Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021: Mysteries unfold

Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021: Mysteries unfold

The exciting Getroud met Rugby series will make your evenings. Lulu is afraid of becoming a single mother after realizing motherhood is challenging. JJ and Renate's return changes everything. Meanwhile, Lulu and Renate's enmity strengthens after both of them deliver their babies. Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021 have more surprises for you.

Getroud met Rugby teasers
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In the upcoming episodes of Getroud met Rugby, viewers learn how the media creates social bonds and clarifies social norms through celebrity gossip. Why are Jana's baby and Ronnie victims of negative press?

Getroud met Rugby teasers August 2021

You will experience so many emotions while watching Getroud met Rugby series. The show's cast appreciates your time by delivering their best. Here is what they have in store for you:

Monday, 2nd August 2021

Episode 11

Yvonne and Maggie's arguments over Lulu's pregnancy and delivery stress her out. The violin might not be meant for Koekie and Festus. Meanwhile, Buks surprises Nessie.

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Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

Episode 12

Maryke makes the final decision about Fafa's band, and Renate delivers a beautiful baby. Koekie and Festus feel the pressure of paying the loan.

Wednesday, 4th August 2021

Episode 13

While Lulu attends to an emergency, Lienkie consoles Vanessa. Elsewhere, Bart gives Schalk a tempting offer.

Getroud met Rugby teasers
Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Thursday, 5th August 2021

Episode 14

Koekie gets an idea regarding how to pay the loan. Meanwhile, Vanessa causes a rift between Lienkie and Blitz. Schalk panics and worries about his future.

Friday, 6th August 2021

Episode 15

Nesie is made at Buks. At the same time, Schalk thinks he might not achieve his career ambitions. Festus and Koekie take a drastic decision.

Monday, 9th August 2021

Episode 16

The public reacts negatively to an article about Jana's baby, and Nessie discovers Buks' secret. Meanwhile, Koekie and Festus sell something precious to them.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021

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Episode 17

Angry protestors create chaos at Pottie. Charlie lends Lulu a helping hand while the pompoms face Vanessa.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Episode 18

Jana's name is trending on social media. Kristen meets Bart's spy, and Nessie's mother and granny visit her.

Getroud met Rugby teasers
Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Thursday, 12th August 2021

Episode 19

Tension increases between Fafa and Maryke because they have different opinions about the band. Nessie unveils another secret Buks is hiding, and Simon tries to keep off the negative press.

Friday, 13th August 2021

Episode 20

The media ruins Simon's reputation. Kristen tries to figure out Bart's intentions, and Nytjie reminds Nessie to stick to her roots.

Monday, 16th August 2021

Episode 21

Liam's nephew comes to visit, and Nonnie pressures Buks. Elsewhere, Jana's problems are piling.

Tuesday 17th August 2021

Episode 22

Schalk suffers the consequences of the negative articles the media released about Jana. Buks asks Nessie a challenging question and Johan's girlfriend visits him.

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Getroud met Rugby teasers
Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Episode 23

Candice revamps Ronnie's CV, and Lulu discovers how challenging motherhood can be. Meanwhile, Buks tries to reconcile with Nessie and rekindle their love.

Thursday, 19th August 2021

Episode 24

A big surprise awaits Nessie and Buks. Ronnie desperately looks for a job, and Lienkie looks for the anonymous person who sent her flowers.

Friday, 20th August 2021

Episode 25

While Liam is helping Ronnie find a job, Bart and Kristien are concerned about Amanda's well-being. Lienkie receives another expensive gift from the same guy.

Monday, 23rd August 2021

Episode 26

Nessie and Buks prepare for the party, and Maryke is excited about Magda's birthday. Meanwhile, Liam is determined to restore Ronnie's reputation.

Tuesday, 24th August 2021

Episode 27

While Ronnie struggles to cope with a damaged name, Nonnie and Nytjie are traveling home. Kristen and Bart make new friends.

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Getroud met Rugby teasers
Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Episode 28

Lienkie meets the man who has been sending her gifts, and Lulu fears raising her baby alone. Ronnie receives some good news.

Thursday, 26th August 2021

Episode 29

Renate and the baby return home, and someone kidnaps Blitz and Lienkie.

Friday, 27th August 2021

Episode 30

Renate discovers that Lulu stayed in her home. JJ is back, and Blitz and Lienkie avoid telling Jerry and Johan about the abduction.

Monday, 30th August 2021

Episode 31

Renate faces Lulu. Pine discovers that JJ returned, and Ronnie is nervous on his first day at work.

Tuesday, 31st August 2021

Episode 32

Pottie feels guilty, and Renate discovers that Lulu is hosting a baby shower. Everyone is surprised to see JJ at the stadium.

Getroud met Rugby teasers
Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Someone sends Lienkie flowers. While she is still looking for the man's identity, he sends her another gift. The man later reveals himself after making her anxious and desperate enough to meet him.

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After an article about Jana's baby sparks mixed reactions from the public, the media attacks Ronnie and ruins his name. Who is behind all these? Liam helps Ronnie find a job. Ronnie's self-esteem is terribly low on his first day at work.

Do not miss the enticing episodes of Getroud met Rugby teasers for August 2021. Watch this local drama on kykNET on weekdays at 18h00. The dark secrets that the Getroud met Rugby cast are hiding will shock you!

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