Who is Darcy Lewis from WandaVision? 10 fascinating facts about the character

Who is Darcy Lewis from WandaVision? 10 fascinating facts about the character

If you have watched Thor, then you must have come across Darcy Lewis. Darcy was a political science student who served as an intern under Erik Selvig and Jane Foster. She is also known for her role in The Scarlet Witch, a sitcom produced by WandaVision with plots about romance, mystery, and superheroes. Join us as we unravel some fascinating facts about this icon.

Darcy Lewis
Kat Dennings features as Darcy Lewis in WandaVision. Photo: @darcydennings
Source: Instagram

The Marvel Comics Universe produces some of the best superhero movies and animations. Spider-Man, Antman, Flash, Deadpool, Thor, Vision and Captain America are some of their franchises. Nevertheless, there are typical characters like Darcy Lewis, whose role is to provide scientific explanations to cosmic interference between the earth and other planets.

Who is Darcy Lewis?

Darcy Lewis is not a Marvel superhero but has appeared in two Marvel movies in 2011 and 2013. Darcy Lewis' character portrays an eccentric apprentice to astrophysicists Jane Foster and Erik Selvig. She studied political science at Culver University, which made her internship decisions quite questionable.

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Darcy Lewis' Marvel character first appeared in Thor in 2011 as an opinionated character. She asked loads of questions, some of which could be annoying in a funny way, and continued in her role in 2013 when she appeared in Thor: The Dark World.

10 interesting facts about Darcy Levis

Darcy Lewis' actress is Kat Dennings. After featuring in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, no one heard anything about her until she showed up in the fourth episode of WandaVision. Although many wondered what happened, here are some remarkable facts about the actress you should know.

1. Darcy first appeared in Thor

Darcy Lewis' first appearance was in Marvel's movie Thor. So, how old is Darcy in Thor? She was 30 years old when she appeared in the movie. Interestingly, on Darcy Lewis ao3 page, several opinions have been shared on her role.

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2. Lewis initially was a student of political science

The character was a student of political science. Nevertheless, she wanted to be an intern to get some good grades for her college degree. Her job was to assist Dr Erik Selvig and Dr Jane Foster as they studied anomalies in New Mexico, which they felt were connected to space. Despite her background, she reportedly did well with the team.

Darcy Lewis
Lewis was a student of political science when she offered to assist Dr Erik Selvig and Dr Jane Foster. Photo: @darcydennings
Source: Instagram

3. She has not been in any Marvel movies since Thor: The Dark World in 2013

Lewis disappeared from the Marvel scenes after 2013. Although the production company has released some movies on Thor afterwards, she was not in any of them. Consequently, some of her fans wondered when she would show up in one of the production company's storylines.

4. She was the first to notice that Thor came out of the Vortex

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What the actress lacked in basic astrophysics knowledge was well made up for in her ability to observe things that others may ignore. For example, in their first encounter with Thor, she insisted that the man came out of the Vortex and was not just a homeless man.

5. Lewis will not be in Thor: Love and Thunder

Will Kat Dennings be in Thor 4? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Darcy Lewis's character will feature in Thor 4, which is due for release in 2022. Kat Dennings stylishly confirmed this in an interview when she admitted that she is yet to get a call from the movie directors. In her words:

There are some things I’ve done for Marvel that are coming out that are not this…But I probably can’t say.

6. She is not a superhero (yet)

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Does Darcy Lewis have powers? Fans may fantasise about the possibility of the character becoming a superhero, but it has not happened. Instead, it looks like Darcy Lewis' powers are limited to her human inquisitiveness and funny humble nature.

Nevertheless, her superhero status could be a possibility in future. This could be so considering how the hex closed in on her in the most recent episode of WandaVision. At least, the hex has proved to be capable of granting supernatural abilities in the case of Monica Rambeau.

Darcy Lewis
Lewis is now the smartest human in the WandaVision series. Photo: @darcydennings
Source: Instagram

7. Lewis is now a doctor of Astrophysics

Lewis played in WandaVision's fourth episode, not as the intern from Thor or Thor: The Dark World any longer. This is because she has obtained a doctorate in Astrophysics. Reacting to the reason for the upgrade, Dennings said:

The influence of Jane Foster and Dr Erik Selvig made Darcy want to become an astrophysicist, so in the time between Thor and this, she's been in college to become Dr Darcy.

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8. She is now the smartest human in the WandaVision series

Being a doctor of astrophysics possibly stepped up the responsibilities awaiting Darcy, which she has risen to. When Kat was giving a descriptive analysis of her character during an interview, words like, she noted that she is now an expert and "maybe the smartest."

9. Lewis works for S.W.O.R.D in Westview town

S.W.O.R.D recruited her to help solve the mystery of the observable cosmic anomaly in Westview, New Jersey. But, unfortunately, Jane Foster is no longer around to guide her because she is now a superhero with special abilities fighting supernatural battles across the universe. Therefore, with her level of maturity and exposure, Darcy Lewis from Thor will step into Jane's shoes.

10. Her last name has not changed

What is Darcy's last name in WandaVision? Darcy's last name remains Lewis. Interestingly, not much has changed about her within the years she was absent, except for her doctor of astrophysics status, which makes her smarter than most scientists in her workplace. However, she retains her geeky looks and quirky nature.

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Darcy Lewis's role in Thor and other giant steps she has taken to improve her capacity has won many fans' heart. Nevertheless, everyone expects more wins in subsequent roles she will pick up.

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