Strange love teasers for October 2021: Whose body is found?

Strange love teasers for October 2021: Whose body is found?

Astha and Shlok's food truck is in danger from all fronts. On the other hand, Raghu Bhai and his goons are adamant that they want the two to pay them protection for their food truck, failure to which will lead it to be ransacked. Will they succeed in protecting their livelihoods? Strange Love teasers for October 2021 highlights the most thrilling scenes of the upcoming episodes.

Strange Love October 2021 Starlife teasers
The first episode of Strange Love aired on 25th March 2021. Photo: @GOtvGhana
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Varad tries working with Sojal to ensure that Niranjan does not make it to the meeting by spiking his drink with sleeping pills. Elsewhere, Astha's refusal to pay the goons for her truck to remain protected might just backfire on her. Read all the juicy details in these Strange Love teasers.

Starlife Strange Love October 2021 teasers

A dead body is found just after Raghu Bhai fires shots at his worst enemy. Who is dead? Find out some interesting facts about the Strange Love Starlife teasers for October 2021.

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Friday, 1st October 2021 - Episode 381/382

Astha is disheartened by the ordeal and tells Shlok about what happened to her with the municipal officer. Soon after, she, Shlok and Chaukasi are taken aback when the same officer refuses to give them back their food truck despite paying for it. Will they find a way of getting it back and at the same time report the officer for his misdeeds?

Aspara is stunned when she spots Shlok and Astha on their way back with the food truck. Later on, Sachin tells Astha about a new order for a customer's celebration. Elsewhere, Varad puts something inside Niranjan's drink to ensure he does not show up to the meeting.

Strange love starlife full story
Shlok's father slips on the oil he spills on the steps. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Saturday, 2nd October 2021 - Episode 383/384

Aspara is angry at Astha for how rude she is to Sachin, and she confronts her about it; soon after, Astha gives Shlok a gift. Elsewhere, Varad tells Sojal to put sleeping pills inside Niranjan's glass because the one he had spiked had spilt. Will his plans to ensure that Niranjan does not attend the meeting come to fruition?

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Jaya requests Sojal to go to the old-fashioned house to ask about where Anjali has gone. Elsewhere, Astha and Shlok tell Anjali about their plans to move out and soon after, Sojal spots Kavya and Anjali deep in conversation at the old-fashioned house.

Sunday, 3rd October 2021 - Episode 385/386

Matron is suspicious of Sojal, while Anjali requests that a family physician goes to the old-fashioned house to look at the ill Mrs Godbole. At the same time, Raghu Bhai's comrades threaten people to pay them protection money, but Astha is adamant that she will not pay. So is she landing herself in hot soup?

The members of the old-fashioned house hide Anjali's presence from the doctor. Elsewhere, Astha and Shlok discover interesting things about Raghu Bhai and his goons; soon after, Shlok squares up to Raghu Bhai's goons when they try to act unruly.

Monday, 4th October 2021 - Episode 387/388

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Chaukasi asks Raghu Bhai to forgive Shlok's actions, and he tells Raghu that he is confident that he will persuade Shlok to come and say sorry, but Shlok refuses to apologise; what will happen next? At the same time, Rekha tells Astha that Chaukasi has taken Shlok to see Raghu Bhai.

Anjali has a scary dream, while Shlok is very angry when he reads a threatening letter. Soon after, Raghu Bhai's associates destroy Shlok and Astha's food truck while Rekha informs them that Raghu Bhai's associates assaulted Chaukasi.

Strange love Starlife September 2021 teasers
Shlok and Astha argue about the oil spilt on the steps. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Tuesday, 5th October 2021 - Episode 389/390

Raghu Bhai tells one of his comrades, Manoj, about his scheme against Astha while Anjali prays for Shlok and Astha to stay safe. Later on, Shlok is shocked when he spots Astha's purse with Raghu Bhai's comrades, and he follows them; soon after, Manoj kidnaps him. Will Raghu Bhai's scheme be a success?

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Chaukasi tells Astha that some of Raghu Bhai's associates have kidnapped Shlok; at the same time, Raghu Bhai is terrorising Shlok. Elsewhere, Astha tells the inspector that Raghu Bhai has kidnapped Shlok, and she places a complaint against him.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021 - Episode 391/392

Anjali is at the Agnihotri house to meet Kavya, and she is angry at Sojal for neglecting her. Kavya insists that Snjali makes for her a nice meal, and she does. Elsewhere Astha is concerned about how safe Shlok is, and she prays to God that he is protected. Will he return home in one piece?

Chaukasi and Rekha work on Shlok and Astha's food truck while Sojal and Kavya joke at Jaya. Meanwhile, Raghu Bhai's comrade tells him that the cops are after him since Astha filed a complaint against him.

Thursday, 7th October 2021 - Episode 393/394

Raghu Bhai and his comrades leave their hideaway before the cops can get to them. Later, Raghu Bhai fires shots at Shlok, and soon after, Astha is requested by the cops to identify a dead body. Did Raghu Bhai kill Shlok?

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Raghu Bhai is stunned when he sees that one of his associates is dead instead of Shlok. Elsewhere, Astha is ecstatic when she sees that Shlok is alive. Shlok goes against Raghu Bhai and his goons and mobilises the people to stand up against their oppression. Will Shlok succeed in this battle against Raghu Bhai?

Strange love teasers for October 2021: Whose body is found?
Strange love teasers for October 2021: Whose body is found?
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In the teasers above, Astha gifts him a phone, and soon after, they decide to relocate. Unfortunately, he proves to be a thorn on Raghu's side and is abducted because of this. Luckily, he makes it out alive and attempts to bring down Raghu's reign of terror.

Raghu Bhai

Chaukasi promises him an apology from Shlok, but he refuses to apologise. His goons then destroy the food truck and assault Chaukasi as well. Finally, he schemes against Astha and tries to murder Shlok, but his plans backfire.

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These Strange Love teasers for October 2021 are incredibly thrilling, and the episodes are getting even better! Catch up with the new Strange Love episodes by tuning in to StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m.

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