Good Omens: Cast and crew, season 2 release date, latest updates

Good Omens: Cast and crew, season 2 release date, latest updates

Good Omens, since its premise in May 2019, has earned itself a broad fan base. For where to watch Good Omens, the series airs on Amazon Prime Video and BBC Two. The first season, which consists of 6 episodes, had an incredible reception. The series itself is based on the Good Omens book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Find the latest updates cast and when Good Omens season 2 will be released.

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The series airs on Prime Time Video and BBC Two. Photo: @goodomens_ineffable
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The Good Omens TV series is a fantasy and comedic series that centres on an angel and a demon who have a profound friendship. The friendship itself is also a source of conflict. Did Good Omens end? Find out about the series as it incorporates other characters who are also part and parcel of telling the story.

Good Omens TV series

The series premised in 2019 after the show's creators had initially had the idea years prior. Unfortunately, before the show began, one of the authors, Pratchett, passed away, leaving Neil. However, all things took a turn with Neil agreeing to do the show after receiving a letter that Pratchett wrote before his demise. The letter was a push for Neil to take the course of proceeding with the show's development.

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By 2017, the showrunners already had a cast list of actors and actresses who would be featured. The filming process for the series took a duration of 6 months, from September 2017 to March 2018. The filming locations took place in two areas; the UK and some scenes in Cape Town, South Africa.

Since the series is fantasy-based, there are scenes where CGI effects and unique art-like costumes have to be in place. The Good Omens trailer first aired on YouTube in 2019 in preparation for the same year's season one.

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Since the show's premise in 2019, it has gathered quite a wide fan base and high ratings. Photo: @Den Of Geek UK
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Good Omens's latest updates

With season one having only six episodes, the ending was a cliffhanger. So, will there be Good Omens season 2? However, there is good news since the show was confirmed for season 2 on June 29th by Amazon. Initially, there were no plans for season 2.

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Are Crowley and Aziraphale in love? With the interactions of the two on the show, many wonder if they are an item, but this is not the case. Instead, the pair's relationship and friendship are just one of a kind.

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Fans, buckle up and watch out for the sequel to the series! Photo: @Rotten Tomatoes
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Good Omens' cast

The cast members of the series have managed to exceptionally execute their roles. The series cast is vast since there are some members who are guest stars and recurring. In addition, some cast members are in season one and will appear in the Good Omens sequel. Check out some of the main characters as well as some recurring members of the fantasy series.

  • Michael Sheen as Aziraphale - The actor depicts the character of an angel on earth. His initial task was as a protector of the Garden of Eden. However, he also enjoys and appreciates the human way of life in more ways than one.
  • David Tennant as Crowley - The actor portrays a demon who lives on earth. He represents the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve. He also establishes a very close-knit friendship and collaboration with the angel, Aziraphale'.
  • Nina Sosanya as Sister Mary Loquacious -The actress plays a nun who is a leader of an evil group of nuns.
  • Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel- The actor plays the role of a leader of Heavenly forces who will be returning for the sequel.
  • Daniel Mays as Arthur Young - He portrays the character of the father of Adam
  • Sian Brooke as Deirdre Young- She shows the character, mother of Adam
  • Doon Mackichan acts the role of Archangel Michael
  • Sam Taylor Buck as Adam Young plays the part of the younger Antichrist in the Young household.
  • Frances McDormand is the voice-over artist playing the voice of God
  • Benedict Cumberbatch plays out the role of the devil in Hell.

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Anyone smells mischief in the air? The show's two main characters, Crowley and Aziraphale, in their friendship zone in one of the episodes. Photo: @Le Journal du Geek
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Recurring characters:

  • Josie Lawrence as Agnes Nutter- She acts as the remaining witch in England.
  • Nicholas Parsons and Elizabeth Berrington both play the voice of Dagon in different episodes of season 1.
  • Samson Marraccino as Warlock Dowling - Acts as the child of the Dowlings family who is mistakenly thought to be the Antichrist.
  • Jill Winternitz as Harriet Dowling acts as the wife of Thaddeus and mother of Warlock Dowling.
  • Gloria Obianyo acts as Uriel.

Good Omens is a high rating fantasy series at the moment. However, the series is worth checking out, and the ardent fans can now wait for the series' sequel. Check out the episodes of season one on Amazon Prime Video and BBC Two.

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The forbidden friendship and all that comes with it. Catch a glimpse of the fantasy series on Amazon Prime Video. Photo: @Good Omens
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