Solo's Enfys Nest: 8 reasons why fans love the Star Wars anti-hero

Solo's Enfys Nest: 8 reasons why fans love the Star Wars anti-hero

Enfys Nest is currently the people's favourite character in the Star Wars anthology film. She comes into Solo: A Star Wars Story as a second antagonist. Actress Erin Kellyman perfectly brings out the Enfys Nest character, which is the second Star Wars antagonist. Enfys wants a revolutionist; therefore, she is leading a rebellious movement against the Empire.

Enfys Nest
Erin Kellyman, the actress performing as Enfys Nest on Star Wars. Photo: @Mike Marsland
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Erin Kellyman has vast experience in performing in anthology films. Is Enfys Nest in Falcon and Winter Soldier? Enfys Nest, the actress, played the character Karli Morgenthau in the movie. She was the primary protagonist in charge of a team fighting a group of rebels called the Flag-Smashers.

Top 8 reasons why fans love the Star Wars anti-hero

Erin Kellyman showcases her best acting skills in Star Wars. Enfys Nest, the actor, faces resistance from the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. Her mission to steal valuable coaxium creates a fallout between her and Han Solo. Below are eight things that make Nest an adorable character:

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1. Enfys turns out to be a young woman who chooses to be a hero

Viewers thought the masked Enfys Nest was a man until she took the mask off towards the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Everything changes when the mysterious fighter appears in the storyline's climax. The 19-year-old young lady leads the Cloud-Rider pirates into fighting for revolution. Despite her tragic past, she wants to make the future better for herself and others.

2. Enfys Nest's origin is a mystery

What planet is Enfys Nest from? Her devotion to the outlying planets and facing rejection from the colonialist Empire stirs a war in the galaxy. Viewers will have to be patient until her origin unfolds.

Some fans believe that Star Wars' Enfys Nest is Val and Beckett's child because her accent matches Val's. However, no scene shows the couple having a child. Meanwhile, other fans suspect Enfys Nest is Rey's mother because her accent and fighting tactics are similar to Rey's. However, Kylo Ren had revealed in the previous scenes that Rey's parents were nobodies.

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Enfys Nest
The Cloud-Rider pirates leader standing on the front line in a battle. Photo: @ComicBook
Source: Twitter

3. Enfys and her gang are both the antagonizers and villains

The Cloud-Riders are not criminals but a gang that is destroying other gangsters like Dryden Vos. For instance, they disrupt Han, Val, and Beckett's plan of stealing highly volatile coaxium fuel from a train. Han was young when Nest put a tracker on the Falcon, which led the Cloud-Riders to the coaxium refinery.

The thieves wanted to take the fuel to a mysterious gang called Crimson Dawn. The deal would make them super-rich, and Han would return to his planet and rescue Qi'ra after completing the mission.

4. How she became the Cloud-Rider pirates leader is a puzzle

Is Enfys Nest Mon mothma? Viewers still cannot tell how she became the pirates' leader since its co-founders are Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala, and Bail Organa. She is related to an influential person because she is the main symbol of the rebel alliance.

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5. Enfys Nest's weapons are lethal

Nest's gauntlets are made of beskar armour plates that can be fanned out using a built-in servo. She uses an electro ripper staff to shred metals. Star Wars' Enfys Nest wears her mum's battle helmet. It is made of stolen items and written, "Until we reach the last edge, the last opening, the last star, and can go no higher."

She increases her jumping ability using the repulsor lift boosters strapped to her legs. She rides a Skyblade-330 model swoop bike and has a carrier that launches swoop bikes from altitudes of 400 kilometres.

Enfys Nest
The Cloud-Rider pirates leader wearing her amour. Photo: @MWookieWarrior
Source: Twitter

6. Solo's Enfys Nest wants her mother's legacy to live on

She hails from a lineage of female icons who fought for the galaxy. Enfys Nest's mother was the pirate's gang leader, but she left some missions unaccomplished. Therefore, she passes on the unique set of armour and a mask to her Nest and commissions her to complete what she had started.

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7. Nest uses the coaxium to finance the revolution movement

After Vos and Beckett die, Solo gives Enfys Nest the coaxium to help fund the rebellion against the Empire. Nest offers Han some coaxium, but he rejects it and leaves Savareen because he does not want to join her movement.

8. She is wiser than her agemates

The Star Wars fans who were wondering, "Is Enfys Nest in Rogue One?". Yes. Enfys meets Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera before the events of Rogue One. She inspires Jyn to believe in her capabilities despite being a child. Most viewers expected Enfys to look down on her. On the contrary, she believes that the kid has something valuable to offer the Cloud-Rider pirates.

You will never regret creating time to watch Solo's Enfys Nest. Most viewers blindly believe she is unbeatable. So, how do you kill Enfys Nest? There is only one way of defeating the Star Wars warrior. Rip off the purple shield bar Enfys Nest wears and use stun and stacking effects to slow her down.

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