Video shows how strangers react when a white woman is slammed for adopting a black child

Video shows how strangers react when a white woman is slammed for adopting a black child

- A television show called "What Would You Do" set up a scenario where a mother with her adopted black child try to enjoy a meal when another white woman started slamming her

- The woman roasting the mother asked if she adopted a black child on purpose

- And it angered to rest of the people in the restaurant, who ultimately set her straight

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People who adopt children often do not have any preferences, they do not care about the child's race or gender, they just want a kid to love like their own.

Unfortunately, families often receive backlash from closed-minded people if they adopt a child of a different race.

A hidden camera show wanted to see how people reacted to a woman with a black child, being slammed by another white woman in a restaurant.

The show, titled “What Would You Do?”, placed two actresses and a black child in a restaurant, where one started grilling the other about her decision to adopt a black child "on purpose".

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The video shows three white woman dining, and they were not happy about the actress' racist comments towards the mother and her daughter.

“Why do you think it’s appropriate to speak to her in that manner?” one of the onlooker's asked, visibly angered, adding “Why should there be barriers to love of a child?”
“The world is changing,” the second woman said. “Don’t you feel like we need to open ourselves up a little bit better than our square box?”
“You’re making everyone here feel very uncomfortable,” the second woman added again.

When the actress said she was just concerned about the child's well-being, one of the ladies completely lost it.

“This child can’t defend herself. She’s under 13,” she said, almost yelling. “If she didn’t have those ears on I would call the police because this is a brutality to a little child whose done nothing.”

Take a look at the video below:

Although it was just a test, it's inspiring to see there is change in the world. Every person keeping an open mind contributes to the ultimate success of overcoming racism.

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