Food 'disappears' on reality TV show UyangthandaNa much to viewers amusement

Food 'disappears' on reality TV show UyangthandaNa much to viewers amusement

- South Africans love their reality TV shows, and none more so than UyangthandaNa where each week viewers follow the journey of a real person getting up the courage to confess their feelings for their crush

- Viewers are skilled at spotting continuity errors and the sharp eyed “CSI Twitter” is known to share their findings on the popular social platform after the show airs

- This week the romance wasn’t half as fascinating to viewers as the mystery of the food on the table that appeared and vanished as if by magic

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The show’s host, Moshe, introduced a young entrepreneur named Sandile who wanted to confess his love to a lady by the name of Phumzile. gathers that Sandile has known Phumzile for some time, as well as having worked closely in business with her, so she was by no means a stranger to him.

Despite the familiarity, or perhaps because of it, Sandile was very nervous about expressing his feelings.

So he sought out the help of the Uyang'thanda na crew to help him get his message across.

As in many other episodes, viewers were given more than a little evidence that the love match might not work out. In fact viewers were convinced that Phumzile was not going to accept Sandile's love offer because of several clues.

Firstly, when asked if she is in a relationship, she responded by simply saying it's 'complicated.' Usually, a sign of a person not being open to a new relationship in the least.

Secondly, Phumzile mentioned that she is attracted to tall, bald men. Unfortunately for Sandile, he is short and wears his long hair in dreadlocks.

And finally, when Sandile finally asked her if she loves him her reaction was lukewarm at best, and she got up and walked away from the table.

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However, despite things not looking good for our hero, the episode had a plot twist and Phumzile agreed to go out on a date with Sandile, so now it is in their hands

But their romance wasn’t what captured the attention of viewers the most this episode. CSI Twitter's sharp attention to detail caused much hilarity as viewers realised there was a strange disappearance of the food that which had been on the table previously.

In fact, as this tweet by a viewer shows, the food appears and disappears a few times.

In the show's defence, perhaps the producers didn’t feel the need to showcase the waiting staff, so just edited those bits out, but it did end up looking strange to viewers watching from the couch side of their TV screens.

Regardless, tonight's April Fool's day episode looks well worth a watch!

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