StarLife Waiting For Love: cast, full story, plot summary, theme song, teasers

StarLife Waiting For Love: cast, full story, plot summary, theme song, teasers

Waiting For Love is the new thrill in your programme line up. So, if you have been contemplating watching soap operas, the new show is the perfect way of jumping onto the bandwagon. If you are unsure about checking it out, you might want to go through these details for more.

StarLife Waiting For Love casts
StarLife Waiting For Love: cast, full story, plot summary, theme song, teasers. Photo: @StarLife fans
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Waiting For Love will be replacing Unusual Tale on StarLife. So, if you liked the Indian soapie, you should check out Waiting For Love. The new show will debut on Star Life on 21st September 2021. Meanwhile, these details summarize what you ought to brace yourself up for in the oncoming episodes.

A summary of Waiting For Love series

  • Original name: Love Ka Hai Inteezar
  • Country of origin: India
  • Original language: Hindu
  • Genre: Romantic drama
  • Total number of episodes: 120 episodes
  • First episode: 21st September 2021
  • Number of seasons: one
  • Running time: 23 minutes per episode
  • Broadcast channel: StarLife Africa
  • Locations: Mumbai
  • Starring: Preetika Rao, Mohit Sehgal, Keith Sequeira, Sanjeeda Sheikh

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Waiting For Love cast

Waiting For Love is a cocktail of talented cast members and a captivating plot. It is not your ordinary kind of love story. Its twists and turn are worth anticipating. Meanwhile, you might want to familiarize yourself with the cast members.

Sanjeeda Sheikh as Kamini Mathur

Kamini on Waiting For Love
Kamini on StarLife Waiting For Love. Photo: @iamsanjeeda
Source: Instagram

Kamini Mathur is a talented actress who is in the glorious years of her career. She is a simple, down-to-earth girl, although the world views her as a Bollywood star. Kamini is the daughter of an artist and an IAS officer. Her parents ensure she has the best life. They constantly remind her to uphold her values.

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Despite her perfect life and being morally upright, Kamini struggles to find love. Most of the men who approach her are more interested in being associated with her success and fame. Before she gets to the brink of giving up, she meets Madhav, who changes her life drastically.

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Keith Sequeira as Maharaja Madhav

Madhav on Waiting For Love
Madhav on Waiting for Love. Photo: @Keith Sequeira
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Maharaj Madhav is a simple man and the ideal son. He is a righteous and ambitious man from a well-off family and is constantly surrounded by luxury. He is obsessed with art and is looking for someone who will love him for who he is and not his social status.

When Madhav and Kamini meet, they fall in love, and their beautiful relationship is built on secrets. Madhav does not disclose he is married to Rani Vijayalakshmi, and they have a daughter together. Later, Kamini discovers the truth, but it is too late to call it quits since she is already pregnant with his kid! Kamini insists on keeping the pregnancy.

Their relationship ends, and Kamini's father insists on not tainting his family name. Therefore, he suggests that Kamini should relocate to Canada until she delivers. He devises a grand plan to introduce Kamini's child as his.

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Sara Arfeen Khan as Maharani Vijayalakshmi Ranawat "Rana"

StarLife Waiting For Love: cast, full story, plot summary, theme song, teasers
Vijayalakshmi on Waiting For Love. Photo: @Sara Arfeen Khan
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Rana Vijayalakshmi is Madhav's wife and Madhavi's mother. Their marriage faces a couple of bumps. Madhav convinces her to agree to divorce him when he gets into a relationship with Mohini.

Preetika Rao as Mohini

Mohini on Waiting For Love
How gorgeous is Mohini? Photo: @Preetika Rao
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Mohini is Kamini and Madhav's daughter. However, Kamini's parents raise her and make her believe she is Kamini's younger sister. She grows up under her grandmother and biological mother's care, even though they are not as wealthy as they were before. Therefore, Mohini goes out of her way to place an ad that rings Ayaan into her life.

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Mohit Sehgal as Ayaan

Ayaan on Waiting For Love
Mohit Sehgal as Ayaan. Photo: @Mohit Sehgal
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Ayaan is the tenant who comes to live with Mohini and her family. He is dragged into a love triangle with Madhavi and Mohini. Mohini and Madhavi have one thing in common; they are Madhav's daughters, although they have no idea.

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Heena Parmar as Madhavi Ranawat

Madhavi on Waiting For Love
Heena Parmar as Madhavi. Photo: @Heena Parmar
Source: Instagram

Madhavi is Madhav and Vijayalakshmi's daughter. She is attracted to Ayaan and wishes to get into a relationship with him. Does Ayaan feel the same way about her?

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The other Waiting For Love cast members include,

  • Samriddhi Yadav as young Kamini Mathur.
  • Soni Razdan as Rajmata, Madhav's mother.
  • Khalid Siddiqui as Suyyash Thakur.
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Inder Mehta, Ayaan's father.
  • Yogendra Tiku as Naman Mathur, Kamini, Anusha and Milisha's father.
  • Natasha Rastogi as Ragini Mathur, Kamini, Anusha and Milisha's mother.
  • Dimple Chawla as Anusha Mathur, Kamini's first younger sister.
  • Mugdha Meharia as Milisha "Mili" Mathur, Kamini's second younger sister.
  • Rahul Verma as Ravindra Rajput.
  • Shishir Sharma as Rantej "Rana" Singh, Vijayalakshmi's father.

Waiting For Love full story

Love Ka Hai Inteezar is a dramatic, romantic series centred on Madhav and Kamini's love story. Their decisions significantly affect their generation. They are forced to keep secrets for the rest of their lives.

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Waiting For Love plot summary

Waiting For Love plot summary gives an account of Kamini's one and last chance at love. Her association with Madhav is a blessing in disguise. She sires a kid with a married man. Since her father cares so much about his family's status, he relocates her to a foreign land.

Her daughter, Mohini, grows up knowing Kamini is her elder sister. Twenty years after Mohini's conception, Kamini and her mother return to Mumbai. Kamini's father's death is a big blow to the family. They are poverty-stricken and struggle to fend for themselves.

Mohini's aggression leads her to list one of her grandfather's properties as an advert. Luckily, Ayaan, a handsome young man, moves into the house. Besides being a tenant, Ayaan is romantically attracted to Mohini.

What would have transitioned into a beautiful relationship faces so many hurdles. Madhavi, Madhav's daughter, is also interested in Ayaan. Ayaan realizes he is in a love triangle and has to pick one of the ladies. Will his choice revive the life-long secrets Kamini has been keeping from her daughter? Is Madhav aware that Mohini is his daughter?

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Waiting For Love theme song

Waiting For Love theme song is an added reason for you to consider watching the soapie. It is a mix of love and pain, as portrayed in the show's plot.

Waiting For Love teasers

Waiting For Love teasers for September 2021 are already out, and the hints in the first episodes are worth the hype. As you wait for the episodes to roll out, you should check the teasers out. You will be appalled y how intense the drama in the show is.

Waiting For Love will air on StarLife from Monday to Sunday at 18h00. The first episode will air on 21st September 2021. Ensure to tune in for the juice that is the show.

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