Loli's Luck Teasers for October 2021: How does Loli cope with new responsibilities?

Loli's Luck Teasers for October 2021: How does Loli cope with new responsibilities?

Things are changing so fast in Loli's life since Mariana's death. She is hesitant to start dating Rafael and is yet to mend her broken relationship with her father. She is also asked by the judge to prove her capability to care for Sam before custody is granted. Go through Loli's Luck teasers below to discover how she maneuvers her new journey.

Loli's Luck Teasers
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Loli's Luck storyline follows the life of Loli, played by Silvia Navarro. She is a workaholic who works as the executive producer of a leading radio station. She has no time for other distractions, but things change when her best friend Mariana dies and leaves her to care for her two kids.

Loli's Luck teasers for October 2021

Loli's Luck on Telemundo is one of a kind family drama with a captivating plot, and viewers are sure to get addicted. Here are the soap opera's teasers on how the drama unfolds in upcoming October episodes.

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La suerte de Loli teasers
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1st October 2021, Friday

Rafael informs Loli that Paulina had an affair. Elsewhere, Arturo reveals the truth to Matias about being with another man.

2nd October 2021, Saturday

Paulina informs Loli about her decision to live with Rafael. Loli and Octavio accompany Nicky to a football game.

3rd October 2021, Sunday

Octavio receives DNA test results but does not open until Loli is present. On the other hand, Bruno does not tell Nora the truth.

4th October 2021, Monday

Paulina has a great time with Vicente. Meanwhile, Rafael informs Loli that he would like to be in a relationship with her while Matias is contacted by Arturo.

5th October 2021, Tuesday

Loli and Octavio have an argument when the latter says that he does not want to know the outcome of the DNA test. Elsewhere, Paulina wants to know if Rafael has feelings for Loli.

6th October 2021, Wednesday

Nora falls prey to the lies made by Marcelino as she accepts to give him cash to clear his outstanding debts. Loli has doubts about starting a relationship with Rafael.

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7th October 2021, Thursday

Loli is forced to explain to her friends the contents of a video about her and Rafael in the studio. They then assure her that they will help her make it vanish.

8th October 2021, Friday

During court proceedings, the judge rules that Loli must give credible evidence to prove that she is the best person to have custody of Sam. Elsewhere. Paulina receives divorce documents from Rafael.

9th October 2021, Saturday

Loli visits Vicente's home and reveals that she is the lady in the video with Rafael. Vicente then tells them that no one is going to lose their job.

10th October 2021, Sunday

Rafael attempts to change Loli's mind about ending their relationship. Octavio takes Nicky to the bar when he finds him at the grave of his mother.

Loli's Luck Teasers
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11th October 2021, Monday

Roxy informs David that she still has feelings for him. Will he give her another chance? Finally, Octavio gains the courage to see the DNA test results and contacts Loli to inform her that Nicky is not his biological son.

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12th October 2021, Tuesday

Paulina gets support from her loyal fans and everybody at the station. Elsewhere, Martias tries to make a heartbroken Roxy feel better.

13th October 2021, Wednesday

Rafael finds it ridiculous when Don Rogelio and Vicente force him to attend an anger management workshop. Bruno gets to listen to Catalina playing the piano for him.

14th October 2021, Thursday

The boys who assaulted Jessica at the school are suspended after Paulina and Loli file a complaint. Meanwhile, Rafael is still attending anger management lessons.

15th October 2021, Friday

Octavio reveals to Apolo his decision to look for Nicky's biological dad. Roxy lets Loli see the pictures she took of Rafael and Karen at the bar.

16th October 2021, Saturday

Melissa finds out that she is expecting a baby while Rafael is accompanied by Karen to jogging exercises. Paulina visits San Diego to link up with Vicente.

17th October 2021, Sunday

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Jessica informs her dad about her decision to live with her mom for a while. Elsewhere, Apolo informs Octavio about the details he discovered regarding Nicky's biological dad.

La suerte de Loli teasers
The judge asks Loli to provide proof of her capability to care for Sam before custody is granted. Gif:, (modified by author)
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18th October 2021, Monday

Octavio wants a friend to help him make some changes to the DNA test results. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Rafael and Loli are forced to stay in the same hotel room.

19th October 2021, Tuesday

Loli discovers the truth regarding the results of the DNA test and accosts Octavio for not telling her the truth. Elsewhere, Bruno is served an eviction notice.

20th October 2021, Wednesday

Sam accosts Octavio for making Nicky his bait to be closer to Loli. Vicente makes everyone aware of Karen's new position as the incoming Vice President of Marketing.

21st October 2021, Thursday

Loli's dad reveals his intentions to set aside their differences, but she is not ready to forgive him. Paulina wants to know how Rafael feels now that Karen is working with them.

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22nd October 2021, Friday

Rafael decides to quit his job when he discovers that Paulina had an affair with Vicente. However, the Board of Directors informs him that he cannot resign.

23rd October 2021, Saturday

Paulina discovers Vicente drinking alcohol in his house. She reveals it is her fault that he was dismissed from his position. Elsewhere, Cesar goes to see Roxy.

24th October 2021, Sunday

Bruno accompanies Domingo to the grave of Mariana. Rafael finds himself calling Karen by Loli's name while Paulina makes Vicente aware of her intention to be with him.

Loli's Luck Teasers
Paulina reveals that she wants to be with Vicente in Loli's Luck October episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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25th October 2021, Monday

Vicente attempts to chat with Rafael after Karen asks him to, but Rafael is not ready to talk. On the other hand, someone calls Paulina to threaten her.

26th October 2021, Tuesday

Loli and Rafael set aside their differences. Paulina is asked by the anonymous person to send him one million dollars or risk having her pictures with Vicente published.

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27th October 2021, Wednesday

Octavio seeks advice from his attorney regarding the procedure he needs to follow to become a foster father. Paulina and Vicente's relationship is made known to the public.

28th October 2021, Thursday

After the public exposure of Paulina and Vicente's scandalous relationship, Don Rogelio asks her to leave the station. What will she do to rectify the situation?

29th October 2021, Friday

Loli contacts Octavio to ask him to stop reaching out to Nicky. Elsewhere, Melisa and Bruno have a disagreement regarding Bruno's line of work.

30th October 2021, Saturday

Octavio's attempts to reveal the truth to Nicky do not work out when Nora makes it impossible for him to do it. Loli reveals to her dad that she missed him so much.

31st October 2021, Sunday

Rafael quickly changes the subject when Karen asks him why he was with Loli in prison. Elsewhere, Salvador reveals that letting Loli go was the worst decision he has ever made.

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La suerte de Loli teasers
Loli mends her relationship with her father in Loli's Luck October premiere episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Loli's Luck cast?

Loli's Luck plot is already getting thick in the premiere episodes. How lucky does Loli feel in October episodes? Here is a sneak peek at what happens to the main characters during the month.


He knows that Paulina is cheating on him and later decides to quit his job when he discovers she had an affair with Vicente. He gives Paulina divorce papers and later expresses his feelings to Loli, but she is not ready to start a relationship. He then hooks up with Karen but finds himself calling her Loli's name. Is there hope of ever dating Loli?


She is hesitant to start a relationship with Rafael. Her relationship with her father is also strained, and she finds it difficult to forgive him. Meanwhile, during court proceedings to get the custody of Sam, the judge rules that she must provide evidence that proves she is fit to care for the child.

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He gets DNA test results to prove Nicky's paternity and discovers that he is not the father. He works with Apolo to find the boy's father. Octavio later asks his lawyer what he needs to do to become a foster father. Will he be granted Nicky's custody?

The dramatic comedy in Loli's Luck premiere episodes will keep viewers wanting to know how the storyline unfolds, as seen from the above Loli's Luck teasers. Are you ready to be entertained by Loli's fascinating adventures? The Spanish telenovela starts to air on Telemundo on 13th September 2021 from Mondays to Sundays at 10.00 p.m.

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