Waiting for Love Teasers for September 2021: What is the new show about?

Waiting for Love Teasers for September 2021: What is the new show about?

An Unusual Tale is wrapping up. However, as the soapie ends, the debut of Waiting for Love is reason to be more excited. If you have been on the lookout for soap operas to binge on, Waiting for Love is a great option. Meanwhile, check out these Waiting for Love teasers for September 2021 for more details about the soapie's plot.

Waiting for Love storyline
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Waiting for Love is a thrilling soap opera that will air on Star Life. Apart from its captivating plot, it has some of the best Waiting for Love cast members. It is about Kamini, a talented young woman at the peak of her career as a Bollywood actress. Despite her success, she struggles to find a man who genuinely loves her, and when she does, their relationship goes through the test of time. Waiting for Love teasers for September 2021 highlight some of the challenges they face.

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Waiting for Love teasers for September 2021

As the Waiting for Love storyline unfolds, Kamini falls in love with a married man. At first, the love of her life does not disclose details of his first marriage. When she realizes she is dealing with a married man, she nearly pulls away. However, her gut feeling insists she should stay. Is she making the right decision?

Episodes 1 and 2 - Tuesday, 21st of September 2021

Kamini Mathur shows off her competence through three consecutive hits. As a result, Suyash Thakur, a media baron, brands her the star of the year. However, he expects favours in return for the title.

Kamini turns down Suyash's passes towards her; hence, he vows to ruin her life. Later, she meets Madhav, whom she falls in love with.

Episodes 3 and 4 - Wednesday, 22nd of September 2021

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Kamini spends time with Madhav, and as they hang out, a sandstorm occurs. Later, she realizes her locket is missing and quickly thinks it could be a bad omen.

Rahul Pandey goes to see Suyash Thankur bearing news about Kamini. Elsewhere, Madhav succeeds in finding Kamini's locket, and when he hands it over to her, she is unappreciative.

Waiting for Love September 2021 teasers
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Episodes 5 and 6 - Thursday, 23rd of September 2021

Maharani eagerly waits for Rajmaata to return from London, and Madhav graciously gifts Kamini his family's antique ring.

Rajmaata and Madhav are shocked to see a rumour on TV about Kamini. Later, Madhav discloses he is in love with her. How will Rajmaata react?

Episodes 7 and 8 - Friday, 24th of September 2021

Kamini is puzzled by what she discovers about her affair, and Madhav makes the bold step of discussing his divorce with Vijayalakshmi, his wife.

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Kamini pleads with Suyash Thakur to forgive her and later informs her mother about her affair with Madhav. Meanwhile, Madhav turns down his father-in-law's suggestion to support him during the elections.

Episodes 9 and 10 - Saturday, 25th of September 2021

Kamini promises her mother to end her relationship with Madhav, and as she heads to meet him to discuss the issue, a stranger follows her.

Mili and Anu worry about the award ceremony, and Kamini hooks up with Vijayalakshmi. Elsewhere, Thakur's agent discovers that Kamini left the town in a private aircraft.

Episodes 11 and 12 - Sunday, 26th of September 2021

Kamini is startled to learn that Madhav took his ring; hence, she attempts to explain why she ended their affair.

Madhav promises to divorce his wife and pleads with Kamini to reconsider her decision. He plans a surprise for her by taking her to the airport.

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Waiting for Love episodes
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Episodes 13 and 14 - Monday, 27th of September 2021

Rajmaata stops Kamini from staying at the palace for too long. However, Vijayalakshmi asks her and her family to join them for tea.

Kamini's dad interrogates Madhav about his previous relationship, and as Kamini's family plans to depart, Vijayalakshmi arrives.

Episodes 15 and 16 - Tuesday, 28th of September 2021

Rana hurls insults at Mr Mathur, although Madhav calms the situation by asking Mr Mathur to forgive him. Later, Mr Mathur affirms his trust for Madhav to Kamini. Is this a good sign?

Kamini loses conciseness after her cosy moment with Madhav, and later Heena too faints about consuming the sweets Rajmata sent them!

Episodes 17 and 18 - Wednesday, 29th of September 2021

The conversation excites Kamini so much that she starts planning for her wedding and even goes shopping! Meanwhile, Mr Mathur does not disclose details about Kamini's wedding to Mili.

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The media reports that Kamini is missing when she fails to show up on set.

Episodes 19 and 20 - Thursday, 30th of September 2021

Vijayalakshmi blames Ali Bhai for poisoning Kamini during the visit. Later, Vijayalakshmi removes Madhav's belongings from the mansion.

Vijayalakshmi threatens to fire Ali Bhai. Later, Kamini's parents suggest a private wedding ceremony, although Vijayalakshmi insists on throwing a grand anniversary party with Madhav.

Waiting for Love cast
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Kamini Mathur is Mr Mathur's daughter. Her father works for the Indian government as an IAS officer, while her mother is an artist. She grows up in a middle-class family and upholds her values.

She becomes a famous Bollywood star, although she struggles to find the right man. Most of her suitors are attracted to her success, fame and beauty. However, she meets Madhav, who proves to love her genuinely. However, he is married. What will it take for her to change her mind and go against her values?

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Madhav expresses his love for Kamini, who finally falls for him. He gives her a promise ring to prove his intentions towards her. However, when she discovers he has a wife, she gets furious and ends the relationship.

Madhav promises to divorce his wife and proceed with his dream to marry Kamini. He even meets her parents, who agree to offer her a hand in marriage. Is the transition going to be as smooth as he thinks?

The juice in the Waiting for Love teasers for September 2021 highlights the drama in the show. You cannot afford to miss out on the drama. Tune in to Star Life every Monday to Sunday at 18h30. You will be in for a good time!

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