New! Emperor Ashoka Teasers for July 2021: Exciting Glow TV’s season premiere

New! Emperor Ashoka Teasers for July 2021: Exciting Glow TV’s season premiere

Are you a fan of historical period dramas? If yes, then the new Indian series on Glow TV called Emperor Ashoka will excite you. The serial began airing on 20th July 2021 after the end of Love or Poison? supernatural drama. Below are the exciting Emperor Ashoka teasers for the July premiere episodes in case you missed them.

Emperor Ashoka Teasers
Emperor Ashoka on Glow TV is based on real events and narrates how Ashoka became one of India's greatest emperors. Photo: @GlowTVza
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Emperor Ashoka on Glow TV talks about India's history between 268 and 232 BCE. The story centers on the rise of an ancient ruler called Emperor Ashoka of Mauryan, who reigned during this period. He was popularly referred to as Ashoka the Great, and one of his most notable works is the promotion of Buddhism.

Emperor Ashoka teasers for July 2021

Excited about learning India's history through fictional drama? Here are the teasers for Glow TV's Emperor Ashoka premiere episodes. You should note that all episodes run for an hour.

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20th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 1)

Emperor Chandragupta, Mauryan Empire's founder and King Bindusara's late father, appears to Chanakya in his dream to make him aware of the imminent danger.

21st July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 2)

Bindusara has feelings for Dharma and asks her to marry him. The following day, he is called back to his palace, and he manages to prevent Justin from being crowned the new ruler. His appearance leaves people in shock because they thought he died.

22nd July 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3)

After 14 years, the ruler of Ujjain wages war against Bindusara's kingdom, and the King sustains severe wounds as a result. Later, King Bindusara's deceased dad comes back in the form of Vanraaj and takes Chanakya to Magadha town. While here, they come across a boy called Ashoka.

23rd July 2021 (Friday – Episode 4)

Chanakya makes inquiries about the lion ring from Dharma and then tries to find a way to make her get into the palace. He uses a trick by asking the guards to ensure Ashoka is arrested. Meanwhile, Helena and Justin have a plot to take the life of Bindusara, but Chanakya intercepts their evil plans.

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26th July 2021 (Monday – Episode 5)

Justin, Helena, and Ugrasen are worried that the return of Chanakya is affecting their plans while Ashoka manages to break free from the palace prison. Later the following day, they take Bindusara outside for a morning bask, and someone seizes the opportunity and shoots a poison arrow at him. They see Ashoka in the vicinity and arrest him for the crime. Will the King die?

27th July 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 6)

People cannot believe their eyes when they discover that Chanakya did not die. Meanwhile, Chanakya is doing all he can to prove that Ashoka is innocent. Dharma puts on a veil so that Khorsan will not recognize her when she gets into the court.

28th July 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 7)

Dharma wants Chanakya to rescue Ashoka. Meanwhile, court proceedings are underway, and Neerjara testifies. Chanakya asks the court to re-enact the incident. Will they find Ashoka's link to the occurrence?

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29th July 2021 (Thursday - Episode 8)

Dharma informs Ashoka that he will have to take careful consideration into everything that Chanakya tells him. The King and his Calvary reach Patliputra while Ashoka is tasked with looking after Bindusara's troublesome horse.

30th July 2021 (Friday – Episode 9)

Ashoka is chased by Chanakya's soldiers, and Bindusara is surprised when he spots Ashoka with Kulbhushan, his troublesome horse. Later, Sushim wants to race with Ashoka, but he will be on a horse, and Ashoka will run on foot.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat
Dharma and Chanakya try to prove Ashoka's innocence in court in Emperor Ashoka season premiere. Photo: @GlowTVza
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What happens to Emperor Ashoka's characters?

Glow TV's Emperor Ashoka premiere episodes introduce readers to a young Ashoka and others who are against or for him. Here is a recap of what to expect in Emperor Ashoka July episodes.


He is introduced in the Emperor Ashoka series when King Bindusara's late father leads Chanakya to Magadha streets. He has a bad start in the kingdom when he is arrested. He manages to escape but is captured again when he is thought to be the one who shot a poison arrow at King Bindusara. Can Chanakya and Dharma manage to prove his innocence in court?

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King Bindusara

His father, the late Emperor Chandragupta of the Maurya Empire, warns about imminent danger in the kingdom by visiting Chanakya in his dream. After 14 years, the kingdom is attacked, and he is fatally wounded. Later, someone shoots a poisonous arrow at him. Is it the end of his reign?


He thought King Bindusara died and is ready to take over as ruler. However, his crowning does not take place when the King returns. He later works with Helena to find a way to kill Bindusara, but Chanakya gets in the way.

Emperor Ashoka season premiere gives viewers a taste of how great the new serial will be, and the above Emperor Ashoka teasers are proof of this. You can start following the serial on Glow TV from Mondays to Sundays. The hour-long episodes air at 7.00 p.m., while the half-hour-long episodes air at 7.00 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. If you cannot manage to watch during weekdays, Glow TV got you covered and brings you the omnibus on Sundays from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

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