Legacy Teasers for September 2021: Who wins the leadership race?

Legacy Teasers for September 2021: Who wins the leadership race?

Felicity finally realises the folly of her relationship with James and desperately wants to get out. However, she is caught up in the crime of murder and all her efforts to escape justice comes with a bout of sleepless nights. Will she survive the repercussions in the eventuality of getting caught? The Legacy teasers for September discuss how the first season of the highly engaging TV series ends.

Legacy Teasers
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Legacy South African series is a fascinating story about the hassles among family members for inheritance. The soapie is centred around an ageing businessman, Sebastian Price, his family members, and the older man's successful empire. But, unfortunately, age catches up on the patriarch of the Price family, and he must choose his successors wisely. The Legacy teasers for September offers you a sneak peek of how the first season ends.

Legacy teasers for September 2021

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How does Felicity hope to end the unholy and toxic relationship with James? Will Petra listen to SJ's desperate pleas to continue their romantic affair? The South African Legacy teasers for September is your bet to staying gassed for the concluding episodes of the series debut season.

Episode 200 - Wednesday, 1st of September, 2021

Title: Under pressure

Felicity desperately wants to get out of the association with James, but all her efforts are in vain. As a result, she is forced to seek help from someone she trusts wholeheartedly. However, Sanele is under deep pressure and tries to storm the weather, but Magda is sceptical of his every move and keeps an eye on him all the time.

Episode 200 - Thursday, 2nd of September, 2021

Title: Out with a Bang!

Sanele's attempts at escaping judgement for his sin does not work, and he must face his demons. However, Felicity and James' manipulatively toxic romance reaches an abrupt and seemingly irreconcilable end.

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Episode 201 - Monday, 6th of September, 2021

Title: The aftermath

Sanele's back is against the wall, and it looks like the end for him. However, a tragic event leads to an unexpected reconciliation of the Price household.

Legacy Teasers
A tragic event leads to an unexpected reconciliation of the Price household. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 202 - Tuesday, 7th of September, 2021

Title: Suspect number one

Williem's attempts to rescue Sanele from his current situation leads to an involvement with the family. Meanwhile, Felicity tries to hide the murder crime because the police are closing in on resolving the case.

Episode 203 - Wednesday, 8th of September, 2021

Title: Death and taxes

Williem assists Sanele in reuniting with his mother and discovers the extent of Sanele's predicament. Finally, Felicity and Dineo find peace with each other and their past experiences.

Episode 204 - Thursday, 9th of September, 2021

Title: No rest for the wicked

Williem will do anything to make sure Sanele overcomes his difficulties. But, unfortunately, Felicity's continuous attempts to run away from her past is futile as her history keeps getting back to her.

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Episode 205 - Monday, 13th of September, 2021

Title: Definitely not a dog

The police's arrival looks like Felicity's troubles are beginning to unfold. Meanwhile, SJ tries to make a last gasp effort at reuniting with Petra.

Episode 206 - Tuesday, 14th of September, 2021

Title: It's raining, it's pouring!

Dineo leads an onslaught of team hellbent on unravelling a recent mysterious crime, and Felicity will be at the receiving end if it is successful. Besides, SJ pleads with Petra for a chance to turn a new leaf before she decides to walk out of his life.

Legacy Teasers
Felicity gets ready to go on the run as Dineo gradually nears identifying Sebastian's burial ground. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 207 - Wednesday, 15th of September, 2021

Title: The stranger

SJ is in a desperate position and begs Petra, who is determined to continue her life without him and make the best of it. On the other hand, Felicity gets ready to go on the run as Dineo gradually nears identifying Sebastian's burial ground.

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Episode 208 - Thursday, 16th of September, 2021

Title: Finale

Something terrible occurs just as Dineo challenges Felicity about a fresh discovery. However, SJ is desperate to keep Petra and will do anything to make that happen.


Felicity is in a toxic relationship, but she has realized this and wants to get out of it at all costs. To accomplish this, she seeks help from a third party and eventually breaks free from the association. Unfortunately, Felicity's attempts to put the past behind her do not work. Felicity is friends with someone leading the investigation of a crime she is involved in, and it gives her sleepless nights. Finally, the wall caves into her; is an escape possible?


Sanele is in some serious trouble, and as much as he tries to cover it, someone is suspicious and watches all of his moves. Finally, nemesis closes in on him, and it looks like he must get ready for a necessary reprimand. However, a friend decides to help Sanele overcome his troubles by reuniting him with his mother. So, is there a way out of this dark stage of his life?

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The Legacy teasers for September provides a befitting climax to the first season of this intriguing series. The characters try to reconcile a life of love and crime while hoping for a better future. The concluding part of the Legacy South African soapie will keep you glued to your screen.

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