10 guys tell us what its like to date older women

10 guys tell us what its like to date older women

Guys who date older women are often referred to as Ben10s, they usually do it for financial gain or simply for the pleasure of being with an experienced woman.

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It has become an increasingly popular phenomenon in South Africa. Older women are believed to enjoy the company of younger men because it reminds them of their glory days. Some do it because they enjoy being the dominant member in the relationship.

Briefly.co.za has put together these accounts with the help of viralfeed.co.za.

I learned a thing or two

The first ananymous respondent said that he dated a girl who was 9 years his senior. He was in his early 20's and she was in her early 30's. He enjoyed how straight forward she was. Their only problem was that she felt insecure about their age gap. She was worried that he would leave her for someone younger. They eventually broke up over an unrelated event but he misses her and learned a lot from the relationship.


The next gentleman also dated a woman 9 years older. They went out for 11 months and she ended the relationship saying that he would not be a suitable father for her daughter. He felt really disappointed as this was his longest relationship at the time.

Upset parents

This young man's girlfriend is 25 and he was 19. Her parents object to their relationship. They do not think it is right for a girl to date a younger guy.

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Happily married

This gentleman's wife is seven years older than him and are still happily married. Their age difference has never been an issue.

So frustrating

This man had heard that older woman were more mature and unfortunately that was not the case for him. She was jealous of every woman that he looked at and was very insecure. They eventually broke up after she accused him of wanted to date a 16-year-old girl who took their McDonald's order.

Parents took time to get used to it

Unlike the earlier guy who had issues with his girlfriend's parents this guy's parents got used to the idea. His girlfriend is 10 years older than him.

Youthful enthusiasm overwhelmed her

The next guy was dating a woman 15 years older than him, their relationship started out fine but as it developed cracks began to appear, they didn't really share the same interests and they didn't understand each other's cultural references. In the end the age gap proved too great.

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It didn’t work out

The relationship the next guy had was with a woman 12 years his senior. He was really into older woman but he thought that she was a bit crazy and had too much baggage.

Just sad

He dated a girl 5-6 years older than him for almost a year. From the start she was suspicious of him and thought he was cheating. He really misses her but she was too insecure and jealous.

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