Legacy Teasers for August 2021: James has a tight hold over Felicity

Legacy Teasers for August 2021: James has a tight hold over Felicity

The Legacy teasers for August 2021 that you have been waiting for with bated breath are finally here! As the story unfolds, the show unveils thrilling facts about the storyline and how twisted it is. Is your least favourite Legacy cast member the villain in the show?

Legacy Teasers for August 2021
Legacy Teasers for August 2021. Photo: @DStv
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The Legacy storyline mirrors the different spectrums of society and how the people closest to you throw you under the bus. Legacy storyline features a wealthy family who lives in an upscale setting of business and investments. The family acquires its wealth through their patriarch although an imminent need to replace him heightens. When an outsider infiltrates, he causes division and chaos. Legacy teasers for August 2021 reveal the enemy's attempts to do so.

Legacy teasers for August 2021

Recent Legacy episodes unearthed an enemy's plan to bring down the Price family by gaining control of the Price family business. James gets closer to his goal by trapping Felicity. The move causes trauma at the Price household, and he uses the opportunity to strike where it hurts the most. Will the Price family members recover from the experience?

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Episode 181 - Monday, 2nd of August 2021

Well done, James

James unveils a secret that will change the situation for the better, and Petra announces her stand, although she is unsure whether it is the right one.

Episode 182 - Tuesday, 3rd of August 2021

Power struggles

Petra's family and friends worry about her choices. Meanwhile, James discovers Felicity's secret as the Price women find out shocking details about him too.

Episode 183 - Wednesday, 4th of August 2021

Flesh and bone

SJ gambles with the reality of accepting Petra's decision and whether he should ask her to give him another chance. Elsewhere, the Price women gang up against James, hoping to free Felicity from his grasp, although James has a surprise for them.

Legacy storyline
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Episode 184 - Thursday, 5th of August 2021

Home alone

Petra realizes that her lies are catching up with her, and James finally has Felicity where he wants. It looks like it is the end for the Price family and Legacy.

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Episode 185 - Monday, 9th of August 2021

Complete control

Angelique, Elizabeth and Dineo gang up to reclaim control of Legacy, and James has Felicity in his claws. For her to free herself, she has to dig deep.

Episode 186 - Tuesday, 10th of August 2021

To new beginnings

Charmaine becomes famous, although she lets fame get into her head. Later, Angelique unearths one of her darkest secrets.

Episode 187 - Wednesday, 11th of August 2021

No parachute

Charmaine lets Damon back into Devon's life, and Felicity finds her balance once again and focuses on getting what is hers. Meanwhile, Angelique vows to do all it takes to rescue Felicity.

Episode 188 - Thursday, 12th of August 2021

Dirty business

Charmaine encounters a hurdle when demons from her past come to haunt her. Felicity gathers the courage to employ desperate measures to free herself from James' claws.

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Episode 189 - Monday, 16th of August 2021

Now or never

Charmaine receives a shocking message that leaves her confused, and Elizabeth, Angelique and Dineo play their Trump card.

Episode 190 - Tuesday, 17th of August 2021

Get out!

Charmaine's problems heighten when Damon threatens to unearth secrets from her past, and the Price family members race against time to free Felicity from James.

Legacy episodes
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Episode 191 - Wednesday, 18th of August 2021

Bad barter

Charmaine races against time to counter Damon, who continues to blackmail her. Meanwhile, Felicity risks her life in an attempt to stop James.

Episode 192 - Thursday, 19th of August 2021

Poisoned cup

Willem raises eyebrows about Charmaine having an affair, and James gets better at tightening his grip on Felicity and Legacy. Therefore, Felicity concocts a desperate plan to rid herself of James. Is it as easy as she thinks?

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Episode 193 - Monday, 23rd of August 2021

War games

Willem's suspicions about Charmaine being unfaithful heighten, and Petra makes the bold step to intervene. James utterly controls everyone and makes deals with the wrong people, and it pisses Dineo off.

Episode 194 - Tuesday, 24th of August 2021

Vulnerable women

Charmaine desperately confides in her least likely ally, and Dineo devises a plan to reach Felicity and undermine James.

Episode 195 - Wednesday, 25th of August 2021

All is not lost

Willem finally discovers the shocking truth behind Charmaine's odd behaviour, and Felicity attempts to rescue Charlie from getting into James' trap. Meanwhile, Dineo initiates her fight-back plan.

Episode 196 - Thursday, 26th of August 2021

Very rich or very unlucky

Felicity receives shocking news when James plays his diabolical plan, and Willem takes action about Charmaine's situation.

Legacy cast
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Episode 197 - Monday, 30th of August 2021

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The beginning of the end

Sanele lands into a precarious position with no one to rescue, and Dineo succeeds in reaching Felicity, although all might be in vain.

Episode 198 - Tuesday, 31st of August 2021

A dangerous game of two

Sanele tries to wear a facade and pretend that everything is okay, although he buckles under the pressure of bad debt. Elsewhere, Felicity races against time as James makes progress in his attempt to get into a dangerous deal through Legacy.


James tricks Felicity into his trap, and she falls for it unwittingly. She realizes she has been duped when it is too late. Her attempts to free herself do not bear fruit; hence, Dineo, Elizabeth and Angelique concoct a plan to rescue her. They initiate their plan with the hope of reclaiming Legacy but fail. Dineo single-handedly attempts to save her but hits another block.


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Charmaine's fame brings her more pain than joy. Her deepest secret is unearthed, and it makes her uneasy; hence, a change in attitude. Willem notices the change in her behaviour and begins to think she is cheating; therefore, he decides to investigate her. When he gets to the bottom of the matter, he takes action. Will he help her out of her situation?

Legacy teasers for August 2021 are a pinch of how much drama awaits you in the oncoming episodes. Catch Legacy episodes which air on M-Net from Mondays to Thursdays at 19h00.

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