The Red Room Teasers for August 2021: Dr. Manolya meets new troubled clients

The Red Room Teasers for August 2021: Dr. Manolya meets new troubled clients

The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) on SABC3 has been bringing therapeutic drama to your screen since its premiere in June 2021. Dr. Manolya uses her skills to ensure each troubled client leaves the red room with a lighter heart. Get to know who visits the clinic the following The Red Room teasers.

The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) teasers
The Red Room Turkish series on SABC3 narrates real life stories experienced by an Istanbul doctor. Photo: @TurkishDramaCom
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In The Red Room August episodes, you will meet Garip, who is yet to find inner peace since his mother died when he was a child. Alya's horrible childhood experiences are sure to leave you horrified, while Meliha still blames herself for being responsible for Melek's death.

The Red Room teasers for August

The Red Room on SABC3 is worth watching because the entire story is based on the real-life experiences of an Istanbul doctor and the show's writer, Gulseren Budayicioglu. Each episode features patients with a troubled past that affects their current lives. Here are The Red Room teasers on what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

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The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) Teasers
The Red Room on SABC3 takes viewers through patients' troubled pasts. Gif:, (modified by author)
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2nd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 22)

Meliha regrets making Melek do some things because she did not want her daughter to turn out like her mother. Meanwhile, Dr. Manolya finds a clue regarding her relationship with Necdet. Even though Meliha does not confess the truth, it is evident that she is happy with his interest in her.

3rd August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 23)

The Red Room episode 23 takes viewers through Necdet and Meliha's relationship journey, and it is easy to notice that their biggest common interest is their shared hatred for Namik. Meliha trusts Necdet and even cares for him when he is sick.

4th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 24)

In The Red Room episode 24, viewers meet Osman, a young boy who has been living in an orphanage since his mother died in front of him. Dr. Deniz and Dr. Manolya organize for him to meet Ayse to ensure she takes her job passionately.

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5th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 25)

Osman's story makes Dr. Ayse sad, and she reveals to Dr. Manolya her feelings regarding the boy. The doctor assures her that she, too, was affected by people's stories during her first days at the job.

Later, Dr. Manolya narrates a Princess Sureyya story during Alya's session. Despite having an interest in the story, Alya cannot help but recall her anger.

6th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 26)

Alya's mom tries hard to be accepted by her husband's family, but her in-laws do not like her because she is a metropolitan girl. The situation makes Alya so lonely and invisible, but she is able to cope.

The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) Teasers
Alya narrates her horrible childhood experiences in The Red Room August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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9th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 27)

Meliha is yet to move on from the death of Melek. She even goes to search for her in the streets and attempts to take her life when she fails to locate her. Meanwhile, Ahmet feels guilty for being the reason behind her mother's sickness.

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10th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 28)

Meliha goes to the clinic that night and reveals that she thinks Melek is not dead after seeing her in her dreams. She is also negatively affected by memories of Necdet's affair.

11th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 29)

Meliha returns for her final session and expresses her regret regarding the love she had for Necdet. After hearing the doctor's point of view, a burden is lifted from her heart, and she feels better.

Later in The Red Room episode 29, viewers get to meet Akif, Dr. Piraye's new client, a hoarder. He starts narrating his story after feeling comfortable with the doctor.

12th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 30)

An impatient Akif wants to return to work, but his inner self does not want to go. Since changing workplaces, Akif has been suffering from endless stomach aches. Dr. Piraye tries to walk with him on his journey to recovery.

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13th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 31)

Alya's shyness fades as she starts to feel comfortable talking to the doctor. She reveals to the doctor an incident where a fight broke out between her mother and grandma. Viewers can notice her happiness because her mother stood against her grandma.

The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) Teasers
Dr. Manolya helps Garip make peace with his past in The Red Room August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 32)

Viewers get to hear a continuation of Alya's story in The Red Room episode 32. Her grandma injures her head after falling, and an innocent Alya points at her mother when the rest of the family returns. They fail to believe her mother when she says she did not hurt the grandma.

17th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 33)

In The Red Room episode 33, Salih, the guy who won the lottery, returns to the clinic and brings his friend along. He came to thank the doctor but finds himself talking about his problems and feels better. His friend, Garip, is a nightclub manager and loves one of the girls working for him.

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18th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 34)

Viewers continue to listen to Garip's story in The Red Room episode 34. He reveals to the doctor about his relationship with Menekse. He had fallen in love with her, but she broke his heart when she left him for another man. He finds it hard to forgive her and wants to kill her.

19th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 35)

Garip narrates about his mother's illness and death, leaving him to spend his childhood without her. The doctor reminds him that Menekse is not his mother, and killing her will not help. He encourages her to find peace and stop being a coward.

20th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 36)

In The Red Room episode 36, Akif returns for his therapy session. After listening to his story, Dr. Piraye realizes that there is a feeling of being unwanted inside him and that some things he says are not right.

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The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) Teasers
Dr. Ayse is affected by a patient's traumatic past in The Red Room August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 37)

Viewers continue to listen to Alya's narration of the fight between her mother and grandma in this episode of The Red Room. She still feels guilty for being the reason behind her mother's imprisonment. Dr. Manolya persuades her that it was not her fault.

24th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 38)

You can notice that Alya has started changing in this episode of The Red Room, and she is happy about the change. She narrates how she began living with her parents in Instanbul after the release of her mother. Her mother tried to kill her by beating her and leaving her to starve, but she survived.

25th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 39)

Alya breaks down in the red room before revealing the most horrible thing that her mother did to her.

26th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 40)

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Garip continues his therapy session in The Red Room episode 40. Viewers get to know that he never met Menekse in real life but only saw her in his dreams. Dr. Manolya persuades him to forget about Menekse and helps him to discover his true self.

27th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 41)

Ayse gets a new client called Duygu in this episode of The Red Room. Her mother's dominant attitude affects her, and she is also battling a problem in her private life that she does not want her family to find out. Her folks notice she has a problem when she creates a scene at school.

30th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 42)

Viewers get to hear Duygu's problem in The Red Room episode 42. She sent a boy her private pictures, and he is threatening to upload them to the internet if she fails to give him money. The doctor convinces her to make her parents aware of the problem.

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31st August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 43)

Alya gets the strength to reveal the most horrible experience she went through after listening to Dr. Manolya's story regarding Eva Peron. The incident was so horrific that anyone listening to her narration is affected by it.

The Red Room (Kirmizi Oda) Teasers
Meliha feels lighter after talking to Dr. Manolya in The Red Room August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to The Red Room characters?

The therapy clinic is full of activity in the upcoming episodes of The Red Room on SABC3. Dr. Manolya and her colleagues get to listen to horrible experiences and try to offer the best possible solutions. Here is a summary of what will happen in The Red Room August episodes.


She is yet to get over the death of Melek and blames herself for trying so hard to ensure her daughter does not turn out like her mother. She is also affected by Necdet's betrayal. She loved him so much but he ended up cheating on her.

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Her mother was never accepted by her husband's family. Alya blames herself for making her mother end up in prison after fighting with her grandma. When she is finally out of jail, she lives with both her parents in Istanbul, but that is when her troubles start. Her mother is horrible and tries to kill her by beating her and leaving her to starve.


Her mother died when he was young, and he is yet to get over it. She falls in love with Menekse, but she leaves him for another man. He wants to kill her for fooling him, but the doctor asks him to find inner peace and realize that Menekse is not his mother.

Upcoming episodes of The Red Room will fill viewers with sympathy and probably gratefulness for a privileged life, as revealed by the above The Red Room teasers. How will Dr. Manolya and her colleagues ensure that each patient leaves therapy better than they came in? The Turkish series airs on SABC3 from Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 p.m.

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