Isono Teasers for August 2021: Umpas leaves Phindile for someone else

Isono Teasers for August 2021: Umpas leaves Phindile for someone else

In reality, Mary is a gangster who uses her nonprofit initiative to deal with child trafficking and illegal adoption. But then, Gabriel is a rogue who became part of Mary’s syndicate. They worked together until Gabriel decided to be a changed person. However, Mary will do anything to keep Gabriel in the business, but Gabriel is determined to enjoy his freedom. So, how will this play out? The Isono teasers for August 2021 provides a preview of conflicts between the former allies.

Isono Teasers
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The Isono South African series is a captivating story about the social bigwigs and their rotten source of wealth. It introduces viewers to the constant quarrel between Mary and Gabriel. However, most people in the community see Mary as a philanthropist and the saviour of youths. This month's Isono series details how she pretends to use her nonprofit organisation to cater to young miscreants through her House of Grace organisation.

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Isono soapie teasers for August 2021

Will Gabriel and Mary reach an agreement, or will they continue playing each other to achieve their goals? What will happen if Zoeleka discovers that Esther is the woman that her man is cheating with? Isono teasers for August 2021 give thrilling insights into fresh episodes of this South African drama.

Episode 177 - Monday, 2nd of August, 2021

Title: Finding Mr Pillay

Mary promises to support her daughter at all costs, and unknown to her, Elliot is thinking of the same thing. However, Zakwe is in a difficult situation while Phindile experiences the worst period ever.

Episode 178 - Tuesday, 3rd of August, 2021

Title: Trust in lust

Gabriel and Mary rekindle the flames of their past as they dance lustfully to music.

Episode 179 - Wednesday, 4th of August, 2021

Title: Second chances

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Lesedi discovers a troubling reality about Zakwe, while Esther ends the fight with her mother after experiencing disappointment.

Episode 180 - Thursday, 5th of August, 2021

Title: Close Encounters

Siviwe catches Mary and Elliot unawares. However, Gabriel has just one job at the event, and it is to guard Nceba against getting into problems.

Episode 181 - Monday, 9th of August, 2021

Title: Dumped

Gabriel acts like a lover boy for a reason, but Mary does not fall for his gimmicks. Elsewhere, Khaya visits Millicent, while Makwande and Esther's friendship gets stronger.

Isono Teasers
Mary refuses to fall for Gabriel's gimmicks. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 182 - Tuesday, 10th of August, 2021

Title: A piece of evidence

Foster and Gabriel are on the verge of discovering the identity of the new Voster. But, unfortunately, Gabriel's love life gets in the way of their progress, leading to a terrible incident. Elsewhere, Esther falls in love with someone in her romantic past, and Millicent's hard work yields results after she gets a massive gig.

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Episode 183 - Wednesday, 11th of August, 2021

Title: Just another normal day

Mary gets a strange package, courtesy of the new Voster, while Esther loses something dear because of her ego. Meanwhile, Phindile is ready to be the champion.

Episode 184 - Thursday, 12th of August, 2021

Title: Catch me if you can

Gabriel thinks it is time to take things up with Kuier by himself, while Makwande and Esther overdo something.

Episode 185 - Monday, 16th of August, 2022

Title: The new Voster

Mary helps Gabriel to buy more time by convincing Siviwe not to do anything yet. However, the Voslo Beats audition eventually takes place, and the kids stop at nothing to get the golden ticket.

Episode 186 - Tuesday, 17th of August, 2021

Title: Severed

Mary takes her efforts to confuse Siviwe to another level, while Gabriel goes back to his hunting career. Interesting enough, he finds some helpful information along this path.

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Episode187 - Wednesday, 18th of August, 2021

Title: Vivid dreams

Gabriel tells Mary about the information obtained about the blackmailer. Besides, Simon becomes uncomfortable after Mary decides to construct a garden for prayers, while Esther persuades Makwande not to shut out other options.

Episode 188 - Thursday, 19th of August, 2021

Title: Two friends in a park

Mary is sure about her success in confusing Gabriel and Siviwe to be suspicious of each other. Nevertheless, unknown to her, they already found a way around her dubious plans.

Isono Teasers
Umpas finds himself in a complex situation with Siphiwe, which only God may have to help him out. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 189 - Monday, 23rd of August, 2021

Title: Cops & Robbers

Siviwe and Gabriel's friendship grows because they work together to unravel the criminal activities in Vosloorus. However, Simi works overtime to prevent Noluthando from knowing about his murderous past. Then, Umpas finds himself in a complex situation with Siphiwe.

Episode 190 - Tuesday, 24th of August, 2021

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Title: Missed opportunities

Zoeleka tells Esther about the challenges she faces in her relationship with Makwande, and Esther feels guilty about these conversations. Nevertheless, Abednego and Gabriel fight each other as Mary pulls their strings.

Episode 191 - Wednesday, 25th of August, 2021

Title: Going to church?

Abednego disrupts Gazathi and Athenas' moments, which is unappreciated. However, Siviwe and Gabriel's arrival heightens the tempo of the power tussle, while Mary gets ready for war after receiving a text message. But, then, trouble is in paradise for Simon because someone makes away with the stolen phones.

Episode192 - Thursday, 26th of August, 2021

Title: The showdown

Mary prepares to go to Gazati with her gun because he holds Abednego, Gabriel and Siviwe captive. However, Phindile is disappointed after Umpas decides to participate in the Vosloo Beats with someone else, and Noluthando is on the verge of unravelling Simon's lies.

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Episode 193 - Monday, 30th of August, 2021

Title: Dead or Alive

Mary is surprised when she learns about the things that happened to Siviwe after she plans to leave him. Notwithstanding, Noluthando is bothered about Simon and searches for him; she made a grave discovery in her search.

Episode 194 - Tuesday, 31st of August, 2021

Title: Darkness falls

Mary can feel that the end is near, just as Abednego and Grabriel look everywhere for Gabriel's vehicle. More so, Simon does something strange while Esther makes a difficult choice. Then, Umpas meets someone new and decides to dump Phindile.


Mary is caught in the web of an old romance. She is deceitful and plays Gabriel and Siviwe against each other. Also, she does the same to Abednego and Siviwe. Yet, ironically, she rescues Gabriel, Abednego, and Siviwe from the clutches of Gazathi, but the woman does not realise that Gabriel and Siviwe already know about her deceitful plans. In the end, it became game over for her.

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Esther experiences a heartbreaking loss, which prompts her to make a touching reunion with her mother. However, her relationship with Makwande is becoming too close for comfort, but she does not care. Instead, she falls in love with someone from her romantic past, even though managing the situation became more difficult. Her conscience pricks when Zoeleka, the spouse of the man she cheats with, tells her about her relationship troubles.

These Isono teasers for August 2021 provide convincing proof of the show's ability to keep you glued to your television screen. So, do not miss out as the show airs on BET from Mondays to Thursdays at 21h30. If you miss an episode, you can watch the previous night's episode from Tuesdays to Fridays at 18h00 and the omnibus on Saturdays from 09h30 on the same channel.

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