Beaumont Gino Peele: Facts about Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti’s baby

Beaumont Gino Peele: Facts about Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti’s baby

Beaumont Gino Peele is Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti's baby. Chelsea Peretti and her baby daddy have been dominating Hollywood for the past few years that they have been famous. The duo met on Twitter in 2013 and are growing stronger by the day. Their relationship moved from strangers to something more than boyfriend and girlfriend in a short time. They welcomed their child, Beaumont Peele into the world. Read here for more!

Beaumont Gino Peele
Beaumont Gino Peele is famous worldwide. Surprisingly, the public has never seen his face. Photo: @Jon Kopaloff
Source: Getty Images

You will love his parents’ love story before finding out more about Gino. Rumours had it that Andy Samberg, Chelsea’s colleague in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom, set them up. However, Chelsea had a different story to tell the fans. She revealed that Peele initiated a conversation with her by complimenting her web series. They then planned to go to Sizzler for the first date.

Beaumont Gino Peele's profile summary

  • Full name: Beaumont Gino Peele
  • Nickname: Beau
  • Date of birth: 1st July 2017
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Age: 4 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Father: Jordan Peele
  • Mother: Chelsea Peretti
  • Siblings: none
  • Grandparents: Lucinda Williams and Hayward Peele
  • Social media account: none
  • Parent's combined net worth: $53 million

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Facts about Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti’s baby

Peele and Peretti got engaged in 2015 on the last night of their family talent show. The couple broke the news to the public via Twitter much later. It also took some time before they shared details about their wedding.

Beaumont Gino Peele
Jordan Peele and his wife would often share pictures of Chelsea's pregnancy on social media. So, when was Beaumont Gino Peele born? Read this article for more! Photo: @Valerie Macon
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The couple exchanged their vows in front of their dog and a woman named Soaring before eloping in Big Sur. They did not inform their family and friends about it at first. Here are some more exciting facts about their son:

1. How old is Beaumont Gino Peele?

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti announced that they were expecting their first child twelve months after their wedding. When is Beaumont Gino Peele's birthday? The boy was born on 1st July 2017 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Therefore, Beaumont Gino Peele's age at the time of writing this is four years old.

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2. His parents are both famous comedians, actors and writers

Beaumont Gino Peele’s mother is Chelsea Vanessa Peretti. She is an American comedian, actress, television writer, singer and songwriter. Chelsea was born on 20th February 1978.

Beaumont Gino Peele
Are Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele still together? Yes, they are. Above is a picture shared on Instagram Photo: @chelsanity
Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, his father is a director, producer, actor, comedian, and writer. He is famously known for co-hosting the Key and Peele segment on Comedy Central with Keegan-Michael Key.

3. Gino hails from a huge extended family of people from different races

His mum's elder brother, Jonah H. Peretti, is an Internet entrepreneur. Jonah is the co-founder and the CEO of BuzzFeed. He also co-founded The Huffington Post and developed the Reblog. Jonah Peretti has twin sons with his wife, Andrea Harner. She is a blogger.

Beaumont's maternal grandfather is of Italian and English origin. Chelsea and Jonah Peretti's dad was a criminal defence lawyer and painter. Additionally, their mother is Jewish and a retired teacher, while their step-mum is African-American.

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Gino's paternal grandma is Lucinda Williams. She is a Caucasian from Maryland, USA. Meanwhile, Jordan Peele's father, Hayward Peele Jr, is an African-American from the USA.

Beaumont Gino Peele
Gino's ancestry is a combination of African, Jewish, and Caucasian races. Photo: @Jeff Vespa
Source: Getty Images

4. Beaumont's parents protect him from the limelight and the media

There are several Beaumont Gino Peele's pictures on his parents' social media platforms. However, these celebrities have never revealed their son's face on social media. The mainstream media has also never shared photos of Beaumont's face.

5. He enjoys a luxurious lifestyle with his parents

Gino's parents are worth millions of US dollars. Jordan Peele's net worth is $50 million, while Chelsea Peretti is worth $3 million. The couple bought a Los Feliz-based mansion for $2,275,000 in 2017. They share the neighbourhood with stars like Kirstie Alley, Tony Kanal, Mark Ronson, and Princess Tatiana von Furstenberg.

The house is on the quarter-acre and has a decent-sized front and backyards. There is a covered loggia, a dog-run sized grass space, an outdoor deck, and a pool. It has enough storage space since the 2,690 square foot house packs 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

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Beaumont Gino Peele
The boy's parents have worked so hard to give him the best life they can. Photo: @Frazer Harrison
Source: Getty Images

Beaumont Gino Peele has protective parents. His parents' fans cannot wait for the day they will share photos of him online without concealing his face. However, they respect Chelsea and Jordan's decision because every parent knows what is best for their child.

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