Strange Love teasers for September 2021: Will Niranjan’s misdeeds be exposed?

Strange Love teasers for September 2021: Will Niranjan’s misdeeds be exposed?

Strange Love on StarLife has proven to be one of the best series on air as it continues to redefine Indian entertainment. Niranjan plans Astha’s abduction and acts clueless when Shlok informs him about it. Astha’s efforts to expose him are thwarted when Niranjan manages to destroy all evidence. Below are the Strange Love teasers for September.

Strange Love series
Astha tries to expose Niranjan in the Strange Love episodes of September. Photo: @tellybuzz
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Astha and Shlok’s love story is getting interesting in Strange Love September episodes. He married her to seek revenge, but he now has a genuine love for her. How will Astha get Niranjan out of the way to ensure she is with Shlok?

Strange Love teasers for September 2021

In the previous episodes of Strange Love series, Astha tried to expose Niranjan but failed while Sojal cared for Mansi without knowing that she is Varad’s side chick. Discover how the drama unfolds in the upcoming episodes from the following Strange Love teasers.

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Strange Love teasers
Astha is happy to be with Shlok in the Strange Love September episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 1st September 2021 (Episodes 321 and 322)

Niranjan does not pay attention to Sojal, who cannot stop raving about the affair between Manasi and Varad. Later, spotting Astha and Shlok together in the lift makes Niranjan angry. Shlok unintentionally pours coffee on a laptop belonging to Astha, and he tries to clean it up, to the delight of Astha, who is happy to be with him.

Shlok wants Astha to stay away from him while Ankush has not stopped causing trouble in Kalindi’s household. While talking to Anjali, Sojal accuses Astha of making Varad cheat on her. Later, Astha accosts Mansi, but she unapologetically tells her to stop meddling in her personal affairs.

Thursday, 2nd September 2021 (Episodes 323 and 324)

Varad informs Astha that he has nothing in common with his spouse, Sojal. Meanwhile, Sojal reprimands Niranjan and then seeks forgiveness from Anjali. Sojal later makes up her mind to keep her distance from Anjali while Astha makes Shlok aware of Varad’s cheating scandal.

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Astha informs Niranjan that Varad and Shlok will soon discover the truth about him. Meanwhile, Manasi is not happy with Sojal and Astha as she feels that the two have betrayed her. Anjali and Astha try to make a distressed Sojal feel better, and Astha later makes up her mind to purchase a property to set up a learning facility. The latter later contacts her house to talk to Avadhoot, but Ankush answers the phone.

Friday, 3rd September 2021 (Episodes 325 and 326)

Ankush comes to know that Kalindi’s main weakness is Astha and makes up his mind to take advantage of the opportunity. Meanwhile, Shlok offers Astha a ride back home when her car malfunctions on the way, but they get stuck on the road due to a heavy downpour. Elsewhere, Kalindi is not willing to let Ankush come into the house when he arrives home late.

Ankush decides to break the door after Kalindi fails to open it while Shlok tells Astha to take a nap inside his vehicle, but she prefers to go to the tent. Later, Shlok offers her brandy so that the cold does not overwhelm her. After getting drunk, the two lovebirds share a dance, and she later gets rid of a snake that she discovers on Shlok’s leg.

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Strange Love teasers
Niranjan destroys evidence that Astha has against him in Strange Love September episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Saturday, 4th September 2021 (Episodes 327 and 328)

Niranjan has daydreams about Shlok knowing his wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Kavya does not want to talk to Varad while Shlok and Astha go back to the Agnihotri mansion. Shlok then informs Niranjan that he was saved by Astha from a snake, while Jyoti tells Varad to set aside his differences with Sojal and make things work.

Jyoti does not give attention to Rebuka when interrogated regarding her morale. Astha is kidnapped by some goons riding an auto-rickshaw while Siddharth gives Renuka assurance about criticizing Jyoti for what she did. Meanwhile, how will Astha break free from the kidnappers?

Sunday, 5th September 2021 (Episodes 329 and 330)

Astha manages to break free from the kidnappers and goes straight to the meeting site. The client is happy with her fabulous project and gives her the go-ahead to work with Shlok on the project. Elsewhere, an injured Ankush returns home while Shlok is not pleased that Astha was kidnapped. Will he try to locate her kidnappers?

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Renuka’s acquaintance, Shanti, tries to create a rift between her friend and Jyoti while Renuka tries to control the latter. Niranjan acts like he knows nothing when Shlok informs him about Astha’s kidnapping. Later, Niranjan is despondent when he finds out that Astha had a better presentation than Shlok. Shanti has not stopped instigating her buddy Renuka against Jyoti while Kalindi cares for Ankush’s wounds. Astha asks Varad to set aside his differences with Sojal.

Monday, 6th September 2021 (Episodes 331 and 332)

Varad repents his wrongdoing and seeks to make his relationship with Sojal work. He decides to ask a heartbroken Mansi to go back to Singapore so that he can be with his wife while Kalindi is humiliated because of Ankush. Meanwhile, Niranjan wants to cause trouble after overhearing Vasad telling Shlok to make Astha know his love for her.

Astha spots Niranjani with the people who kidnapped her, and she makes up her mind to expose him. Ankush has not stopped trying to make Kalindi humiliated and snaps at her when she tries to care for his wound.

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Tuesday, 7th September 2021 (Episodes 333 and 334)

Astha derides Niranjan when she asks for his blessings during Dussehra. He then smashes her phone to destroy any evidence against him, and she informs him that she already sent the footage to Shlok. A worried Niranjan asks his subordinate to get Shlok’s cell phone and get rid of the video.

Anand manages to get rid of the MMS from Shlok’s cell phone while Astha is kidnapped by Niranjan’s goons. Anjali overhears Niranjan telling his goons to tie Astha to the idol of Ravan. Will she make Shlok aware?

Strange Love teasers
Vasad advises Shlok to express his love for Astha. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the Strange Love cast members?

There are many unexpected twists in the Strange Love September episodes as Niranjan tries all he can to separate Shlok and Astha while Sojal struggles with Varad’s cheating. Here is a summarized account of the events to expect in the upcoming episodes of Strange Love on StarLife.

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She is happy when she spends time with Shlok, but this angers Niranjan. She is kidnapped and later finds out that Niranjan is behind it. She tries to expose him to Shlok, but he outsmarts her and destroys the evidence. Will Shlok believe her when she tells him that Niranjan is behind her recent troubles?


His wife Sojal feels dejected when she discovers that he has an extramarital affair with Mansi. Jyoti and Astha ask him to reconcile with his wife. He later decides to end things with Mansi and asks her to return to Singapore. Will Mansi let him go that easily?

The upcoming Strange Love episodes will elicit mixed reactions from viewers, as revealed by the above Strange Love teasers. When will Astha put an end to Niranjan antics? Follow the Indian drama on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m.

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