An Unusual Tale Teasers for August 2021: Why does Shobha want to quit?

An Unusual Tale Teasers for August 2021: Why does Shobha want to quit?

The much anticipated An Unusual Tale Teasers for August 2021 is finally here. The exciting An Unusual Tale full story is the old but never-ending portrayal of love, hatred, betrayal, and deceit. For instance, how is a woman supposed to react when she is left with her fate and two children? The An Unusual Tale teasers for August highlight the rise and fall of some characters searching for a balance between work and love.

An Unusual Tale Teasers
An Unusual Tale is a new series that debuted on StarLife on the 30th of July, 2021. Photo: @Nyoozflix
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This month's An Unusual Tale TV series highlights how Shobha's marriage to Samarth comes to an abrupt end after unravelling a cheating scandal. She decides to move on with her life and focus on getting a job to provide for her two children. Nevertheless, she gets a job, but her boss, Vikram, is difficult to work with. An Unusual Tale's August edition provides a peek into the developing tale of romance in the most unusual manner.

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An Unusual Tale teasers for August 2021

Garima and Sanjay's relationship does not appeal to their respective families, but they are desperate to run off into a happily ever after fairytale. However, Shobha and Vikram must cross several hurdles to experience true love. Find out how the events unravel in this highly engaging series for August 2021.

Episodes 5-6 - Sunday, 1st of August, 2021

Shobha is happy about the prospect of a new job, but Samarth thinks otherwise and wants her to decline it. However, Garima's engagement is delayed, which bothers Shobha.

Shobha is displeased with Samarth's mother, while Vikram is accused of a crime at Sanjay and Garima's engagement party with Shobha in attendance. But then, Garima's family shows their displeasure about Sanjay's family ridiculing Samarth.

Episodes 7-8 - Monday, 2nd of August, 2021

Shobha challenges Vikram, while Shobha's attempt at reconciling Garima and Sanjay ends in futility. Nevertheless, she consoles Garima and pleads with her to let Sanjay be, while Shobha is fired from her new job.

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Shobha wants to leave her job, but Vikram changes her mind. Shobha's suggestions leave Vikram baffled, and a government notice arrives for Shobha, which surprises her.

Episodes 9-10 - Tuesday, 3rd of August, 2021

Tarun thinks Garima and Anjay's marriage will impress Samarth. However, Shobha is worried about leaving their home, while Tarun tries to persuade Shobha to move into the house, but Shobha rejects the offer.

Vikram blames Shobha for an incident while Samarth reconciles with Shobha. Elsewhere, Shobha tells Samarth's mother about another accommodation option, but it is a lie. She does this to avoid moving into Tarun's home.

An Unusual Tale Teasers
Tarun thinks Garima and Anjay's marriage will impress Samarth. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 11-12 - Wednesday, 4th of August, 2021

Shobha persuades Samarth's mother to relocate. However, Shobha and Vikram become neighbours, and this annoys Vikram. Tarun attempts to ruin Shobha's peace by pitching Veer's mom against her.

Shobha allows Vikram's plans to ruin her presentation. Shobha's hard work does not pay off, and Vikram wants to sack her, while a member of the board asks Vikram to allow her to try again.

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Episodes 13-14 - Thursday, 5th of August, 2021

Shobha discovers Sharada's reluctance to work for Vikram; she asks her children for assistance. Nevertheless, the office is pleased with Shobha's presentation, and Shobha and Vikram are locked up in the building's elevator.

Shobha hits Sandeep for his improper behaviour after the latter had invited her to a celebratory dinner. Elsewhere, Shobha is devastated, but Garima attempts to lift her mood, and the following day, Sharada wants Tarun's brother and Garima to be a couple.

Episodes 15-16 - Friday, 6th of August, 2021

Shobha consents to Sandeep's invitation to his house because she wants to reveal his secrets. Unfortunately, the plan does not work, and Shobha is the one in trouble with Sandeep. Vikram sacks Shobha, and she falls into depression.

All of hell breaks loose after Sanjay spots Ajay and Garima together. Sharada embarrasses Sanjay, and Sandeep gets the shock of his life when Vikram sacks him. Nevertheless, Sandeep promises to repay in kind.

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Episodes 17-18 - Saturday, 7th of August, 2021

Shobha comforts Sandeep's spouse, while Vikram is angry when Shobha tries to show her gratitude. Elsewhere, Samarth and his mom do not know that Shobha has gotten her job back, even though she visits Samarth in prison. Then, Sanjay wants Garima to run away.

Moreover, Sharada challenges Shobha about the sack, and Tarun's presence ruins Shobha's Diwali celebration with her kids. Also, Jiya sends a banger through Vikram's abode, and finally, Ajay gets comfort from Garima.

Episodes 19-20 - Sunday, 8th of August, 2021

Vikram and Dadi challenge Jiya and Sharada, but Shobha prevents a fight. Elsewhere, Sharada attempts to implicate Shobha, and Dadi tells Vikram to stay calm. Then, Tarun and Samarth plot to pull a fast one on Shobha.

Shobha misconstrues Vikram's kindness, while Tarun informs Shobha that Samarth wants to see her. Also, Garima requests Shobha's early return to the house.

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Episodes 21-22 - Monday, 9th of August, 2021

Shobha does not understand Vikram's plans when he tries to console Jiya, while Sharada discovers Vikram's visit and believes he is having an affair with Shobha.

Vikram rescues Jiya from peer embarrassment before getting enlisted as part of the sports team. Shobha and Vikram have a heated argument after Shobha demands to know why he is at Jiya's school.

Episodes 23-24 - Tuesday, 10th of August, 2021

Shobha is remorseful about her attitude towards Vikram and attempts to reconcile with him. Also, Ajay sees Garima and Sanjay together, and Tarun requests Shobha's signature on an affidavit that will secure Samarth's release. Will Shobha oblige the request?

Although Garima asks Shobha not to sign the affidavit, she does the opposite. Samarth files a divorce and seeks to have full custody of the children. Who is pulling Samarth's strings, and what will Shobha do?

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Episodes 25-26 - Wednesday, 11th of August, 2021

Tarun embarrasses Shobha for signing the affidavit, while Shobha worries about her kids. However, Shobha chooses to support Vikram, while Sharada and Nani engage in a serious argument. Then, Nani persuades Vikram to settle down.

Samarth disgraces Shobha at the court, and Dadi demands that Vikram takes care of the kids. Elsewhere, Shobha is desperate and gives false information in court. Will Shobha succeed in helping Samarth secure a jail release on bail?

An Unusual Tale Teasers
An Unusual Tale Indian series for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 27-28 - Thursday, 12th of August, 2021

Vikram is aware of Jiya's trickery, and Shobha's lies come back to bite her. Shobha goes back into police custody on the court's order, and Samarth is denied bail. How do you think Shobha will get out of her new trouble?

Shobha begs the attorney for bail, while Ridhima accuses Tarun of Shobha's arrest. Will Vikram succeed in getting her released?

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Episodes 29-30 - Friday, 13th of August, 2021

Shobha is shocked by Vikram's presence in the police station, and Shobha persuades Jiya to worry less. More so, Tarun tells Shobha she or Samarth would be released on bail, and so, do you think Samarth will consent to Shobha's release proposal?

Vikram provides evidence of Shobha's innocence, and Samarth gets bail. Tarun is arrested while Shobha regains her freedom. She wants to know about Vikram's past, but he is angry about the inquiry.

Episodes 31-32 - Saturday,14th of August, 2021

Shobha observes Vikram's sour mood while Ridhima challenges Tarun. Vikram is displeased when he finds Jiya and Rehaan going through his diary. Why does Vikram's past continue to haunt him?

Shobha avoids reminding Vikram of his past. Instead, Shobha assists Doris to secure a job at Vikram's organisation. However, Vikram appoints Shobha as head of the marketing department, and the decision displeases Doris and Shobha.

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Episodes 33-34 - Sunday, 15th of August, 2021

Shobha finds out about Vikram's past, while Ajay's misbehaviour troubles Garima. Elsewhere, Sanjay consoles Garima while Doris plots against Vikram and Shobha. So, will Shobha discover the devious plans?

Shobha gets information about Vikram's history from his Nani, while Vikram wants to know about Shobha's comber with the Nani, but she declines his request. Then, Sanjay wants Garima to run away with him. Will Garima accept?

Episodes 35-36 - Monday, 16th of August, 2021

Vikram reprimands Shobha for gossiping and sends her out of his office in annoyance. However, Shobha tells Vikram about her decision to resign from work. So, what does Shobha have in plan?

Sandeep returns to Vikram's company as the head of marketing. However, Sandeep behaves badly towards Shobha before she realises that Sandeep is behind her feud with Vikram. So, what will she do now?

Episodes 37-38 - Tuesday, 17th of August, 2021

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Vikram pleads with Shobha while Samarth plots revenge. However, Vikram thinks about his past while Sanjay is determined to run away with Garima. Although Ajay implicates Garima, how will Garima react?

Ajay uses the doctored video clips to implicate Garima, and Vikram discovers Ajay's deceit. Elsewhere, Garima is angry with Vikram for disrupting her engagement while Vikram wishes to assist Garima.

Episodes 39-40 - Wednesday, 18th of August, 2021

Ajay uses Sharada to fight Shobha and Vikram, while Vikram does not succeed in persuading Sanjay's family. Nevertheless, Ajay and Tarun plot revenge, while Sanjay convinces Garima to run away with him. Then, Garima deceives Shobha.

Vikram holds Shobha responsible for Sanjay's elopement with Garima, while Shobha and Vikram prevent the marriage between Garima and Sanjay. Then, Ajay strikes a deal with Samarth after getting hold of the girl.

An Unusual Tale Teasers
An Unusual Tale StarLife series for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 41-42 - Thursday, 19th of August, 2021

Vikram admonishes Sanjay to open up on his relationship with Garima, while Shobha confronts Samarth after discovering his plan to make Ajay and Garima a couple. Finally, she shares the information with Vikram.

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Shobha tells Garima about Samarth's plan, and Shobha shares a plan with Garima at night because of the desire to foil the engagement. However, Shobha discovers that Ajay and Samarth are allied the following day.

Episodes 43-44 - Friday, 20th of August, 2021

Ajay fails to provide evidence of Shobha and Garima's lies, and Shobha's plan is fruitful. Nevertheless, Sanjay's family consents to marry him and Garima, while Sharada kicks against Garima's marriage to Sanjay.

Ajay is unhappy about a potential marriage between Sanjay and Garima, and Ajay tries to maltreat Garima, but Shobha comes to her rescue. Elsewhere, Shobha demands that Vikram move Sanjay and Garima's wedding dates sooner than expected.

Episodes 45-46 - Saturday, 21st of August, 2021

Ajay informs Samarth about Sanjay and Garima's proposed union, while Garima and Shobha think about the past. Also, Shobha wants to keep Ajay away from the wedding venue, but Samarth finds a way to disrupt it.

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Garima and Sanjay become husband and wife, while Sharada wants Shobha to sign the divorce documents. Meanwhile, Sharada orders Samarth out of the house after Shobha signs the paper, while Samarth promises to return to Shobha.

Episodes 47-48 - Sunday, 22nd of August, 2021

Shobha informs Samarth about her plans to save their relationship, but he ridicules her instead. Vikram attempts to comfort Shobha, while Shobha learns about her mother's ill health the next day.

Shobha hits Sandeep for his improper behaviour after the latter invited her to a celebratory dinner. Meanwhile, Shobha is devastated, but Garima attempts to lift her mood. Then, the following day, Sharada wants Tarun's brother and Garima to be a couple.

Episodes 49-50 - Monday, 23rd of August, 2021

Abhay is fatally injured after Sarika shoves him off the balcony, while Sharada becomes unconscious when she hears of Abhay's demise. Also, Dadi demands that Vikram goes to Mumbai with Sharada.

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Sharada tells Shobha about Abhay's death, and Sarika plots to take over Abhay's insurance. However, Vikram's past haunts him, while Dadi demands that Shobha takes care of Vikram. But then, Shobha wants Vikram to move on.

Episodes 51-52 - Tuesday, 24th of August, 2021

Shobha arranges a baby shower when Garima reveals her pregnancy. Sanjay wants Garima to have an abortion because he is not prepared to be a father. How will Garima react?

Shobha's family celebrate Garima's unborn baby, while. Sarika goes to stay with Sharada, although she is surprised to see Vikram. How will Vikram react if Sarika succeeds in meeting him?

Episodes 53-54 - Wednesday; 25th of August, 2021

Vikram refuses Shobha's advice to go on a date, and Shobha sets him up with Binta's cousin. Meanwhile, Sarika buries the hatchet with Vikram because of his wealth.

Vikram discovers Shobha's trick and challenges her, while Sarika tells Shobha about her past with Vikram to get to Vikram while misleading Shobha. Eventually, Dadi consoles Vikram and admonishes him to marry Shobha.

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An Unusual Tale Teasers
An Unusual Tale StarLife series for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 55-56 - Thursday, 26th of August, 2021

Shobha is deceived into believing that Sarika loves Vikram, and Vikram develops a liking for Shobha. Nevertheless, Dadi encourages him to follow his heart. But, unfortunately, Shobha is in an accident, so how will Vikram save Shobha?

Vikram refuses Sarika's reconciliatory advances, and Vikram announces his feelings for Shobha while Dadi vows to help him. However, Sarika is unhappy about Vikram's feelings for Shobha and devises a plan to separate them.

Episodes 57-58 - Friday, 27th of August, 2021

Sarika rescues Jiya, and this creates a feud between Shobha and Vikram. Elsewhere, Vikram is unhappy, but Dadi advises him to cheer Shobha and her kids up by dressing as Father Christmas. So, will he be forgiven?

Anil, Ahbay's brother, leads the police to Shobha's home, but his plan ends in futility. However, Sarika is annoyed with Vikram, and Dadi admonishes Vikram to propose. But, will Vikram follow the advice?

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Episodes 59-60 - Saturday, 28th of August, 2021

Vikram fails to express his feelings properly, while Anil thinks Sarika is behind Ahbays death and plans to prove it. Sarika is mad with rage when she notices Vikram's jacket with Shobha. What is Sarika's plan?

Garima's efforts at reconciling with Sanjay are not working, and Binta persuades Garima to abort the pregnancy. Elsewhere, Vikram proposes to Sarika by mistake; he thought she was Shobha. As a result, Sarika makes plans to murder Shobha. Will this plan work?

Episodes 61-62 - Sunday, 29th of August, 2021

Vikram makes efforts to clear the air about the misunderstanding. However, Sarika is determined to execute Shobha, while Samarth plots to custody Jiya and Rehaan. Then, Vikram comes to Shobha's rescue as she shouts for help while clinging to the balcony.

Sarika discovers that Vikram rescued Shobha while the police investigate the incident. Will the police unravel Sarika as the mastermind of Shobha's near-death experience?

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Episodes 63-64 - Monday, 30th of August, 2021

Rehaan and Jiya foil Sarika's attempt to eliminate Shobha by poison, and Vikram pays Samarth a visit in prison. Vikram begins to suspect Sarika, but will Vikram unravel the truth?

Vikram thinks Sarika is up to something wicked, but she pretends to be blameless. Then, Dadi pressures Vikram to declare his love for Shobha as she celebrates her birthday with family members. Will Vikram do as Dadi advises?

Episodes 65-66 - Tuesday, 31st of August, 2021

Samarth apologises to Shobha, while Vikram is enraged when he hears about Samarth's plan to reunite with Shobha. So, who will Shobha choose between Vikram and Samarth?

Shobha is unsure about Samarth, and Sarika triggers a fight between Samarth and Vikram. But then, Shobha is nowhere to be found at home, and this bothers Nani.


Shobha is a strong woman, but she is caught in a lot of trouble. She faces difficulties at her job and in her marriage. In addition, her ex-husband is a trickster who will do anything to stop her from moving on. She loves her children and is ready to be by their side, while she does not know that her boss is in love with her. Then, her trouble increases when a rival plans to kill her because of a love she knows nothing about.

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Vikram is a nice man with a troubled past that haunts him. However, he appears to be aloof outwardly but filled with love. First, he was hostile to one of his employees but later developed feelings for her. Then, a friend advises him to share his feelings as soon as possible, but he is clueless about making it happen. Things become even more complicated when someone from his past comes into the picture and threatens to spoil his proposal.

The fresh episodes as discussed in these An Unusual Tale teasers foretells Vikram and Shobha's unusual romance. Will Shobha let go of her past and follow a new path to love? If you enjoy romantic movies, then the An Unusual Tale Indian series is a must watch. Do not miss it.

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