Elif 2 Teasers for September 2021: How will Arzu overcome her challenges?

Elif 2 Teasers for September 2021: How will Arzu overcome her challenges?

If you think you have had a rough life, the Elif Turkish soapie drama will make you reconsider your conclusions with its emotionally captivating plots. It is an eponymous series about how a six year old Elif has been treated rashly by fate. The Elif 2 teasers for September offer the chance to catch the new twist of Elif’s complicated life.

Elif 2 Teasers
Elif 2 teasers for September 2021. Photo: @SCTV (modified by author)
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The Elif 2 teasers for September introduces you to emotional themes of family betrayal, familial sacrifices and keeping hope alive in the face of trouble. Veysel, Kenan, Elif, and Melek characterise these abilities. However, Arzu plays the devil’s advocate, and her devious plans lead to enormous tragedy for everyone, especially poor Elif.

Elif 2 teasers for September 2021

The teasers for the fresh episodes of the Elif Turkish series will keep you enthusiastic about the consistent entertainment offered by this television drama. People do things for their loved ones, and sometimes they must choose between the devil and a deep sea.

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Episode 251 - Wednesday, 1st of September, 2021

Veysel made some fascinating discoveries about Necdet while Kenan’s suspicions about Elif and Melek grow. However, Arzu’s plans to make Serdar depart without her fail because Serdar knows her intentions.

Episode 252 - Thursday, 2nd of September, 2021

Kenan sends Serdar packing when the girls use her phone to make a call; will Arzu take a cue and move out too? Feride’s brothers are determined to search for her.

Episode 253 - Friday, 3rd of September, 2021

Veysel almost becomes disloyal to Erkut, but he gets a chance to redeem himself when something terrible happens. Meanwhile, Arzu wants to run away with Tugze, but her daughter disagrees with it.

Episode 254 - Monday, 6th of September, 2021

Zeynep and Selim come back from a romantic date. However, Arzu is in a difficult situation.

Episode 255 - Tuesday, 7th of September, 2021

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Feride’s brothers succeed in seeking her out, and they rescue her. Elsewhere, Arzu tries to defend Serdar’s DNA result, but Gonca discovers the result and plans her next steps.

Episode 256 - Wednesday, 8th of September, 2021

Selim and Zeynep love grows deeper. Nevertheless, Feride’s brothers are seeking revenge while Murat is on a mission to rescue her. Gonca goes to stay with Necdet, but the action displeases Veysel.

Elif 2 Teasers
Arzu tries to defend Serdar’s DNA result. GIF: youtube.com. gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 257 - Thursday, 9th of September, 2021

Arzu shows some leniency to Serdar and gives her a chance to redeem herself. However, Feride and Kenan are determined to keep Samet out of prison.

Episode 258 - Friday, 10th of September, 2021

Samet and Feride get support from Melek and Mehli. On the other hand, Gonca aids Serdar’s escape to achieve revenge against Arzu.

Episode 259 - Monday, 13th of September, 2021

The Emiroglu household discovers who Gonca is getting married to, while Kenan gives Melahat some money to compensate for Feride’s stealing.

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Episode 260 - Tuesday, 14th of September, 2021

The D-day for Gonca’s wedding arrives, but Arzu seems to have some deviousness planned out. However, Aliye visits Melek along with Elif and sets a deadline.

Episode 261 - Wednesday, 15th of September, 2021

Arzu employs two lovebirds to abduct and poison Elif. Elsewhere, Melih and Melek are sure that Necdet knows about the current situation and visits the police.

Elif 2 Teasers
Arzu employs two lovebirds to abduct and poison Elif. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 262 - Thursday, 16th of September, 2021

Melek is tired of keeping secrets and prepares to tell Kenan about it. The most unlikely messiah rescues Elif; is he genuine?

Episode 263 - Friday, 17th of September, 2021

When Kenan discovers the reality of Elif’s situation, he vows never to forgive the betrayers. Meanwhile, Serdar sends a message to Kenan and Melek, instructing them to meet under a familiar tree.

Episode 264 - Monday, 20th of September, 2021

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Kenan's sense of family betrayal is intense, and he wants Elif to go and reside on the farm as an Emiroglu. However, Arzu does not believe the news about Elif’s continued existence.

Episode 265 - Tuesday, 21st of September, 2021

The farm of the Emiroglu is a beehive of activities as they await Elif’s arrival, but Elif, Melissa, and Ehrfruz encounter a fatal situation. Unfortunately, Necdet is not available, but Veysel continues to cook a plan nevertheless.

Episode 266 - Wednesday, 22nd of September, 2021

The situation of Elif, Ehrfruz, and Melih leaves everyone dumbfounded. But, on the other hand, Veysel’s plan to steal from Necdet is effective.

Episode 267 - Thursday, 23rd of September, 2021

While everyone is mourning Elif’s death, she is on the street selling tissues. Melek believes she is alright, while Necdet finds out that someone had stolen from him. Meanwhile, Veysel’s wife finally returns to him, thanks to the stolen funds.

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Episode 268 - Friday, 24th of September, 2021

Necdet is enraged by the theft of his possession. Nevertheless, Melek fails to deal with Elif’s death effectively and becomes distracted. Kenan believes that Elif is alive somewhere.

Episode 269 - Monday, 27th of September, 2021

Kenan is determined to reunite with Elif while Melek continues to believe that her daughter is alive. All the while, the Emiroglu household is saddened by the disaster that had hit home and close associates.

Elif 2 Teasers
Six years old Elif has been treated rashly by fate. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 270 - Tuesday, 28th of September, 2021

Elif gets a new name when Muhsin brings her to his house. Elsewhere, Arzu talks to someone over the phone, and Selim eavesdrops on the suspicious conversation.

Episode 271 - Wednesday, 29th of September, 2021

Feride is busy attending to Mehlahat’s sickness, while Necdet is mad at Veysel for stealing from him. Nurtan maltreats Elif.

Episode 272 - Thursday, 30th of September, 2021

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Necdet abducts Murrat in retaliation to Veysel’s thievery. However, Kenan discovers Mahmut’s residence and breaks into the property in search of Elif.


Veysel is a cunning man in trouble. He obtains information about some people and grows his plans with them. However, he needs money to rescue his spouse but has no idea where to find such an amount. In the end, Veysel decides to steal from a close associate to reunite with his wife, and he succeeds. Still, the whole thing turns sour when the victim of his theft identifies him and kidnaps someone dear to him for revenge's sake.


Elif is a girl in the middle of a lot of controversies. Someone set another person up to abduct and drug her. The plan is foiled, and she must migrate to a family farm for safety. However, the real tragedy catches up with her, and she is taken away from her loved ones and family. Most people think she is dead, while a few keep hope alive. Meanwhile, she is out somewhere living on the street until someone takes her to his home. Are her troubles over?

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Elif 2 teasers for September offer interesting insight into new plots about some characters and their developing troubles. In addition, these new episodes will open your eyes to several possibilities about life events. Therefore, do not miss the premiere episodes as they broadcast on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 6:25 pm.

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