Die Sentrum Teasers for August 2021: A conflict ends in a medical emergency

Die Sentrum Teasers for August 2021: A conflict ends in a medical emergency

The much anticipated Die Sentrum teasers for August 2021 are out, and the drama seems to have escalated very fast. Apart from the chaotic work environment, Die Sentrum cast members are caught in the wave of love triangles. As the situation heightens, a conflict between three of the cast members results in a medical emergency. Is love worth dying for? Catch the snippets of Die Sentrum teasers for August 2021 for more hints on what is going to unfold!

Die Sentrum August 2021 teasers
The gist in Die Sentrum Teasers for August 2021 will bum you! Photo: @DieSentrum
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Die Sentrum storyline revolves around eight colleagues working in a helpline call centre. They face their challenges as they resolve callers' personal issues. Some struggle to maintain the work-life balance, as their personal issues spiral to their workplace affecting their productivity.

Others land in problematic situations when they attempt to brew a relationship at work. How easy is it to date at your colleagues' watch? Die Sentrum teasers for August highlight the ups and downs people face when doing so.

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Die Sentrum teasers for August 2021

The most recent Die Sentrum episodes must have left you in shock, trying to piece up Muzi's detrimental love life and how much risk it posed. It turns out that he is not the only one in the situation. Imaad equally finds himself in a complicated situation as his demanding family dictates his relationship. He has the difficult decision to choose between his lover or family. How will he handle the uncomfortable situation?

Episode 35 - Thursday 5th of August 2021

Bapsi and Xolani pull a fast one on Imaad, and Marietjie and Kobus agree to take their relationship to the next level. Elsewhere, Kelly finally finds a place to stay.

Episode 36 - Friday, 6th of August 2021

Imaad's family members reprimand him about his life choices, and Kobus' mum finds out shocking details about his secret relationship, and it does not sit well with her. Meanwhile, Muzi feels uncomfortable about the unexpected guests in his home.

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Die Sentrum storyline
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Episode 37 - Thursday, 12th of August 2021

Imaad receives a mysterious call, which confirms his fears about Xolani and Bapsi. Later, things fall apart between Dustin's parents, and they make his situation worsen.

Episode 38 - Friday, 13th of August 2021

Imaad confides in Buhle about the call, and Steve offers Muzi nuggets of wisdom on how to handle Kelly. Meanwhile, Kobus gets carried away by the events of the past few days.

Episode 39 - Thursday, 19th of August 2021

Abdul tries to drag Imaad back into the family business, although the situation gets out of hand. Nathan voices his complaints to Kelly's mother, causing a confrontation between the two women, and Kobus opens up to Maritjie about his mother's opinion of her. Will she feel offended?

Episode 40 - Friday, 20th of August 2021

Daleen's alcohol abuse results in a confrontation between her and a police officer, and Muzi finally makes a breakthrough with Lucas, although it looks like it is short-lived. The conflict between Maritjie, Kobus and Esmee results in a medical disaster and they rush to the emergency room.

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Episode 41 - Thursday, 26th of August 2021

Daleen starts to unravel, and Abdul and Imaad clash. Later, Esmee comes home to an unpleasant surprise.

Episode 42 - Friday, 27th of August 2021

Muzi desperately looks for Lucas, and Xolani threatens Imaad. Later, Esmee concocts a plan to get back at Maritjie.

Die Sentrum on SABC 2
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Apart from his family being too demanding with his finances, they torment him about his life choices. On one occasion at work, he receives a mysterious call, which helps put together pieces of a puzzle. He gets so troubled that he shares the information with Buhle. Later, Abdul tries to drag him into family matters, although it does not end well. How is he going to handle the pressure?


Kobus and Maritjie agree to cement their relationship, although they face so much opposition. When his mum finds out details about her son's secret relationship, she gets so troubled that she confronts him, although he stands firm by his decision.

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Later, he gathers the courage to tell Maritjie what his mother thinks of her, and when an emergency ensues between them and Esmee, one of them ends up in a hospital. What is the confrontation about, and why did things escalate that fast?

Die Sentrum teasers for August 2021 prove how much of a rollercoaster the oncoming episodes will be. Therefore, if you wish to catch the drama, tune in to SABC2 every Thursday and Friday at 18h00. You will be in for a bumpy ride!

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