Bubble girl: Woman has been locked in a sterile glass cage for 13-years

Bubble girl: Woman has been locked in a sterile glass cage for 13-years

- The unfortunate woman has to live in a glass cage to stay alive

- She was diagnosed with a series of life-threatening conditions which make her extremely sensitive to chemicals

- Her children can only visit her twice and year

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Juana Munoz, 53, from Cadiz, Spain has been forced to live in a custom-made glass cage for the past 13 years. The cage is her prison but it also keeps her alive.

She was diagnosed with four life-threatening conditions, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and electrosensitivity which left her no choice but to isolate herself from the things that might kill her.

Briefly.co.za learned that if she wishes to leave the cage she can only do so under very specific conditions, and if anyone wants to visit her they must first shower with chemical-free products and cannot wear any synthetic fibres according to odditycentral.com.

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Her own children can only hug her twice a year which has been the most painful part of her isolation.

She first started exhibiting symptoms 29-years ago when her husband planted potatoes in their yard. When she touched them her lips and eyes started to swell. She was treated with corticosteroids but since then she experienced vomiting, fatigue, skin irritations, asphyxia and various allergic reactions whenever she came into contact with chemicals.

The potatoes had been sprayed with a pesticide which had been banned years after her first episode. She believes that it was the pesticide that triggered her condition but she does not want to risk naming it to avoid legal trouble.

Over the following year, her condition worsened until 13-years ago she was forced to retreat into her glass cage. Her diet is sourced from her husband's small farm and she can only eat organic meat from trusted suppliers.

Her clothing has to be made out of cotton and has to use a ceramic mask to inhale oxygen when she is short of breath.

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Tragedy struck last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has to travel to the University Hospital of Puerto Real once a year. The journey is treacherous and she almost suffocated after having a reaction to a chemical while travelling.

Muscle aches, asphyxia, skin sores and fatigue are all parts of Juana’s daily life, but she soldiers on and refuses to give up.

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