30 cool eyeliner looks for any eye shape that are easy to apply

30 cool eyeliner looks for any eye shape that are easy to apply

Since time immemorial, eyeliner looks have been a key component of fashion. The style was first used in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and India as early as 10, 000 BC. If you are looking for a way to make your eyes pop, then you might want to consider these eyeliner techniques. So hold on to your pencil liner because we have prepared the top 30 coolest yet simplest eyeliner looks for any eye shape.

Eyeliner looks
These are the top 30 eyeliner looks you should know in 2021. Photo: @Hjezle
Source: Facebook

Which eyeliner shape is best for which eye shape? The interesting bit of these different eyeliner styles is that every style will make your eyes look a different shape. So you can make your eyes look smaller, bigger, wider, further apart, or even closer together!

How do you apply stylish eyeliner?

Do you have an event you have to go to, and wondering what to do with your make up? Well, worry no more. This list contains 30 of the best methods to put on different eyeliner looks.

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1. The Lashline

Eyeliner looks
The lashline is probably one of the simplest methods to style your eyes. Photo: @knowlashes
Source: Twitter

How do you apply daily looking eyeliner? This is probably the simplest liquid eyeliner looks for beginners. All you have to do is follow the shape of your natural lash line from the innermost corner of your eye to the outer corner. There is no flick or wing at the end, so it is a really simple impression to achieve.

2. The traditional liner

For the traditional liner, you still follow in the shape of your lashline. However, you are then going to draw an extended line from the outer corner of the eye. Once you put your line in place, connect the top of the line towards the middle of your eyelid and then fill it in. Again, you can make this as thick or as thin as you like.

3. The lower lash flick

eyeliner looks
The lower lash flick sits greatly with people with upturned eyes usually. Photo: @knowlashes
Source: Twitter

With the lower lash flick, you follow the line set out by your lower lashes. From there, you extend into a wing. This style looks great for people with upturned eyes. Once you have got your wing in place, if you want to, you can connect just the end of it to the outer corner of your top lash.

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4. The thick wing

To achieve this look, you draw a curved line extending from the outer corner of your eye and then draw another line towards the innermost corner of your eye. Once you have got a curved kind of triangle shape going, go ahead and fill it in.

5. The bold liner

Eyeliner looks
The bold liner is usually similar to the tick wing, except with this, the wing itself is not as long or dramatic. Photo: knowlashes
Source: Twitter

The bold liner is very much similar to the thick wing. However, with this style, the wing itself is not as long or dramatic. Instead, the bold liner focuses more on creating a dramatic look on the eyelid itself, making the lash line appear thick and full. It works best with big wide eyes.

6. The skinny wing

If you have hooded eyes, then this look is for you. With this style, you keep the lines super thin and as close to your lash line as possible. Draw a thin line on the outer corner of your eye.

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7. The double wing

30 cool eyeliner looks
To achieve this flair, take any style of eyeliner you like and then simply extend out the wing further. Photo: @knwolashes
Source: Twitter

To achieve this flair, take any style of eyeliner you like and then simply extend out the wing further. How far you elongate it is up to you. Next, draw another line directly underneath your first wing and attach it to your lower lashline.

8. The smokey wing

With this design, you will need some surgical tape to act as the guideline when drawing. You do not have to worry about your eyeliner being perfectly neat, as you will use an eye shadow and smoke it out anyway. Instead, use the carbon eyeshadow on a blending brush and blend it on top of your eye winged liner.

9. The tiger eye

Cool eyeliner looks
This design attained its name from the fact that it looks like a feline eye. Photo: @knowlashes
Source: Twitter

This design attained its name from the fact that it looks like a feline eye. First, start your line as though you were going for a traditional eyeliner. Once you get into the inner corner, continue drawing your line and extending it to your nose. Once this is in place, connect your inner corner to your outer winged liner by drawing a thick line underneath your lower lashline.

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10. The minimal flick

This look requires almost zero effort. If you have residue from your previous liner, you can work with that. Just draw a slight wing at the outer corner of your eye.

11. The card trick

This technique is best for straight eyeliner. What you do is take any piece of card and place it on a diagonal with your eye. Apply your eyeliner with the card as your path, and then fill in any gaps.

12. The ultimate tape method

This method is similar to the smoky wing, only that you add another tape to the top to create a triangle on the outer corner. Apply the liner in between the tapes and remove them. Go back to the middle and fill in any gaps.

13. Cat eyeliner

This is how to do cat eyeliner for beginners. Draw the bottom of your eyeliner outwards and follow the line towards the end of your eyebrow. Follow the line on top of your eye and connect it with the bottom line. Remove the bottom line tracing it towards the eyebrow.

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14. Waterline white eyeliner look

Cool eyeliner looks
Shading in your waterline with white eye makeup instantly makes the eyes look wider, brighter, and more awake by seemingly extending the whites of your eyes. Photo: @glamourmaguk
Source: Facebook

This is also similar to the regular white eyeliner look. However, with this style, apply the white eyeliner on your water line and the inner corner. It makes a trendy sophisticated and classy look.

15. Regular white eyeliner look

This is one of the simplest white eyeliner looks. It is normally used to make your eyes pop. Once you are done, apply the black eyeliner at the line of the top eyelid extending it outwards, creating a wing.

16. Golden liquid eyeliner

Cool eyeliner looks
To attain this style, first apply a thin line of black eyeliner, making a triangle at the outer tip of your top lid. Photo: @knowlashes
Source: Instagram

This look usually is perfect for all types of eyes. First, apply a thin bar of black eyeliner, making a triangle at the outer tip of your top lid. Now carefully place your golden eyeliner on top of the black.

17. The sparkle eyeliner

Just like the previous style, all you need is some sparkle. You do not need to have a perfect eyeliner, just a bit of glitter. Add some glitter on top of the black eyeliner.

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18. Soft shadow liner

Sometimes we want to wear an eyeliner wing but do not necessarily want a black liquid line or a liquid line at all. Instead, this style is done with eyeshadow making the look softer, smoother and more natural.

19. 1960's Twiggy

A particular aesthetic we love that has also burst back into the latest of beauty is that exaggerated eyeliner look of the '60s that we recently saw in that throwback, L.A, Chola photo. Twiggy was synonymous with the fad and took it a step further with drawn-on lower lashes to complete the rounded, doll-like look.

20. Bold Halloween liner

Cool eyeliner looks
This is among the eyeliner looks that scream 'look at me' and is fierce and strong. Photo: knowlashes
Source: Twitter

This is a Halloween eyeliner look, and it is extremely fierce. They give a 'strong, look-at-me eyes' vibe and are the trend for 2019 and 2020, which means the liner is entirely out of the box. A nice approach to tone down this look is to skip the long front line (of course, you may change the look anywhere depending on how bold you want to go.)

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21. Neon Lines

Cool eyeliner looks
Neon and other bright colours are becoming a 'thing' in fashion and makeup, and they're wonderful for adding some oomph to your everyday wings. Photo: @knowlashes
Source: Twitter

Neon and other bright hues aren't going out of style anytime soon. They are great for amplifying the flavour of your standard wings. Substitute basic black, navy, or brown with vibrant pink, orange, or yellow.

22. Super bold Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse took the dramatic look of The Ronettes — tall beehives, inky black winged eyeliner, and vintage outfits, and used it as part of her aesthetic. Winehouse's liner took the makeup product to its limit, though — it was long enough to go past her eyebrows, super thick, and incredibly bold. This certainly complimented her unique jazz voice.

23. Modern Mustard

Cool eyeliner looks
This fun makeup look from 2017 is a homage to the '60s and its major eye aesthetic that we have been referencing. Photo: @beautybekky
Source: Instagram

This playful 2017 makeup style is a nod to the 1960s and its strong eye aesthetic. However, an on-trend flash of bright yellow has been added to make it look more modern and less like an exact reproduction of a classic piece. Instead, you can combine elements from the past with current trends to create something new and unexpected.

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24. 80s gothy Chola vibes

Next, we travel back in time to the 1980s. Strong liners are still the order of the day, as they have been for decades. However, the shadow and the extending of the eyeliner past the inner corners of the eye provide an extra layer of goth to this Chola look.

25. Dotted lower liner

Cool eyeliner looks
Just add a couple of cute dots right under your lower lash line with your liquid liner, and instantly your aesthetic takes on a futuristic feel! photo: @knowlashes
Source: Twitter

It's all about trying new things with your eyeliner this season. You've most likely perfected your liquid wing, but you might want to try something new. Simply use your liquid liner to make a few charming dots exactly under your lower lash line, and your look is instantly updated!

26. Stacked eyeliner

This style is always a great way to take your everyday black eyeliner up a notch. You can pair it with white for a striking yet neutral aesthetic or have fun with colours, metallics, glitter, pearls, and other materials.

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27. Underliner

Why not try the underliner if you want to flip your liner on its head? It's exactly what it sounds like: a bottom-of-the-eye liner. This can be used as a flash of colour under a neutral shadowed eye. In the spring of 2020, Purple eyeliner was a popular cosmetics trend.

28. Floating Eyeliner

30 cool eyeliner looks for any eye shape that are easy to apply
A big part of the graphic eye trend of the ’60s and right now is what’s called floating eyeliner, which means there is a negative space between the eye and the liner. Photo: @totalbeautyeditors
Source: Instagram

Floating eyeliner was a key feature of the graphic eye look in the 1960s and is still popular now. It indicates that there is a gap between the eye and the liner. Sometimes it's a line across the crease of the eye or a triangular shape on the corner.

29. Metallic liner

Sweep on a simple metallic line, or go all out and feature a huge sweep that takes up the entire lower lid. Whether it is in gold, silver, copper, rose gold, or a metallic version of any colour, the metallic liner is instant luxe.

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30. Corners only eyeliner

The classic winged liner can take on a whole geometric, futuristic look by simply omitting some parts of the original lines. This eyeliner features just the outer corners or wing portions, and the striking quality is upgraded even more by it being in bold, cobalt blue.'

So there you have it! Our top 30 cute eyeliner looks. Enhance your appearance this year and impress your peeps. We can reinvent and recreate ourselves as much as we want! These styles fit in with all types of eyes.

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