Durban Gen Teasers for August 2021: A murder suspect is identified

Durban Gen Teasers for August 2021: A murder suspect is identified

Get ready to experience one of South Africa’s greatest local entertainment on’s Durban Gen this August. Despite renewing their vows, Precious and Thabo’s relationship is not in a good place. How will Precious make things work in Durban Gen August episodes now that Zandile is in the way? Keep reading the following Durban Gen teasers for more.

Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen series airs on from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30 p.m. Photo: @Iproducersorg
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The Dlamini household has to deal with many issues in Durban Gen August episodes. The family decides to go for a cleansing ritual to get things back on track. Elsewhere, Bab’Gumede’s wellbeing starts to deteriorate due to loneliness, while Lindelani is determined to ruin Sibusiso.

Durban Gen teasers for August 2021

Durban Gen’s rich local content continues to make it a household favourite across South Africa. What will happen in August episodes of the romantic medical drama? Here are Durban Gen teasers on what is coming up.

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Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen on follows Mbali's love triangle with Sibusiso and Lindelani. Gif:, (modified by author)
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2nd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 216)

Sibusiso gets angry after Lindelani attempts to hit him with a vehicle. Meanwhile, Sibusiso and Mbali’s drama makes Thabo and Precious grow apart, while Sne is excited after getting a new car gift from L’vovo.

3rd August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 217)

Mbali is forced to face the entire family after her secret is made known. Elsewhere, Zondo has a sinister plan to get rid of Ngcobo, while Sne starts to tense when she fails to locate L’Vovo.

4th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 218)

Lindelani makes up his mind to act against Sibusiso as chaos rocks the Dlamini household. Sne wants MacGyver to help her find L’Vovo.

5th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 219)

Durban General cuts all connections it has with Sibusiso while Zondo jack’s Ngcobo’s operation. Elsewhere, Sne wants L’Vovo to give him an explanation.

6th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 220)

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The Dlamini household gets ready for the Ngwelezane trip and hope that the ritual will bring happiness. Things seem to be worsening for Mbali while L’Vovo is okay with MacGyver and Sne.

Durban Gen Teasers
Bab'Gumede's wellbeing deteriorates in Durban Gen August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

9th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 221)

The traditional ritual does no start on a good note, while Bab’Gumede’s lifestyle is affected by sadness and loneliness. Ngcobo and Zondo seize the chance to be mischievous when the Dlaminis are not around.

10th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 222)

The Dlamini family participates in the cleansing ritual, while Sibusiso expects worse results when Lindelani attempts to contact Mbali. Meanwhile, Calvin does not care about his father’s worsening situation.

11th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 223)

A reformed Thabo comes back to Durban and is only interested in Precious. Zondo and Mbali have a hard time being in the dog box, while Bab Gumede’s health makes Phumeza concerned.

12th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 224)

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Sibusiso and Mbali’s plan does not seem to be working as expected because of Lindelani’s interference. Zandile is ready to set aside the differences he has with Precious. Meanwhile, it is about time that Bab Gumede started caring about his deteriorating health condition.

13th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 225)

Thabo is not interested in reverting immediately after experiencing an embarrassing ceremony in Ngwelezane that was held to improve his marriage.

Durban Gen Teasers
Thabo and Precious renew their vows in Durban Gen August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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16th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 226)

Precious makes up her mind to tackle her foe directly while the nurse decides that Bab’Gumede situation has to be intervened. Elsewhere, Ngcobo is pranked by Zondo.

17th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 227)

Zandile receives an invitation to attend the vow renewal, and this shocks the Dlamini family, but an unbothered Zandile continues her chameleon ways. Zondo and Ngcobo’s game has a sad ending.

18th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 228)

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19th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 229)

Precious and Thabo take part in the vow renewal ceremony as a friend who causes discomfort to those present looks on. Meanwhile, Ngcobo and Zondo’s relationship is not in a good place, while MacGyver is forced to represent Bab Gumede on a date.

20th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 230)

Ngcobo’s worst nightmare occurs while Thabo unsuccessful tries to seek an explanation from Precious after a dramatic renewal celebration. MacGyver and Sne have not given up on their plan to hook Bab Gumede, and they finally get him.

Durban Gen Teasers
Ngcobo is identified as a murder suspect on's Durban Gen August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 231)

The authorities identify a suspect for the commune murder. Elsewhere, Zandile and Thabo get themselves in a compromising situation while Bab’Gumede goes to meet his date.

24th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 232)

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Precious finds out that Zandile is the best worker in her department while Ngcobo’s job is at risk because of the ongoing case. On the other hand, Bab’Gumede has found someone he loves.

25th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 233)

Zandile uses her authority on Precious when she returns to work. Ngcobo does not know what to do as he tries to remember what happened to the dead girl. Elsewhere, things turn for the worst when Calvin learns that Bab’Gumede will be having a romantic dinner at his mum’s house.

26th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 234)

Precious comes across shocking information regarding the trip to Cape Town that Thabo and Zandile are planning to take. Things are getting complicated for Ngcobo, while Bab Gumede finds out that Nkabinde was right to say that dating at a young age is expensive.

27th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 235)

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Ngcobo causes a misunderstanding between Sibusiso and Mbali when he contacts Sibusiso. Meanwhile, Precious cannot stop thinking about Zandile while Bab’Gumede does not seem to be winning with Amahle due to endless demands.

30th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 236)

Precious embarks on a mission to get any detail that she can use to bring Zandile down while people have not stopped talking about Ngcobo’s scandal. Elsewhere, Bab’Gumede decides to break up with Amahle, and a happy Calvin is ready to be associated with her.

31st August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 237)

Mbali asks Sibusiso to get rid of all Ngcobo’s belongings from their house, and he feels that people are judging too harshly. Zandile places Zandile in a tight corner. Meanwhile, something is going on with the nurses, and Nkabinde is determined to find out the truth.

Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen on has shocking twists in August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Durban Gen characters?

Durban Gen on has shocking twists in August episodes. A murder suspect is identified, there is a marriage renewal, and the Dlamini family is hopeful about a happier future. Below is a summary of what happens to some of the characters in Durban Gen August episodes.

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Things start falling apart when the authorities identify him as a murder suspect. He risks losing his job, Mbali wants his belongings removed from their house, and people cannot stop talking about the case. What will he do to clear his name?


After being affected by sadness and loneliness, he finally falls in love with Amahle. However, Amahle’s son Calvin does not want him to be associated with his mother. He finally decides to end the romance because of endless demands. For how long will he be lonely?

There are so many unresolved problems in Durban Gen series, as revealed by the above Durban Gen teasers. What will Precious do to ensure Zandile’s downfall? Durban Gen airs on from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30 p.m. Those who are busy on weekdays can watch the omnibus on on Sundays at 10.20 a.m.

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