Begusarai teasers for August 2021: "The Boss" calls the shots in Begusarai

Begusarai teasers for August 2021: "The Boss" calls the shots in Begusarai

Begusarai turns into a mess after Mithilesh kills Priyom. Mithilesh is enraged when Vanraj betrays him. He assumes that stealing Maya's jewellery to pay him off is enough. Unfortunately, Vanraj is bent on destroying the Thakurs. Mithilesh tries to kill Vanraj, but the bullet hits Priyom when he jumps in between them. How is "The Boss" connected to all this? Begusarai teasers for August 2021 unveil the connection.

Begusarai teasers
Begusarai teasers for August 2021. Photo: @shivangijoshi18 (modified by author)
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Bindiya tries to get justice for Priyom's death, but one of the Thakurs, Manohar, intimidates her. He tries to kill her in broad daylight by throwing her off the cliff in front of everyone. The enraged Bindiya survives death and vows to get him killed at the same spot he humiliated her. In her quest for vengeance, Bindiya, Majeeta, and Komal start working for "The Boss" to bring down the Thakurs.

Begusarai teasers for August 2021

The August episodes of Begusarai will make your heart race as your palms and feet get sweaty. Since every scene is breathtaking, prepare dinner early on the weekends and tune into the show on Zee World.

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Sunday, 1st August 2021

Episode 67

Bhanu and Vanraj team up to bring the Thakurs down, and Mithilesh steals Maya's ornaments to pay off Vanraj and refuses to join his family as they celebrate Priyom's birthday.

Episode 68

Mithilesh attacks Vanraj for betraying him. Mithilesh almost kills the man, but Priyom pops out of the blues and restrains him.

Saturday, 7th August 2021

Episode 69

Bindiya assures everyone that she will find Priyom's murderer. The family pressures her to report the murder case against Mithilesh. Meanwhile, Manohar hides his most valuable weapon.

Begusarai teasers
Priyom defends Poonam in front of Lakhan. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 70

After an anonymous masked man threatens to kill Bindiya, Poonam contacts the police to arrest Mithilesh. At the same time, grandma fabricates lies about Priyom's death to vindicate the suspect.

Sunday, 8th August 2021

Episode 71

Bindiya realizes that all Thakurs are her enemies. She presents before the court the bullet the killed Priyom. The Thakurs are disgusted when Poonam testifies against Mithilesh.

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Episode 72

Poonam tries to get to court on time for the second hearing. Grandma plays a foul game by welcoming Manohar back into the mansion. Later, everyone is shocked by how Manohar treats Bindiya.

Saturday, 14th August 2021

Episode 73

Manohar overpowers Poonam when she tries to defend Bindiya. He then pushes Bindiya down the cliff into the river and tries to attack Guddi.

Episode 74

Everyone but Lakhan fear confronting Manohar. While Lakhan challenges Manohar, Poonam helps Guddi escape. Grandma panics when she receives Komal's letter. It informs her that Komal is returning to Begusarai.

Begusarai teasers
Grandma scolds Poonam in front of Poonam. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Sunday, 15th August 2021

Episode 75

Lakhan and Poonam spend the night in an abandoned house. They could not walk home in the rain and storm. Manohar is enraged when a strange woman drives past him and splashes dirty water on him.

Episode 76

Komal steals Manohar's box to find out its contents. Later, Manohar confides in Mithilesh that he does not trust Komal. Will he throw her out of the mansion after discovering her intentions?

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Saturday, 21st August 2021

Episode 77

Bindiya returns home and promises her mother that she will take revenge on the Thakurs. Lakhan and Poonam look for Guddi when she gets abducted. Manohar shoots Poonam for protecting Guddi.

Episode 78

Bindiya vows in front of Manohar that she will kill him at the same spot he humiliated her. When Lakhan learns from the doctor that Poonam is in a critical condition, he prays to the goddess to heal her.

Sunday, 22nd August 2021

Episode 79

Lakhan finds it hard to believe Poonam is dying, and Bindiya forces grandma to eat a plate of hot chillies. She then informs the Thakur family that she is prepared for war.

Begusarai teasers
Lakhan and Bindiya discuss family issues. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 80

Lakhan tries to make Bindiya come back to her senses. He later discovers that Bhanu and Bindiya kidnapped Bhushan. Komal reveals that she and Bindiya are working for "The Boss."

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Saturday, 28th August 2021

Episode 81

Poonam and Lakhan try to talk to Bindiya, and Mithilesh requests grandma to hand over the property documents to him as he prepares to challenge Bindiya. Will she entrust these documents to him?

Episode 82

While grandma prepares to face Bindiya, the title deeds go missing. At the same time, Mithilesh plans to attack Bindiya. Poonam discovers that "The Boss" is controlling Bindiya and Komal.

Sunday, 29th August 2021

Episode 83

Komal makes Lakhan believe she is innocent, and Poonam persuades grandma to make Bindiya the new Begusarai leader. Meanwhile, Guddi is in danger.

Episode 84

Guddi blames Bindiya when her baby dies, and Komal creates a rift between Poonam and Lakhan. The Thakur family finds out that Majeeta also works for "The boss". They realize that they are stuck in a war against someone they have never seen.

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Begusarai teasers
Guddi dares the Thakur family to shoot her. GIF:, (modified by author)
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After pushing Bindiya down the cliff, he tries to attack Guddi. Lakhan stops him, and Poonam helps Guddi flee from the scene. Later, Manohar shoots Poonam for rescuing Guddi. After Poonam's recovery, the ungrateful Guddi blames her when her baby dies.


Grandma helps Mithilesh escape jail even though he killed Priyom. Manohar asks her to give him the title deeds while he plans to fight Bindiya. Grandma later discovers that the documents are missing. She plans to attack Bindiya, but Poonam asks her to let Bindiya take over the Bergusarai leadership. Will she take Poonam's advice?

Zee World airs Begusarai's rebroadcast on Saturdays and Sundays at 17h00 and 18h00. If you loved Begusarai teasers for August 2021, share them with your loved ones. The show's storyline has never been sweeter than this.

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