New! Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021

New! Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live is the newest Indian soap opera in your programme lineup. If you have been longing to watch a soapie, what better way to do this than to catch up with Mariam Khan Reporting Live? The show's plot is captivating enough to draw your attention, and the drama is to die for. Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021 have all the gist about the show.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live cast
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Mariam Khan Reporting Live storyline is about a young girl who does not see things at face value. She idolizes her foster father and uncle, a newspaper owner and journalist. At a young age, she defends him and risks her life for him. Their emotional bond is so strong that she follows in his footsteps and dreams of becoming a reporter. Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August highlight their unbreakable bond.

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Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021

As you await the first Mariam Khan Reporting Live episode, you might want to catch up with the show's synopsis. That way, you will have an easy time identifying Mariam Khan Reporting Live cast members and their significance to the plot. You will also know how to brace yourself for the new show.

Episodes 1 and 2 - Wednesday, 4th of August 2021

Mariam gets back from school, hoping to fix the issue her family is facing.

Her mother punishes her for troubling the man who bothers Majaaz, and Meher feels delighted after the postponement of her marriage proposal.

Episodes 3 and 4 - Thursday, 5th of August 2021

Mariam gets suspended from class because of her mischief, and her father worries about the misery in his family. Therefore, he opens up to his brother about the situation. Mahira daydreams about Reyhaan before their meeting.

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Mariam's attempts to please her teacher land her in trouble. Elsewhere, as Majaaz and Madeeha wait in the car, a miscreant smashes the car's window and sneaks a threat note for Majaaz.

Episodes 5 and 6 - Friday, 6th of August 2021

Mariam despises the new kid in school, and when Reyhaan misbehaves with Mahira, Mariam and her friends attack him. When Madeeha gets home, her children notice the bruises on her arm and express their worries about their mother's safety.

Mariam worries about the problem in her family, and Meher persuades Majaaz to seek the police's intervention regarding the threat note. Madeeha becomes sceptical after receiving a court notice regarding the family's property.

Episodes 7 and 8 - Saturday, 7th of August 2021

Madeeha worries about the crank calls; therefore, Majaaz tries to calm her down. Mariam anxiously prepares for the cycling race at school.

Rifat bribes the police to frustrate Majaaz, and Mariam locks Rifat in the washroom. Later, she contemplates attacking the young boy who leads the cycling race.

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Episodes 9 and 10 - Sunday, 8th of August 2021

Majaaz's arrest leaves the members of his family worried. Meanwhile, Mariam faces stiff competition during the race, although she manages to win.

Rifat strikes a deal with the police commander, who forces Majaaz to draft an apology letter, and later, Majaaz is impressed by Mariam's honesty and offers her his camera. Mahira meets with Reyhaan and expresses her concerns about their relationship.

Episodes 11 and 12 - Monday, 9th of August 2021

Mariam returns the trophy to Fawaad. Majaaz's family members are devastated to see his arrest covered in the newspaper. Later, Banwari offers to buy Majaaz's press.

Mariam opens up to Fawaad about her tactics and how she cheated during the race.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live storyline
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Episodes 13 and 14 - Tuesday, 10th of August 2021

Majaaz warns Wasin to stop terrorizing his family, and Maheer asks Majaaz to choose between the press and his family. Later, Mariam launches an attack on Fawaad for not siding with her.

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Reyhaan makes mean remarks about the ladies, and it irks Meher so much that she confronts him. Elsewhere, Fawaad locks Mariam up in a classroom!

Episodes 15 and 16 - Wednesday, 11th of August 2021

Mariam summons her gang, and they plan an attack on Fawaad. They lock him up in the bathroom and ruin all his valuables.

Madeeha reprimands Mariam for arriving late at home, and she is placed under house arrest. Zain notices Mahira's beauty and pays a visit to Mariam to learn more about her sister.

Episodes 17 and 18 - Thursday, 12th of August 2021

Majaaz teaches Mariam how to take good quality photos, and Fawaad threatens her by telling her that Zain will snitch on her to the principal and have her suspended.

Mariam and her gang get back at Fawaad, and Majaaz warns Wasin to stop troubling his family. Later, Madeeha pleads with Majaaz to sell his press, although her pleas fall on deaf ears.

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Episodes 19 and 20 - Friday, 13th of August 2021

Rifat slaps Mariam, and Madeeha punishes Mariam for getting home late again.

Mariam pleads with Zain to forgive her for attacking Fawaad, and Fawaad is unimpressed to see them talking. Zain offers to support her because of his friendship with Mahira. Later, Rifat and Madeeha's family members attend the same charity event.

Episodes 21 and 22 - Saturday, 14th of August 2021

Rifat stops Zain from interacting with Madeeha's family members, although Zain gets closer to Mariam after hearing what her parents have been through. When Fawaad hears about Mariam's ritual, he criticizes her.

The media applauds Majaaz for his excellent work, and it makes Mariam happy. Zain and Mariam pray for one another. Later, Mariam does something that makes Majaaz and Madeeha very angry.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live storyline
Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 23 and 24 - Sunday, 15th of August 2021

Majaaz receives another court summons, and Madeeha worries about her inability to raise the lawyer's fees; hence, she meets Rifat and asks her to withdraw the case. When Fawaad realizes that Mariam is observing a fast, he tempts her with food.

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Rifat reprimands Madeeha for ruining her family's name, and Madeeha pleads with her to attend Mariam's Roza Kushai event. Mariam eagerly waits to meet her uncle and aunt at her event.

Episodes 25 and 26 - Monday, 16th of August 2021

Majaaz and Madeeha let Mariam observe a fast to cheer her up as they plead with Rifat to attend the event.

Madeeha and Majaaz receive a court order and a threat, and Mariam prays ardently, hoping to find a solution to the mess. Later, Zain is exhilarated to discover that Mariam is his aunt.

Episodes 27 and 28 - Tuesday, 17th of August 2021

An enthralled Mariam breaks her fast after she receives gifts and a letter from her uncle and aunt. Later, Reyhaan finds out shocking details about the cause of the rivalry between his parents and Mariam's family.

Rifat bribes the reporters to defame Majaaz, and Aijaaz stops to visit Asha during his journey to Mariam's school. Mahira and Zain agree to meet at Mariam's school. Later, a fight ensues between Fawaad and Mariam and Mahira gets hurt as she tries to separate them.

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Episodes 29 and 30 - Wednesday, 18th of August 2021

Majaaz feels hurt when he realizes that Wasim and Rifat tarnished his name. Rifat hurls insults at Madeeha when Madeeha questions her about giving Mariam false hopes, and Mariam devises a plan to get back at her for hurting Madeeha's feelings.

Episodes 31 and 32 - Thursday, 19th of August 2021

Rifat bribes the office boy to hide the land documents, so Omkar and Majaaz are unable to locate them.

Mariam notices the boy who is hiding the documents and photographs him. When Rifat learns about the photos, she tries to destroy Mariam's camera, but she is thwarted by the latter.

Episodes 33 and 34 - Friday, 20th of August 2021

Mariam's teacher applauds her for writing an interesting essay about Majaaz. Meanwhile, a gang of thugs attack Majaaz!

Mariam beats herself up for Majaaz's misery, and when Majaaz's health condition worsens, his family members begin to worry. Wasim reprimands Rifat for causing Majaaz's pain, and Mariam prays for her father's recovery.

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Mariam Khan Reporting Live August 2021 teasers
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Episodes 35 and 36 - Saturday, 21st of August 2021

Mariam is curious to know the identity of the person standing next to Mahira in the photo; therefore, she tasks her gang to investigate the guy. Elsewhere, Reyhaan insists on breaking his fast only if Mahira feeds him.

Mariam asks Majaaz about the stranger in the photo, and Rifat lures her friend about Mahira being Zain's fiancée. Later, Aijaaz burns a picture when he notices Mariam on it.

Episodes 37 and 38 - Sunday, 22nd of August 2021

Madeeha warns Majaaz about opening up to Mariam about the family secrets, and Mariam questions Aijaaz and Majaaz about the stranger in the photo.

Mariam prepares a surprise for Majaaz on Eid, and an unknown woman comes to visit her. Rifat visits Madeeha after receiving disturbing news from the police.

Episodes 39 and 40 - Monday, 23rd of August 2021

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Wasim and Rifat pay a visit to Madeeha, and Rifat proposes the marriage of Mahira to Zain. Mariam is afterwards followed by a woman in private.

Madeeha agrees to let Mahira and Zain get married, and the unknown woman attempts to abduct Mariam!

Episodes 41 and 42 - Tuesday, 24th of August 2021

Zain is impressed to learn that Rifat fixed his marriage to Mahira, and Madeeha worries when Majaaz tells her he spotted Aayat. Later, Aayat befriends Mariam.

Rifat suggests that Zain and Mahira should get married soon as possible, and the suggestion excites Zain. Elsewhere, Reyhaan suggests to Mahira that they should elope, and Aayat unexpectedly shows up at Majaaz's house during the Eid party.

Episodes 43 and 44 - Wednesday, 25th of August 2021

Aijaaz loses his cool when he spots Aayat at the function, and Aayat attempts to get closer to Mariam and Majaaz. Majaaz struggles to answer Mariam's questions.

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Meher tells Mahira that Reyhaan is using her, and Zain cannot stop thinking about Mahira. Aijaz is unimpressed when Majaaz prevents Aayat from leaving, and Aayat sneaks into Mariam's room with a knife!

Mariam Khan Reporting Live episodes
Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 45 and 46 - Thursday, 26th of August 2021

Aijaaz orders Aayat to leave the house, although she convinces Madeeha to calm him down and let her stay a little longer. Mariam is impressed to learn that Aayat is extending her visit and plans to help her squash her conflict with Aijaaz.

Reyhaan asks Mahira to marry him, and as Zain prepares for his engagement, Mahira shows up in the hall in a beautiful dress. Elsewhere, Aayat sneaks out of the house with Mariam.

Episodes 47 and 48 - Friday, 27th of August 2021

Aayat and Mariam stop at a hospital, and Aayat tricks her into getting her blood sample. Coincidentally, Omkar unexpectedly shows up at the same hospital and is shocked to spot them.

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Aayat and Mariam get back to the house, and Mariam insists on reuniting Aayat and Aijaaz. Aiajaaz criticizes Aayat for her misdeeds and threatens to get back at her. Meanwhile, Aayat waits impatiently to know more about the findings from the blood report.

Episodes 49 and 50 - Saturday, 28th of August 2021

Aijaaz Khan commands Aayat to leave the house, but she fakes a reason to stay over. Meanwhile, Mariam reaches out to Zain for help to stop Aayat from her harmful plans.

Episodes 51 and 52 - Sunday, 29th of August 2021

Mariam slides and falls off the stairs, and Aayat misleads the rest of the family, claiming she suffered an epileptic seizure. However, Aijaaz makes a shocking revelation about Aayat.

Mariam gets better, and everyone is relieved about it. Aijaaz pleads with Rifat not to reveal to Mariam and Sarfaraz about Aayat being Mariam's mother, and Madeeha is unimpressed to spot Aayat and her daughter bonding. Later, Aayat announces that she is extending her visa.

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Episodes 53 and 54 - Monday, 30th of August 2021

Aayat informs Majaaz about her plan to take her daughter with her, and Mariam ruins the mehndi Rifat bought for Mahira. Later, Reyhaan applies mehndi on Mahira's hand, and Meher slaps Mahira.

Aayat informs the rest of the family about her intention to go back to Pakistan with her daughter and later asks Madeeha to allow her to spend some time with her daughter.

Episodes 55 and 56 - Tuesday, 31st of August 2021

Aayat tries to convince her daughter to come with her, and Madeeha is shocked to realize that Mariam is missing; therefore, she points fingers at Aayat. Majaaz asks the police to help find his daughter.

Majaaz and the rest of the family feel devastated when the family fails to find Mariam. Aayat gives up and decides to go back to Pakistan, although she is caught with her daughter's clothes in her bags. Does she have a hand in her disappearance?

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Mariam is an ambitious young girl who grows up under Majaaz and Maheeda's care. Her go-getter attitude lands her into trouble a couple of times. When she finds out who Majaaz's rivals are, she helps fight his battles. However, when Aayat comes into her life, she disorients her by claiming she is her biological mother and insists on relocating her to Pakistan. Later, she goes missing, and everyone worries that Aayat has a hand in it.


Majaaz crosses paths with Rifat, and Rifat vows to frustrate him. She hires the police to terrorize him and defames Majaaz in the newspapers. When she hires goons to beat him up, Wasin reprimands her. Later, Aayat's presence worries Majaaz as he is hiding so much from Aayat's daughter. How will he tell her he is her foster father?

Mariam Khan Reporting Live teasers for August 2021 prove how epic the soapie is. You cannot afford to miss out on the drama. Tune in for the unsurpassed Indian drama on Hotstar here!

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