

Tuesday, 13/07/21 - Episode 67

Cibele and Benjamin face Camila while Missad confides in Elias about the things she is scared of. Martin chooses to tell Helena about the war as Ali breaks into Sara's room and Boris forces him out. Finally, Bruno tries to make Norberto see the truth about Valeria.

Wednesday, 14/07/21 - Episode 68

Aline chooses to adopt a girl while Abner exploits Sara's loss of memory. Elsewhere, Helena looks for Elias, and they end up fornicating as Dalila schemes against Cibele. Cibele and Benjamin are taken to jail.

Thursday, 15/07/21 - Episode 69

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Camila is curious about why Paul is intrigued by Miguel while Rania and Miguel learn that Cibele is in jail, and they go to get him.

Friday, 16/07/21 - Episode 70

Kaara searches for Dalila and Paul at the hotel while Camila watches. Sara agrees to marry Abner while Almeida gets pictures of Kaara and goes to look for the bandit. Norberto hands Valeria a prenup, and Laila discovers Dalila and Jamil hanging out together.

Note: We shall update the remaining teasers as soon as they are released.

órfãos da terra cast
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Father Zoran introduces her to Elias' family, and everybody is thrilled with her at Elias' house later on. She lies to Laila that she is terminally ill and is later celebrated after donating money. Cibele is suspicious of her. Will Dalila's schemes against Cibele work?


In the teasers above, he wastes money but is later finding success while gambling. Rania thinks that Miguel is cheating on her, and later, he gives out food to the needy. Finally, he learns that Cibele is in jail and tries to get him out.

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You can watch Orphans of Nation episodes on SABC3 all week long at 18h30. Will Laila find out that Dalila lied? Will Norberto uncover the true nature of Valeria? Tell us what you think about these teasers in the comments below!

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