Twist of Fate teasers for August 2021: Rhea attempts suicide

Twist of Fate teasers for August 2021: Rhea attempts suicide

If you are a fan of Twist of Fate (Kumkum Bhaghya) on Zee World, then you know that the series never fails to catch the viewer’s attention. Twist of Fate is now in its sixth season. What do you expect will happen to your favourite characters in August episodes? Please keep reading Twist of Fate teasers below to find out.

Twist of Fate teasers
Twist of Fate on Zee World follows the lives of Pragya and Abhi. Photo: @MalawiGotv
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In Twist of Fate August episodes, Pragya and Abhi’s daughter Rhea is in hospital after attempting suicide. Ranbeer is in love with Rhea’s sister, Prachi, but Pallavi wants him to break his relationship with her. Abhi also asks Prachi to stay away from Ranbeer and Rhea.

Twist of Fate teasers for August 2021

Twist of Fate on Zee World is one of the best Indian series to follow. Dramatic Twist of Fate cast members have exciting ways to keep fans locked to the series season after season. Check out these Twist of Fate teasers for details on what to expect.

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Episode 173 - Sunday, 1st of August 2021

Pallavi insists on Ranbeer ending his relationship, and Alia reprimands Abhi for being mean. Pallavi forces Ranbeer to visit Rhea at the hospital, and Alia visits Rhea at the hospital.

Episode 174 - Monday, 2nd of August 2021

Abhi wants Prachi to cut off her connections with Ranbeer and Rhea. Later, Prachi informs Pragya about Rhea’s attempt to take her own life and the ill words Mr Mehra told her. Angered by what she just heard, Pragya goes to look for Mr Mehra.

Episode 175 - Tuesday, 3rd of August 2021

Ranbeer attempts to let Daljit know about his love for Prachi while the lights at the factory belonging to Abhi go off after Alia’s orders. Later, Pragya comes to the site and confronts him. When the lights are switched back on, the two face reality.

Episode 176 - Wednesday, 4th of August 2021

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Pragya and Abhi have an argument regarding Rhea. Later, Alia informs Abhi regarding Pragya’s plans to seek revenge for the death of Kiara. Pragya visits Rhea at the medical facility while Abhi tries to find a way to get Prachi’s forgiveness.

Episode 177 - Thursday, 5th of August 2021

Abhi links up with Prachi but fails to learn the truth. They later get emotional in the midst of their conversation. Later, Alia’s plans to hit Pragya with her vehicle are foiled when Abhi rescues her in time. Abhi does not want to come into contact with Abhi as she calls a mechanic to check her vehicle.

Episode 178 - Friday, 6th of August 2021

Abhi lets Pragya know that he will not allow her to see Rhea, and they later recall their heart-wrenching discussion. Meanwhile, Mitali and Alia feel like a load has been lifted off their shoulder upon noticing Abhi’s reaction. Pallavi informs Rhea about surprising Ranbeer with their engagement in the evening.

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Episode 179 - Saturday, 7th of August 2021

Ranbeer misinterprets Prachi’s presence at the house.

Twist of Fate teasers
Pragya and Abhi argue over Rhea in Twist of Fate August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 180 - Sunday, 8th of August 2021

Abhi prays for his family to reunite, and he is impressed to see Rhea and Pragya getting along well. They celebrate Diwali with the rest of the family. Pragya requests Prachi to reach out to Rhea to wish her well during the Diwali ceremony, and Rhea tells Abhi how she knew Pragya was her mother.

Episode 181 - Monday, 9th of August 2021

During a conversation with Prachi, Ranbeer expresses his concerns about Pragya forgiving Rhea so fast. Later, the police arrest Rhea and allege that Pragya filed an FIR against her, and Abhi pleads with Pragya to withdraw the FIR. Elsewhere, Alia opens up to Mitali on how she planned Rhea's arrest, and the details leave Mitali puzzled.

Episode 182 - Tuesday, 10th of August 2021

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Pallavi locks Ranbeer in his room to stop him from meeting Prachi. Rhea falls victim to Alia's manipulation, and Abhi warns Rhea against her plan to ruin his family. A police officer helps Pragya withdraw the FIR, and Pragya reassures Rhea that she will have the case dismissed, although Alia continues threatening Rhea.

Episode 183 - Wednesday, 11th of August 2021

Pragya tells Prachi the truth, and when they approach Rhea to inform her they did not file the case against her, she refuses to believe them. Prachi gets so pissed off at Rhea's reaction that she throws her out of the house.

Episode 184 - Thursday, 12th of August 2021

Pallavi issues Ranbeer an ultimatum to choose between her and Prachi. Rhea hurls hurtful words at Pragya, and Abhi blames Alia for causing the mayhem, although Alia blames him and asks him to remarry. Later, Rhea makes a shocking demand.

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Twist of Fate cast members
Ranbeer tries to tell Daljit that he loves Prachi in the August episodes of Twist of Fate on Zee World. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 185 - Friday, 13th of August 2021

Abhi talks to Meera about asking for her hand in marriage, and Meera shocks him when she says yes. As he tries to explain why he asked her to marry him, Rhea walks towards them and overhears their conversation.

Episode 186 - Saturday, 14th of August 2021

When Abhi receives shocking news about what happened to Pallavi, he postpones his meeting with Pragya. Prachi makes hurtful remarks about Rhea, and it irks Abhi so much that he reprimands Prachi. Later, he meets with Pragya.

Episode 187 - Sunday, 15th of August 2021

Alia feels relieved when Abhi announces his decision although Baljeet is puzzled and pleads with him to give Alia another chance. Pallavi refuses to approve Ranbeer's marriage to Rhea, and the rest of the family visits the Mehra house. Later, Abhi agrees to be part of Ranbeer and Rhea's alliance.

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Episode 188 - Monday, 16th of August 2021

A group of goons plan to rob the jewellery shop, and Abhi agrees to be their accomplice. Pragya visits Meera while wearing an expensive necklace and expresses her gratitude to her for taking care of Rhea. Ranbeer opens up to Pragya, and the goons come looking for Pragya.

Episode 189 - Tuesday, 17th of August 2021

Abhi turns against the goons and fights to return the necklace to the owner, although the thieves point a gun at him! However, Abhi outsmarts them and manages to make it to Pragya and Prachi, and the goons hold Prachi hostage and demand to have the keys to the locker.

Episode 190 - Wednesday, 18th of August 2021

Goga Bhai refuses to give in to the threats and threatens to get back at the thieves. Chaos erupts when Abhi and his men attack the goons, and inspector Saho saves the day when he shows up on time to rescue everyone.

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Episode 191 - Thursday, 19th of August 2021

Sarita asks Abhi to promise her something, and Prachi overhears a sensitive conversation. Pragya is bummed when Abhi sends her the wedding invitation, and Ranbeer does something that makes Prachi hate him.

Episode 192 - Friday, 20th of August 2021

Pragya convinces Abhi that she is genuinely happy about his decision to marry Meera, and Abhi torments her about the stolen necklace in front of Meera. Later, two of the goons escape police custody and head to Abhi's house!

Twist of Fate teasers for August 2021: Rhea attempts suicide
Another Twist of Fate cast member deals with a broken heart. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 193 - Saturday, 21st of August 2021

Abhi and Pragya dance together, and Pragya cannot stop thinking about Abhi putting a ring on her finger. Sahana confronts Ranbeer and tells him how he ruined Prachi's life, and Goga Bhai shares his plan with his colleagues.

Episode 194 - Sunday, 22nd of August 2021

When Pragya finds her necklace, she hides it and counters one of the goons who hurt Abhi. Inspector Saho arrests the goons, and Pragya spots Abhi comforting Meeri. Ranbeer endangers himself to rescue Prachi, and Meeri and Abhi get engaged.

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Episode 195 - Monday, 23rd of August 2021

Ranbeer confronts his mother telling her she is overly possessive, and Rhea's ruthless words irk Prachi so much that she slaps her. Purab questions Abhi, and Ranbeer pleads with Prachi to forgive him.

Episode 196 - Tuesday, 24th of August 2021

Rhea pleads with Abhi to cancel his wedding, but he refuses to do so. Later, she approaches Alia and tells her what she plans to do, although Alia writes her off. Prachi breaks Ranbeer's heart by telling him she was after his money.

Episode 197 - Wednesday, 25th of August 2021

Prachi tells Rhea she broke up with Ranbeer, and when she meets with Ranbeer, he persuades him to tell him the truth in vain. Purab questions Abhi's decisions, and Pallavi cheers Ranveer up when she notices he is bored.

Episode 198 - Thursday, 26th of August 2021

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Abhi reminds Pragya that if the wedding goes through, she will lose him, and Raj and Alia discuss sensitive details about Digvijay. Later, Alia issues Digvijay with some documents and reveals her plan to use them if things do not work in her favour.

Episode 199 - Friday, 27th of August 2021

Sahana confirms Ranbeer's allegations and resolves to teach Rhea a lesson, and Alia locks Rhea up in the storeroom. Abhi waits for the love of his life to call him, and Pragya races against time to win back Abhi.

Twist of Fate storyline
Twist of Fate teasers for August 2021: Rhea attempts suicide. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 200 - Saturday, 28th of August 2021

Abhi opens up to Purab, and the details leave Purab overjoyed. Baljet tells everyone she confronted Meera; hence, Meera is out looking for Rhea. Later, Abhi tells Baljet the truth, and as the ceremony begins, Abhi becomes nervous.

Episode 201 - Sunday, 29th of August 2021

Pragya instructs the inspector to arrest Meera and Alia, and Alia comes up with another set of lies to separate Pragya from Abhi. Abhi insists on tying the knot with Meera, although Pragya swears to stop the wedding. Later, Rhea gets out of the storeroom.

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Episode 202 - Monday, 30th of August 2021

Purab supports Pragya, and as Pragya heads to the temple, she stumbles upon a hitman hired to kill Abhi. Later, she confesses her love for Abhi just before the hitman fires the shot. Meanwhile, Ranbeer prevents Prachi from finding out the truth.

Episode 203 - Tuesday, 31stof August 2021

Baljeet sees Aryan getting into the temple, and Alia is shocked to see Abhi and Pragya getting married. After the wedding, Pragya and Abhi rush out of the temple on hearing the gunshot, and the hitman comes running after them!


Abhi wishes to reunite his family and does everything to ensure Rhea acknowledges and appreciates Pragya. However, Alia works against him by sending Meera his way. Out of devastation, Abhi considers marrying Meeri. However, Pragya fights for the love of his life, and they end up getting married.

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Pragya finds herself in a love triangle, and Alia does everything to bring her down. First, Alia forges an FIR; hence, Rhea gets arrested. The experience makes her so resentful towards her mother. Later, goons attack her and steal her necklace. Despite Abhi's emotional torture towards her, she risks her life to rescue him. Her efforts pay off when she marries the love of her life.

Twist of Fate teasers for August 2021 show how eventful your favourite soapie will be. Will Alia admit she lost the battle and let Abhi and Pragya live in peace? To find out that and more details, ensure to catch the show's full episodes. Twist of Fate airs on Zee World on Mondays to Sundays at 9.00 p.m.

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