Tweeps weigh in on today's #AskAMan: 4 opinions on the act of cheating

Tweeps weigh in on today's #AskAMan: 4 opinions on the act of cheating

Metro FM’s show #AskAMan is hosted by Lerato Kganyago & Dineo Ranaka. Todays caller created qute a stir which sent tweeps buzzing.

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The popular #AskAMan feature is on every day. It allows ladies the opportunity to ask men any question they want and seek advice. A lady calls in and asks a question and then men call in and give honest advice from a man’s perspective.

Today’s caller’s was a little different, it was a man. It all started with him seeing conversations on his wife’s phone of a guy requesting pictures. After sometime had found out that she had actually been cheating, but she denies it. They have two children together and he feels like he is losing his family and does not know what to do. Every time she says that she is going to gym, he knows exactly where she is actually going and it is killing him.

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Callers gave a lot of mixed emotions on the situation. Some felt that he should just leave and others felt that it only became an issue because it was a women cheating for once.

Listeners flocked to twitter to voice their opinions on the matter. Like the callers, tweeps too had mixed emotions. Here are four points that seemed to have come up a lot.

1. There is NEVER a reason to cheat

Some felt that cheating was not ok no matter your gender and that you should leave someone if they feel you are not enough. There is no excuse.

2. He’s doing it for the kids

Others were able to sympathize with the fact that he did not want his children to grow up in a broken home and he was staying for them.

3. The problem starts at home

Naturally some believed that the issue starts at home and you need to give your partner a reason to stay and not to seek love in other places.

4. Now it’s an issue because a woman is the one cheating?

Then there were the woman who felt it was only an issue now that a female was the one cheating. It is normal for a man and women just deal because they are just side pieces so what is the fuss.

It seems that there are multiple reasons for cheating and a lot of different opinions around the act. One thing’s for sure, cheating is a real thing these days.

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