The Red Room Teasers for September 2021: What stories will Selvi tell?

The Red Room Teasers for September 2021: What stories will Selvi tell?

If you enjoy watching television drama series, The Red Room Turkish series is worth watching! The cast members did a great job of portraying real-life issues through television drama. Nevertheless, The Red Room teasers for September 2021 explain why some of the characters are the way they are. The series is centred around the experience of trauma and determined efforts to overcome them.

The Red Room Teasers
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The Red Room storyline unveils the plots of domestic violence, community pressures, and childhood traumas. For instance, a doctor wants to help men, women, and children overcome the emotional pain of their experiences by talking to them during a therapy session. The room where the therapeutic sessions take place is known as the Red Room. Different people enter this room to unburden their hearts, hoping to find peace.

The Red Room teasers for September 2021

How does a girl overcome watching her mother commit suicide? Is it too late to live a real life after 40 years of living on lies? This month's The Red Room episodes explain how some of the characters struggle with their past in their present conditions.

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Episode 44 - Wednesday, 1st of September, 2021

Alya witnesses her mother’s successful suicide attempt, while the doctor understands Alya’s predicament after listening to her. Besides, Alya survives a horrible childhood and talks about the aftermath of her mother’s suicide.

Episode 45 - Thursday, 2nd of September, 2021

Alya speaks about her dad after the doctor enquires about the man who is hardly a part of her life. Eventually, the doctor discovers that Alta’s dad had been traumatised by the events of their lives.

Garip enters weeping after reading Meneske’s letter. Meneske’s life has been difficult since she abandoned Garip because she finds out that her boyfriend is a married man, and she is locked up in a hotel room.

Episode 46 - Friday, 3rd of September, 2021

Melek regrets her actions; she learns about her mother, Meliha, from the doctor. Nevertheless, Dr Manolya does not offer much information about her patient, but she suggests that Melek’s mother never forgot her. Melek opens up about how life had treated her since she ran away from her burning home.

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Episode 47 - Monday, 6th of September, 2021

Melek is not finished with her story, and she accuses her mother of being a dictator. At the same time, she blames her for her decision to abscond from home, consequently ruining her life. Melek now goes by Hayat, which means life, in honour of her life’s story. Interestingly also, she is now quite wealthy but at the cost of her honour.

The Red Room Teasers
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Episode 48 - Tuesday, 7th of September, 2021

There is a flashback to Alya and her father’s life back in Istanbul. However, Alya is caught between a feeling of loneliness and a genuine love for her secluded lifestyle, even though she had the opportunity to mingle with friends.

Episode 49 - Wednesday, 8th of September, 2021

Alya already shared the story of her past and is making some psychological progress. The next step is finding someone who can motivate her to step out of her gloominess into a befitting world.

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Episode 50 - Thursday, 9th of September, 2021

Selvi is still telling her story. She continues with how she would go to work in a garden to earn money for her wicked father along with her mother and sisters. But, unfortunately, the man punishes them at night, and he does not have a job.

Episode 51 - Friday, 10th of September, 2021

The doctor is unhappy that the traditional bride price is still a thing in the civilised world, while Melek's session begins after Selvi’s ended. Then, she shares the origin of her nightclub jobs with the doctor.

Episode 52 - Monday, 13th of September, 2021

Melek’s sadness is revealed as she shares her past; she hides behind her luxurious lifestyle. Nevertheless, the doctor now understands that she is unhappy about her life but is without a choice.

Episode 53 - Tuesday, 14th of September, 2021

Selvi is feeling more comfortable around the doctor, but she still has a bit of reservation. Finally, the doctor asks her to talk more about her life, and her story goes back to her upbringing in Istanbul with Riza and his two children, both girls.

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Episode 54 - Wednesday, 15th of September, 2021

Selvi moves from frying pan to fire after she tries to escape her father’s cruelty. Finally, she arrives at Riza’s house, but he is no different from her father as he offers her some clothes from his previous wife.

Episode 55 - Thursday, 16th of September, 2021

Selvi experiences some troubles while living with Riza. First, Riza forcefully isolates her, and she resigns to her fate over time. Meanwhile, Doctor Manolya motivates her to step out of her darkness and embrace the beauty of the sun, but will this be easy for Selvi to do?

The Red Room Teasers
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Episode 56 - Friday, 17th of September, 2021

Piraye’s new client is a lady around 40 years of age named Hediye. Hediye stays with her mother and discovers that she is an adopted child before booking a therapy appointment with the doctor. Nevertheless, the woman she calls mother for more than 40 years recently reveals her adoptive status before becoming unconscious.

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Episode 57 - Monday, 20th of September, 2021

Doctor Manolya visits Alya at home. The house is where she experienced the majority of her sad stories. Unfortunately, it is an old and dilapidated building. Nevertheless, the doctor hopes to get Alya to abandon the house as a functional step to putting her darkness behind.

Episode 58 - Tuesday, 21st of September, 2021

Selvi has adapted to her fate in Riza’s household, and now, she is friends with Riza’s daughters, Fahriye and Seyda. Interestingly, the two girls help her see the outside world while they play together. In addition, Fahriye helps Selvi to write and read.

Episode 59 - Wednesday, 22nd of September, 2021

Riza desists from maltreating Selvi after she delivers a baby boy. However, his daughters leave home on account of his constant violence against them. Selvi feels inspired by Dr Manolya’s encouraging words and praises her ability to overcome her dark past.

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Unfortunately, Hediye’s mother dies after revealing that she was adopted, and luckily for Hediye, she sights her real mother during her stepmother’s burial ceremony.

Episode 60 - Thursday, 23rd of September, 2021

Hediye is still telling her story. Her real mother had been her nanny since childhood, and they were very close. So, she misses all the happiness of childhood. Besides, she had a brother born on the day their father passed away. So, Hediye does not have a real life, and it is thanks to Neriman.

Episode 61 - Friday, 24th of September, 2021

Boncuk is unhappy with Sadik’s treatment of the wise men. Boncuk is all alone in a country whose language is strange to him. Obviously, Sadik sees Boncuk as an item, and Sadik does not allow her to learn the language in school. Unfortunately, Boncuk’s loneliness envelopes her.

The Red Room Teasers
Boncuk is unhappy with Sadik’s treatment of the wise men. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 62 - Monday, 27th of September, 2021

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The doctor and Boncuk have a meeting in the Red room again, and their discussions lead Boncuk’s to reminisce about her past traumatic experiences. Nevertheless, the wise older men are with her on the healing process. Boncuk has a hard time getting over the scars of her childhood, but Sadik attempts to be a worthy helping hand on the journey.


Alya has a troubling past that continues to affect her present life. She saw her mother kill herself, and the experience led to a series of traumatising events. Unfortunately, she feels like a stranger around everyone, including her father. She is in a love and hate relationship with her loneliness and shares her gloom with a doctor during a therapeutic session. Also, she is willing to get out of her dark past, but she must leave her home and find someone to motivate her on the journey.

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Hediye realised that her life had been a big lie in the past 40 years. The woman she calls mother was never her mother and confessed to this on her death bed. She meets her biological mother at the funeral of her adoptive mother, but then, the worst part is that her birth mother was her nanny in childhood. Her biological father passed away the day her brother was born. So, how will she reconcile her past with her present for a better future?

The Red Room teasers for September have unveiled the mindblowing scenes to expect. No doubt, these fresh episodes of the series guarantee the best entertainment experience. Do not miss out as each episode airs on SABC3 from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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