White genocide social media posts: Message giving perspective goes viral

White genocide social media posts: Message giving perspective goes viral

- A Durban woman has posted a plea for people to stop spreading seeds of discord with posts about the so-called ‘white genocide’ narrative saying it is fuelling the fires of disharmony

- Her post comes in the wake of mixed reactions to Australian home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, saying visas to Australia for white South African farmers will be expedited despite his government not backing him in this assertion

- In her post, Adrian Fleur offers a critical perspective on the perceived threats against white farmers in South Africa and explains why using the term ‘genocide’ to describe attacks on white people in South Africa is demonstrably false

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Adrian Fleur believes that people who are spreading rumours of targeted killings of white people in South Africa are supporting the terrorism of white supremacist groups. "They have purposely manufactured these unproven stories that are easily spread on social media with the aim of inciting hatred and division," she explains.

Brielfy.co.za gathers that Fleur contends that many of the photos used in the posts on social media are traceable to other crime unrelated to the farm murders the stories they accompany.

Some of the pictures are even from other countries and at a very different time. “Many of the people being interviewed in videos have admitted these brutal attacks never happened,” explains Fleur in her post.

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I am SO TIRED of seeing these stories on my timeline, not because they are gory or upsetting, but because I hate that people I care about are pushing evil agendas created by evil people. We are all responsible adults, we can source our news from reliable sources, we all know HOW TO INTERNET. - writes Fleur in her post (above)

Recently, the news about where the white genocide stories that have become so prevalent in the narrative of South African life originated from when a group of people admitted to a major news outlet that they had started the stories during a trip to North American countries, USA and Canada, where they hoped to drum up support from the government.

The main group behind these stories are a white nationalist group of South Africans who call themselves the Suidlanders. It was they who travelled abroad last year to spread their propaganda. The officials they were trying to reach were not taken in by the stories. However, other groups incorporated the stories into the messages they were already spreading about black on white violence since it fitted so neatly into their conspiracy theories about white people being under attack.

Fleur lists other groups and prominent personalities that were all to happy to promote the unverified stories as including the KuKluxKlan (KKK), which Fleur describes as a white terrorist group, The American Freedom Party, an American white supremacist group, as well as white supremacists and far-right instigators and conspiracy theorists.

Just some of the names Fleur mentions in her post include Katie Hopkins, well known for being a far right instigator in the UK, Lauren Southern, a Canadian far-right personality, and the extremist right-wing website, The Daily Stormer.

"Look these people up, read the stuff published on these websites, and decide for yourself if you want to be aligned with them," advises Fleur.


Fleur then turns to rebutting the figures that are being bandied about, including that there has been a dramatic increase in farm murders in the past few years. “There were 49 farm murders in 2015/2016. This number was twice as high 20 years ago, and has only decreased over time,” she said.

She said the statistics do not indicate the colour of the victims of crime “these are the only verified statistics we have about this issue, and they include people of colour, as should all house break-ins/robbery numbers in South Africa. These stories spread on Facebook are publishing false statistics that are not backed up by any research whatsoever.”

However, even as Fleur was applauded in the comments on her Facebook post, Twitter users were sharing screenshots of the same comments seeking to discredit him, accusing her post as "fake news".

Fleur said she is particularly disappointed by the way people speaking about farm attacks are intent on comparing South Africa to Zimbabwe. “The two countries are completely different to each other historically, politically, economically – this is a false equivalence, and white South Africans IN PARTICULAR should be able to spot racist rhetoric like this.”

She said using the term genocide to describe any actions against white people in 2018 is completely inaccurate and offensive.

The use of the word genocide has also been found very offensive by another facebook user, Miriam Mannak, who lost friends in the actual genocide in Rwanda in the 1994.

“Genocide is the systematic, organized mass murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust. Genocide is what happened in Rwanda, Darfur, Sudan, Kurdistan, Bosnia. Genocide is the government-sponsored extermination of nearly the entire native population of North America,” explained Fleur.

"Every single day between April and July 1994, 8000 to 10 000 women, children and men were dragged out of their homes, churches, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, and buses and killed for one reason: they were Tutsi or moderate Hutu. The perpetrators worked according to a "hit list" and went from door to door. They knew who to get and how," described Mannak in her heartbreaking post.

Australia’s own history also wasn’t left out of her post. “Genocide is reducing nearly a million Australian aborigines to less than 50 000 in less than ten years.”

Fleur in her post took pains to point out that, unlike the other incidences of genocide in history, there is no organized, mass murder currently taking place against white people anywhere in the world, let alone one supported by the government or the entire black population of South Africa. “49 murders is not a genocide, in fact, white people are less likely to be murdered than any other race group. They make up just 1.8% of murder victims in South Africa.”

In her Facebook post Fleur offered the final opinion that the myth of “white genocide” is a dangerous and disgusting conspiracy theory which people use to justify horrific deeds. She said it is “the same one used by Anders Behring Breivik to justify killing 77 people in the 2011 Norway attacks. It is the narrative that fuels the terrifying hatred and bloodlust that you saw on the faces of the Charlottesville neo-Nazis last year.”

Finally she offers this advice to people to use the tools at their disposal at this day and age to research the background of stories they share. "There is no excuse to be sharing false propaganda online in 2018," said Fleur. "The “white genocide” myth is well-researched and information about this and other aspects of white supremacy are easy to access in this day and age."

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