Uzalo Teasers for September 2021: Bitter sibling rivalry will be the bane of their existence

Uzalo Teasers for September 2021: Bitter sibling rivalry will be the bane of their existence

The thrill in Uzalo teasers for September 2021 is the recipe to change your mood. The drama in the award-winning soapie is worth checking out. Apart from mirroring the ups and downs in society, Uzalo cast members have distinct characters that spice up the show. So, even if you are not a fan, you might want to consider checking Uzalo teasers for September 2021.

Uzalo storyline
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Uzalo storyline focuses on two families and their rivalry. They battle to gain control of KwaMashu, and one of the spheres of influence they wish to have is the church. Apart from the battle for power, some cast members face challenges being in love. Uzalo teasers for September 2021 are a cocktail of events awaiting you!

Uzalo teasers for September 2021

Recent Uzalo episodes featured Pastor Gwala's woes and how much he stands to lose if Zekhethelo refuses to take him back. Nyawo's relationship takes an unforeseen turn, and Hlelo's life is a rollercoaster of events. Check out these snippets for more details on what to expect.

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Episode 128 - Wednesday, 1st of September 2021

Cocoa's alliance with Nyawo is a ticking bomb, and Iswidi makes waves on the streets. Zekhethelo's attempts to get closer to Gwala are an exercise in futility as Gwala drifts away.

Episode 129 - Thursday, 2nd of September 2021

Nyawo orders Cocoa to change her outfit, and she does not take it lightly. Zekhethelo and Pastor Sambulo receive a surprise. Elsewhere, Gabisile faces another hurdle when someone she thought was rooting for her rejects her.

Episode 130 - Friday, 3rd of September 2021

A rugged beauty shows up when Nyawo needed her the most, and Zekhethelo encounters another bump on what was meant to be her happiest day.

Episode 131 - Monday, 6th of September 2021

Cocoa milks Nyawo dry, leaving him bankrupt, and Hlelo gathers the courage to open up about her haunting past.

Episode 132 - Tuesday, 7th of September 2021

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Nyawo crosses paths with a group of delivery guys at the police station, and the church community is bummed to learn that Pastor Gwala and Zekhethelo are going separate ways. The situation at the KwaMashu household worsens, and Njeza pisses Nosipho off.

Episode 133 - Wednesday, 8th of September 2021

Nkunzi is startled after seeing Iswidi's advert, and Njeza and Nosipho reach a point of no return. Meanwhile, the church women undermine Pastor Gwala.

Uzalo September 2021 teasers
Madlala asks her friend to accompany her to her blind date. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 134 - Thursday 9th of September 2021

Nyawo's lies finally catch up with him, and Pastor Gwala pleads with Zekhethelo to take him back, all in vain. Sibonelo's dream to run a successful liquor business is forced to take an unforeseen halt.

Episode 135 - Friday, 10th of September 2021

Nyawo's wildest dream becomes a reality, and Gabisile attempts to rebuild a struggling Hlelo. Later, an emotional mood rules KwaMashu as a beloved sister, daughter, and friend bids farewell to the people dear to her.

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Episode 136 - Monday, 13th of September 2021

Nyawo finally hits the girlfriend jackpot, and Hlelo has an eventful experience during her first day at work. Meanwhile, Pastor Gwala gambles with the decision he made about Zekhethelo. He wishes he could re-write his mistakes.

Episode 137 - Tuesday, 14th of September 2021

Nyawo and Cocoa get cozy and end up in bed together, and Pastor Gwala struggles with feelings of rejection. Gabisile encourages Hlelo to grow a thick skin and go after her dreams.

Episode 138 - Wednesday, 15th of September 2021

Hlelo tries to focus and create a good impression, although her secret catches up with her. Njeza discovers he has been sidelined from his business, and Pastor Gwala realizes how much his heart of gold might cost him.

Episode 139 - Thursday, 16th of September 2021

Nyawo's efforts finally bear fruits, and Hlelo goes back to her old ways. Pastor Gwala finds himself in a compromising situation that forces him to give more than what he has.

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Uzalo episodes
Sbu gets a bouquet to woo his blind date. Is he ready to meet her? GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 140 - Friday, 17th of September 2021

Hlelo's guilt gets the better part of her; hence, she cuts ties with Mthunzi. However, she realizes the need to work hard and win back the one person who was loyal to her when everyone was against her.

Episode 141 - Monday, 20th of September 2021

Nyawo clears his debts and ends his relationship with Cocoa, and MaMlambo harmonizes Nkunzi to take action in Pastor Gwala's situation. Meanwhile, when Hlelo gets to work, she is puzzled to learn that she has been demoted to an errand runner and cleaner at Shisanyama.

Episode 142 - Tuesday, 21st of September 2021

Sibonelo is troubled by the reality of investing 3.5 million to actualize his dream to build a distillery. Elsewhere, Nkunzi and Sambulo are struck by nostalgia as they bond over their love for literature and a game of chess.

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Episode 143 - Wednesday, 22nd of September 2021

Nyawo's attempts to get away from Nosipho do not bear fruits, and Gabisile has one more burning request for the church. Later, Nkunzi's kind gesture distorts peace in his house.

Episode 144 - Thursday, 23rd of September 2021

KwaMashu welcomes a special guest, and Gabisile is shocked to find out what Hlelo has been up to at Shisanyama. Meanwhile, Nkunzi unwittingly causes tension between the two brothers.

Episode 145 - Friday, 24th of September 2021

Njeza loses control of his anger and slaps Nosipho, and Heritage Day events finally kick off. Sibonelo puts Gabisile's worries to rest about his plan to start the distillery.

Uzalo Teasers for September 2021
Did Madlala set Sbu up? GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 146 - Monday, 27th of September 2021

Cocoa and Nyawo's relationship takes an unforeseen turn, and a heated sibling rivalry ensues. Sbu starts feeling a certain way towards Hlelo.

Episode 147 - Tuesday, 28th of September 2021

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Nyawo receives an unforeseen proposal, and Nkunzi's decision heightens the rift between the two brothers. Meanwhile, Hlelo's life starts going on a downward spiral.

Episode 148 - Wednesday, 29th of September 2021

Nyawo faces a couple of good life problems, and Njeza refuses to be a loser. Sibonelo insists on pursuing his dream despite his financial constraints.

Episode 149 - Thursday, 30th of September 2021

Nyawo gets into debt as he tries to impress a woman, and Njeza does the unexplainable to raise the 10 thousand needed to secure a venue for Nosipho's event. Hlelo realizes how messed up her life is, and the guilt eats her up.


Nyawo's relationship with Cocoa starts on a high note despite their challenges. Nyawo lets his ego get the best of him, and his attitude pisses Cocoa off. Therefore, Cocoa strikes by milking him dry. However, Nyawo pretends to be in love with her to seek revenge. He officially ends their relationship and turns a new leaf.

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Nyawo woos another woman; however, the new woman makes him go through hellfire to get to her. He ends up getting into debt as he attempts to please her. Is this another ticking bomb?


Hlelo's past haunts her, although she finds a sister in Gabisile. Gabisile encourages her to take control of her life by fixing her financial situation. Her first day at work is not as easy, although she pulls through.

Hlelo's attempts to suppress her guilt do not bear fruit. Instead, she goes back to her old ways, and her actions culminate in her demotion. Gabisile is unimpressed to find out what she has been up to; hence, she talks to her to do better. Luckily, Hlelo realizes her mess. Will life give her a second chance?

Going through Uzalo teasers for September 2021 must have sparked a myriad of emotions in you. If you wish to catch the juicy drama in the show, tune in to SABC1 on Mondays to Fridays and 20h30.

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