Durban Gen Teasers for September 2021: Precious contemplates killing Zandile

Durban Gen Teasers for September 2021: Precious contemplates killing Zandile

Things are about to get tense in the upcoming episodes of Durban Gen series. Thabo is determined to make his betrayers pay, Precious and Zandile's beef becomes nasty, while Ngcobo's murder case takes a worse turn. Get the full picture of how things will turn out from the following Durban Gen teasers.

Durban Gen Teasers
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Durban Gen on eTV revolves around Durban General Hospital, the best public medical institution in KwaZulu-Natal. Every aspiring doctor wants to practice here, while every patient prefers to be treated at the facility. How will the ongoing scandals affect its reputation?

Durban Gen Teasers for September 2021

In previous Durban Gen episodes, things started falling apart for Ngcobo when he was identified as a murder suspect. People could not stop talking about it, Mbali wanted his belongings removed from the house, and his job was at risk. How do things turn out for him in the upcoming September episodes? Here are Durban Gen teasers on how the drama unfolds.

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Durban Gen Teasers
Precious and Zandile's beef escalates in September episodes of Durban Gen on Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st September 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 238)

Friendships are broken when Ngcobo comes back. His co-workers accuse him of killing and are not ready to believe his version of the story. Elsewhere, Precious does the unexpected to make her ex-friend happy while MacGyver discovers a stunning fact.

2nd September 2021 (Thursday – Episode 239)

Mbali and Zondo have not given up on wanting Sibusiso to expel Ngcono from the commune. Meanwhile, Sibiya digs deeper into the murder case after coming across new details. MacGyver unsuccessfully attempts sending 007 starring where he comes from.

3rd September 2021 (Friday – Episode 240)

Zandile almost exposes Precious, but she is quick to reveal an even bigger secret, while MacGyver starts getting excited about having 007. Elsewhere, Zondo gets a taste of Ngcobo's violence first-hand.

6th September 2021 (Monday – Episode 241)

Precious incriminating evidence against Zandile does not yield the expected results, while Zondo opens up about her role in Ngcobo's catastrophic incident. MacGyver and Bab'Gumede's attempts to discover important details regarding the identity of 007 are not successful.

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7th September 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 242)

Frenemies Zandile and Precious are determined to outsmart each other and walk away with a happy family. Elsewhere, Zondo makes up her mind to assist Ngcobo in clearing his name from the case. MacGyver is excited about his new son and making things work in his life for him.

8th September 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 243)

Ngcobo and Zondo embark on a mission to find out the truth but are met with unexpected difficulties along the way. Gerald reveals Zandile's horrifying stories while MacGyver and 007 explain to Lindelani why the medical facility should have an in-house creche.

9th September 2021 (Thursday – Episode 244)

Precious gains ammunition over Zandile while Ngcobo's blood test results expose a shocking detail. Meanwhile, 007 brings Nkabinde's concerns on board, and she asks MacGyver to resolve the situation.

10th September 2021 (Friday – Episode 245)

Thabo and Precious are worried because of Mvelo's deteriorating health. On the other hand, Ngcobo tries to come to terms with his worsening murder case while 007 and MacGyver have a blast.

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Durban Gen Teasers
Ngcobo's woes escalate in upcoming Durban Gen episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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13th September 2021 (Monday – Episode 246)

Zandile is determined to find her way into Precious' picture-perfect life. On the other hand, Zondo and Ngcobo are determined to unearth the truth that will confirm Ngcobo's innocence, while 007 and MacGyver get unexpected visitors.

14th September 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 247)

MacGyver is not in a good place, while Precious is finding it hard to get rid of Zandile and her antics. Will Sibusiso's sangoma clear the dark cloud away?

15th September 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 248)

Precious realizes that she is on the losing ahead because Zandile seems to be many steps ahead. Meanwhile, Sne is ready to do whatever it takes to win Dr Zulu while Ngcobo is suspended after new details on his case emerge.

16th September 2021 (Thursday – Episode 249)

The interns find themselves getting more than what they are supposed to, while Precious gets a crucial lead from Ndlovu. Lindelani accepts Sne's offer to look after Lwandle.

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17th September 2021 (Friday – Episode 250)

Zandile starts treading carefully when she has suspicions about Precious hiding something. Meanwhile, Ngcobo shoots at all the people who referred to him as a killer.

Durban Gen Teasers
Can Thabo save his father in the upcoming Durban Gen episodes? Gif:, (modified by author)
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20th September 2021 (Monday – Episode 251)

Zandile threatens Nurse Shweni to quit working at Durban General Hospital as she desperately tries to tie all loose ends. Will Precious get her this time? Sne thinks Lindelani is in love with her when he is friendly towards her.

21st September 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 252)

There is still a major problem to be solved at the commune. Meanwhile, Zandile is doing all she can to end Precious' current life, and Precious is not making things easy for her. The matron feels it is time to refresh her department after getting tired of idling nurses.

22nd September 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 253)

Precious decides to do things her way and is not ready to welcome distractions. Zondo reveals to Mbali that she is in love with Ngcobo while Nkabinde is unable to put up with Sne's look.

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23rd September 2021 (Thursday – Episode 254)

Mrs Dlamini is filled with worries because of the state that her husband is in. Elsewhere, Precious manages to drug Zandile while Sne makes changes to her work attire.

24th September 2021 (Friday – Episode 255)

Precious thinks about ending Zandile's life. Can Thabo manage to rescue his dad? Is there hope of reviving Calvin and Bab'Gumede's relationship?

27th September 2021 (Monday – Episode 256)

The stench of death finds its way into Durban General Hospital, and nobody can get away from it. It manages to take Precious captive, and Thabo reverts to his old self. It creates an unlikely friendship between Nkabinde and Sne, widens the rift between Bab'G and Calvin while increasing the attraction between Ngcobo and Zondo.

28th September 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 257)

Precious and Zandile evade each other while there is a repeat of history between Lindelani and Thabo. Elsewhere, MacGyver has no choice but to quit chasing his dreams.

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29th September 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 258)

Zandile exposes a wrapped secret, and the outcome is likely to be damaging. Mbali has no choice but to step up after Thabo messes things up. MacGyver begins reassessing his priorities in life. Can he have a turnaround?

30th September 2021 (Thursday – Episode 259)

Durban General Hospital is on the verge of destruction, and from the look of things, no one has what it takes to halt it. Calvin's condition is not improving, Thabo is determined to make his betrayers pay for what they did, and a majority of other people are carrying on with their lives like nothing is going on. Can Agatha and Nkabinde's prayers bring salvation?

Durban Gen Teasers
MacGyver rethinks his priorities in life in the upcoming Durban Gen episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Durban Gen's cast?

In the upcoming episodes, Durban General Hospital is in a hopeless situation. Is there hope of redemption? Here is a recap of what some of the show's characters go through in the Durban Gen September episodes.

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His friends do not want to be associated with him, while his colleagues fail to believe his side of the story regarding the murder case. He is later suspended from work when more developments emerge. Zondo is the only person who helps him search for the truth and prove his innocence.


Her beef with Zandile is only getting bigger. Zandile is determined to ruin her picture-perfect life, but she also has plans to destroy her. Who will outsmart the other to walk away with a happy family?

Durban Gen's plot thickens in the September episodes, as revealed by the above Durban Gen teasers. The series airs on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30 p.m. and is repeared the following day on eExtra and eTV at 11.15 a.m. and 1.30 p.m., respectively. You can also wait for the omnibus on eTV on Sundays from 10.20 a.m.

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